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Your wanderlust is about to be sparked! From some of the world’s biggest cities to remote villages, come along with us on our journey. We love putting together detailed itineraries with our favorite hotels, beaches, restaurants, small towns and adventure activities.

You might even find some destinations you’ve never heard of before! And we share our blunt and honest opinions – if we didn’t love a city, we’ll tell you. You won’t have to deal with the stress of planning a trip, because we have all the information here. Let’s stoke our wanderlust together!

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Cambodia Travel Guide | Two Wandering Soles
India Travel Guide | Two Wandering Soles
Laos Waterfall Country Button
Malaysia Travel Batu Caves
Myanmar Hot Air Balloon Bagan
Nepal Prayer Flags and Mountains
Philippines Sailboats Sunset
South Korea
Thailand Boat Maya Bay
Vietnam Country Button


TWS South Africa Banner
Namibia destination page

Australia & Oceania

New Zealand Lupins and Lake Tekapo


Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Blog
Bulgaria Travel Blog
Croatia Travel Blog
Czech Republic Travel Blog
Germany destination page
Hungary Travel Blog
Iceland Travel Guide | Two Wandering Soles
Italy Homepage Title Image
Ireland Homepage Title Image
Poland Travel Blog
Romania Travel Blog
Slovenia Travel Blog

Middle East

Jordan destination page
U.A.E. destination page

North America

Mexico Travel Guide
United States of America

Central America

Costa Rica Travel | Two Wandering Soles
El Salvador
Guatemala Semuc Champey
Honduras Beach and Water
Panama San Blas Islands

South America

Colombia Travel Guide | Two Wandering Soles
Ecuador Beach logo


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General Travel Tips and Resources

Traveling is more than being in a destination of your dreams. Traveling is the entire process from finding your next favorite obsession, booking your flight, finding the best hotels, and figuring out how to get from one place to the next. You want to make sure you have packed all the right travel gear and your travel buddy is ready to go too. We’ve traveled world for years and have written down our best advice on these detailed articles. Here are some practical tips that will help you with your next trip.

Don’t know where you want to go?

Choosing a destination can be tricky! We’ve got all sorts of information that can help you narrow down where in the world you’d like to travel.