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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Taking a road trip is hands down our favorite way to travel!

Road trips are one of the best ways to see a new place with absolute freedom to explore on your own schedule and get off the beaten path. With that in mind, we created an extensive resource guide to help you plan the ultimate road trip. Our articles cover everything from the best road trips in the US, to money-saving advice and helpful tips to travel more eco-friendly while on the road.


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Recommended Articles

Road Trip Planning

  • How to Plan an Epic USA Road Trip: In this article, we’ll help you get your route plotted out, plus we’ll share our top tips, and the biggest road trip mistakes to avoid.
  • America the Beautiful Park Pass: Is it Worthwhile?: The America the Beautiful Park Pass grants you free access to over 2,000 Federal recreation areas in the United States, including all 62 National Parks. Here is everything you need to know to get your pass.
  • Eco-Friendly Road Trip Tips: Here are all the small things we can do to make our road trips more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Where to Stay

We usually prefer camping when on a long road trip. Especially since we’re usually traveling in our van and it’s the most affordable and best way for us to enjoy the tiny home on wheels we’ve built for ourselves.

Regardless of whether or not you have a campervan of your own or prefer tent camping, there is something so magical about waking up in the wilderness! The incredible views you couldn’t get from anywhere else, waking up with the sun, starting your morning off submerged in nature. There is not a lot that tops those feelings!

  • Free Camping Guide: Tips and Apps to Find Free Campsites in the USA: We’ve rounded up our top tips and advice for finding free camping across the US, as well as the best free camping apps out there. Plus, we’re sharing the no-BS truth about what free campsites are really like…

What to Pack

Anyone else hate that feeling when you first get on the road and have to wonder if you’re forgetting anything important? The worst is when you’re in the middle of nowhere and realize you’re without the essentials and there is no town for miles. This has happened to us on more than one occasion, so we decided to do something about it…

We spent hours creating this road trip packing list so we never forget the essentials. We’re sharing it with you (for FREE!) so you can be sure that you’ve got all you need next time you head out on the road.

Know exactly what to bring (and what to leave at home!) for your next road trip by following our ultimate road trip packing list.


Road Trip Budget

If you’re trying to figure out a budget for your road trip across the USA, we’ve got you covered! We’ve spent a lot of time both in cars and living in our van while road tripping through the US and we’ve become experts at saving money along the way.

  • Daily Costs of Vanlife: We kept track of everything we spent during our 3-month USA road trip, so you can see how much to budget for your own campervan or RV road trip.
  • Money-Saving Tips for a Cheap Road Trip: We put together the best, most practical and most creative money-saving tips and hacks so you can road trip for cheap!
  • Easy & Healthy Camping Meals: Camping is the best way to save money while on a road trip, but you’ll have to come prepared with a plan for your meals. We’re sharing our favorite camping meals to make your meal planning easier!

Road Trip Destinations


Deciding where to go on your next road trip is half the fun of planning it! We are here to give you plenty of inspiration and advice for some of the best road trip destinations in the USA. 

We’d recommend you start here:

  • Best USA Road Trips: This MASSIVE list is packed with routes recommended by travel bloggers all around the US sharing tips about their favorite American road trip.

Here are some of our favorite road trips we’ve ever taken…

  • Oregon Coast Road Trip: A detailed guide filled with things to do, where to eat, and driving times so you can plan the perfect Oregon Coast road trip itinerary. Plus, we created a free map for you to follow!

  • Oregon Road Trip: There’s more to this state than just the coast… From National Parks like Crater Lake to spectacular views of Mount Hood to adorable seaside towns like Cannon Beach, there are so many places to visit in Oregon, and we’ve covered them all. 

  • Washington State Road Trip: With epic peaks and wild beaches, Washington is our favorite state in the US, and we think it’s one of the very best places in the world to take a road trip. Check out this article and see why!

  • Utah Road Trip: We’re here to share with you all of the best places to visit on a Utah road trip, from the famed “Mighty 5” national parks to the lesser-known draws such as a hike to ancient ruins and a cafe built into a cliffside.

  • Idaho Road Trip: As one of the most underrated states in the US (our personal opinion!), we’ve created a sample itinerary that brings you through some of the best the state has to offer. With just a week, you certainly can’t see it all, but this is a good start!

Want more ideas of places to visit?

Check out all of our articles on destinations around the USA!

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