Bolivia Travel Guide


Bolivia was probably the country we knew least about before we set off on our trip, and it didn’t cease to amaze us. From bustling La Paz, to the Amazon jungle, to the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, we had quite the adventure in this seldom-visited country.

Death Road in Bolivia

But Ben and I both agree that perhaps the most terrifying of all our risky escapades was mountain biking on Death Road -mostly due to the fact that it was three straight hours of fear; as opposed to a short moment.

How to visit Bolivia’s Salt Flats: Salar de Uyuni Tips & Guide

There are few places on earth that make you wonder if you've somehow been abducted by aliens and transported to a far off planet. The Salar de Uyuni is one of these otherworldly places.

Amazon Jungle In Bolivia

Exploring the Amazon Jungle in Bolivia was one of the highlights of our trip to South America. We choose to stay at the Madidi Jungle Ecolodge, just outside Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, because we knew there were practicing responsible tourism. Right when we met our jungle guide, Simon, we knew the Amazon...

La Paz – Home Base for Traveling Bolivia

The city of La Paz is dizzying. Literally. At just over 12,000 feet (3,660 meters), La Paz is known as the highest capital city in the world.

Crazy Journey to La Paz

Despite having spent nearly three months in this continent, it's still surprising how slow the bus companies are...

Lake Titicaca and Isla del Sol

Hailing from Minnesota –the land of 10,000 lakes– we wondered if Lake Titicaca, Bolivia would live up to our fellow travelers’ rave reviews.

Border Crossing: Peru to Bolivia (and the joys of being American)

Being that this was our third border crossing in the past two and a half months, we thought we knew the drill. Oh man, were we wrong!

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Bolivia travel guide
Bolivia travel guide