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What This Blog is About

We created Two Wandering Soles as a place for us to share our travel experiences with others. On this site, you'll find itineraries, budgets, tips and tricks, and our stories from along the way. Read more about our mission and how we travel

Nice to Meet You, We're Katie and Ben

We are twenty-somethings (errrr... early-thirties now) that suffer from a bad case of adrenaline cravings, the urge to eat everything (& anything!), and incurable wanderlust. Head to our About Us page to learn more about who we are.

We believe that travel is different for each person, and there's no right or wrong way to do it. 

Some like to travel to far-flung destinations, while others prefer to stick close to home. Some people are most comfortable with luxury digs, while others will endure just about any discomfort to save money. Some pack light, and others heavy.

And although we quit our jobs in order to pursue travels, we know that's not for everyone. Whether you have 10 days or 10 months, you can have a rewarding, kickass, can't-put-into-words experience! We hope you'll find some inspiration and tips on this site that will help you get there.

What do you mean by responsible travel?

We pride ourselves in traveling ethically. We research companies and make an effort to go through ones that are socially responsible and doing good in their community. We by no means declare that we are perfect 100% of the time (nobody is). Traveling ethically is a constant learning process, but it's our goal to share our experiences with others and show that you minimize your footprint and contribute to some amazing organizations around the world, all while still sticking to a budget. 

At home in Minnesota, we try to purchase things that will benefit the local community. We love farmers markets, art fairs, and locally made beer. We try to be as environmentally conscious as we can. We believe traveling should be no different. When we’re in other countries, we want to give back to communities in need, purchase local in-season produce and help support and promote those organizations that are doing good in this world. All of this can be done while sticking to a budget. Learn about new ways to travel ethically in our 36 Tips for Traveling Responsibly

How do we afford to travel so much?

We were able to save quite a bit while teaching English in South Korea, but we always travel frugally, which allows us to enjoy even more of this beautiful world. Here's a list of our favorite money-saving travel resources, including credit cards, phone apps, and booking sites. 


Where should I start on this website?

First, check out our About Us Page, where we share our story – from how we met (spoiler alert: it’s pretty cute!) to why we decided to quit our jobs, sell our belongings, and say goodbye to our home in order to explore this world. Our very first blog post describes how we felt as we took the leap thinking "Are we really doing this?!".

Once you have gotten to know us a bit, hop over to the Responsible Travel Page where we talk about ways to stay socially responsible while traveling. Next, in our Ultimate Guide on How to Travel, we detail exactly how we budget, plan and pack for all of our trips. 


Once you’ve gotten to know us, head over to our Destinations tab to browse the different places we’ve traveled around the world. We share stories, tips, unique things to do, and things we wished we would have known about each destination. We hope this fuels your wanderlust, or serves as a guide for your next getaway!

Budgets and Itineraries

After deciding your next destination, check out our Budgets and itineraries to help you start planning your travels. We are very proud about our budgets, which illustrate just how much you can expect to save in countries like Japan and Bali. Our itineraries have been widely praised, and our route for 2 Weeks in the Philippines has been one of the top search result on Google. Check it out for yourself – we think it’s a pretty perfect itinerary for anyone’s first time in this country we fell quickly in love with.

Here are some of our more popular posts:

Here are a few of our favorite posts:

Travel Tips and Gear

Now that you know where to travel and a good idea of what route to take and how much money to budget, head over to our travel tips. Here, we share our favorite travel hacks and the travel gear we never leave home without!

Travel Stories

Next delve into some of our crazy travel stories. Like the time Ben got massaged by two dirty men in a mud volcano. Or when we strip down to our birthday suits on Christmas Day at a Korean bath house. Or even how we got dropped off a bus two hours from the closest town in search for an organic farm in the Andes Mountains.

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