Happy Campers Review: Iceland’s Best Campervan Rental?

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Happy Campers is one of Iceland’s most well-known campervan rental companies. In this Happy Campers review, we’re sharing why we chose this company, our personal experience, and our honest opinions on the campervan we rented.

Iceland Campervan Rental Guide | Two Wandering Soles

If you’re looking for an affordable campervan rental in Iceland, then you’ve likely come across the company Happy Campers. 

They have a fun website and do a good job of marketing, so they’re pretty well-known in the Iceland campervan rental space. 

You may be wondering, Do they live up to the hype? and Is Happy Campers the best option for me?

Well, we have personally rented through Happy Campers and we think we can answer most of your questions to help you make this decision.

In this article, we’re sharing our personal experience, our honest opinion (both the good and the bad!), and insider tips.

Before we dive in, if you’re looking for a quick and to-the-point answer as to whether we would recommend Happy Campers, here you go:

We highly recommend Happy Campers to anyone looking for an affordable campervan rental in Iceland.

If you are traveling with a larger family, have a bigger or smaller budget to work with, or are wanting an elevated camping experience, then you may be happier with a different company. (Jump straight to our top recommendations here!)

Happy Campers review guide

Before you book, be sure you’ve read over all the things to think about when choosing a campervan rental. What worked well for us and what we recommend may not be the best choice for you. Click that link to learn about all the things to consider when it comes to your priorities because there are likely a few you’re forgetting. This will be essential to choosing the best campervan rental for you.

Disclosure: We worked with Happy Campers on an exchange basis and our rental was covered in this partnership. That said, this article shares our completely honest opinions (including the negatives!). We value honesty and transparency, so we always strive to share our real, raw experiences to help you make the best decisions for booking your own travels.

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About Happy Campers

Iceland Campervan Rental Guide | Two Wandering Soles
  • Price range: budget to mid-range, depending on model and season
  • Recommended for: budget travelers, adventure seekers
  • Pick-up/drop-off locations: Keflavik, just 5 minutes from the airport (free airport shuttle included)
  • Check availability here

Happy Campers is a family-run local business that has been in operation since 2009, making it the OG of campervan rentals in Iceland. With more than 2,000 glowing 5-star reviews, they definitely live up to their name – that’s a lotta happy campers!

As of May 2024, they have 6 different vehicle options to choose from (more than when we rented our Happy Camper van in 2021!). Models range from 2-berth 2-seaters to larger 5-berth 5-seaters, with plenty of choices in between.

Why Happy Campers

Iceland Campervan Rental Guide | Two Wandering Soles

Renting a campervan was one of our favorite things to do in Iceland. Having our own home on four wheels not only saved us money, it allowed us to explore the best Iceland hikes, hot springs, and waterfalls off the beaten path.

Before our trip, we did a ton of research. We scoured reviews, compared specs, and analyzed prices to be sure we were choosing the very best campervan rental. Here are some of the reasons we landed on Happy Campers:

1. They have years of experience 

Opened in 2009, Happy Campers is the longest-running campervan rental company in Iceland. With more than 15 years of experience, you can be sure they know exactly what campers need for an Iceland road trip.

2. There’s a variety of choices

With a wide selection of layouts as well as varying price points, most travelers can find something that works for them.

3. It’s a local company 

Happy Campers Iceland

Happy Campers is a family-owned business based right here in Iceland. We love to support local whenever we can!

4. They have rave reviews

With more than 2,000 5-star reviews, you don’t need to take our word for it to be sure you’ll have a great experience with Happy Campers.

5. It’s Iceland’s greenest campervan rental

Happy Campers Iceland Free Zone

Happy Campers has a few initiatives in place to reduce their carbon footprint, such as installing solar panels on their vans and replacing lead acid batteries with gel mat batteries.

Another feature we love about Happy Campers (that we also saw at Mad Campers in New Zealand!) is their “Free Zone” – a section of their office where customers can leave leftover supplies, groceries, etc. Future customers can then grab what they need for free, so nothing is wasted.

Happy Campers also has a “Happy Forest” near their office, in which they plant a tree for every booking they receive. So cute!

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Come inside our Happy Camper 

We created a video tour to show you inside our Happy Camper rental so you can get a better feel for whether or not it’s a good fit for you. For more info on the specific model we rented (Happy 2), jump here.

Campervan rental options from Happy Campers

Iceland Campervan Rental Guide | Two Wandering Soles

One thing we really appreciate about Happy Campers is that they have a pretty great variety of campervan options to choose from. There are different layouts – from small and minimalist to more decked out – and they also have a range of price points to satisfy travelers with varying budgets.

Happy 1

Happy 1 Iceland 2024 (Happy Campers)
Image source: Happy Campers
  • sleeps 2, seats 2
  • budget-friendly
    • summer (peak season): €240/day 
    • spring/fall (shoulder season): €180/day 
    • winter (low season): €150/day 
  • compact layout, but has everything you need
  • easy to drive, like a small SUV
  • automatic transmission (EX version is manual transmission)

Happy 2

Happy 2 Iceland campers 2024
Image source: Happy Campers
  • sleeps 2, seats 4
  • affordable
    • summer (peak season): €360/day 
    • spring/fall (shoulder season): €230/day 
    • winter (low season): €190/day 
  • roomier than the Happy 1
    • able to store more luggage
  • drives like a minivan (in a good way)
  • automatic transmission

Happy 2 – 3 pax

Happy 2 - 3 pax Iceland campers 2024
Image source: Happy Campers
  • sleeps 3, seats 3
  • affordable
    • summer (peak season): €360/day 
    • spring/fall (shoulder season): €230/day 
    • winter (low season): €190/day 
  • same size as Happy 2, but different layout with 3 seats in front and an integrated table
  • drives like a minivan (in a good way)
  • automatic transmission

Happy 3

Happy 3 Iceland campers 2024
Image source: Happy Campers
  • sleeps 5, seats 5
  • most cost-effective if you have more people to split the cost
    • summer (peak season): €520/day 
    • spring/fall (shoulder season): €290/day 
    • winter (low season): €210/day 
  • spacious layout
    • plenty of room for luggage
  • high roof: if standing upright is a must for you, this is the only model that allows you all the headspace you need!
  • cargo van size looks intimidating but is actually easy to drive
  • automatic transmission (EX version is manual transmission)

Personal note: If we travel to Iceland in a campervan again (hopefully soon!), we would likely choose this model as we love being able to stand fully in campervans. Also, we now travel with our daughter (I was pregnant with her on our last Iceland trip!), so we need more space.

The only thing I would like to see from Happy Campers is a larger layout van WITH 4×4 because there are a handful of off-the-beaten-path places we want to explore in Iceland next time. If you want a larger van with 4×4, then this company makes an excellent choice.

Happy 4×4 – 3 pax

Happy 4x4 - 3 pax Iceland campers 2024
Image source: Happy Campers
  • sleeps 3, seats 3
  • most expensive model
    • summer (peak season): €310/day 470
    • spring/fall (shoulder season): €240/day 290
    • winter (low season): €210/day 260
  • wool insulated walls
  • same convenient layout as Happy 3 but slightly larger
    • plenty of room for luggage
  • drives like a minivan, but 4×4 makes dirt roads a breeze
    • F-road compatible
  • automatic transmission

Happy 4×4 XL

Happy 4x4 XL Iceland campers 2024
Image source: Happy Campers
  • sleeps 5, seats 5
  • most expensive model
    • summer (peak season): €690/day
    • spring/fall (shoulder season): €320/day 
    • winter (low season): €280/day
  • wool insulated walls
  • same convenient layout as Happy 3 but slightly larger
    • plenty of room for luggage
  • drives like a minivan, but 4×4 makes dirt roads a breeze
    • F-road compatible
  • automatic transmission

EX versions of Happy Campers

Happy 3 by Happy Campers Iceland Campervan Rental

Get ready for a HOT BUDGET TIP…

If you’re browsing on the Happy Campers site, you might be wondering why some of the vans are denoted with EX after the name (e.g. Happy 2 EX). 

These “EXperienced” campervans have the exact same layouts as the regular models, but are slightly older (“well-loved”) vehicles and are available to rent at a discounted rate

You’ll get all the same gear as other Happy Campers for upwards of €30 less per day, depending on the model and season. We’ve even seen EX models offered for €200 less per day than their newer counterparts!

So, how old are we talkin’ here?

As of May 2024, the oldest EX campers are 2016-2018 models, while regular rentals range from 2019 to 2023.

Important Note: EX models do not include the unlimited wifi hotspot, but you can add it to your booking for an additional €10 per day. 

Automatic vs. Manual

Iceland Rental Car | Winter Driving
This photo is from when I rented a car in Iceland when I was traveling with my mom. I made sure it was an automatic because I don’t know how to drive manual (yet!). When Ben and I travel together, he often rents manual (since he knows how!) and it can be a money-saver.

This is another consideration you’ll have to make when booking your campervan rental: Do you want an automatic or manual transmission?

Nowadays, demand for automatic transmission seems to be leading a lot of rental companies to trend in that direction. All of Happy Campers’ new models are automatic, while some of the EX versions still have manual transmission.

For some companies, manual is still the standard (no pun intended!), so it’s good to keep in mind when you’re browsing campervan rentals.

Case in point: we meant to get an automatic for our 2021 trip, but accidentally booked a manual transmission. We were pretty surprised when we hopped in the van for the first time. Luckily, Ben knows how to drive a manual so we were all good.

However, since my stick-shift experience is limited to driving around parking lots and spouting out a lot of curse words, this meant that Ben had to drive the entire time. Oops!

Good to know: If you can only drive automatic vehicles (like me), you may need to start your search for a campervan rental a bit earlier. Automatic models tend to book up faster, so try to get a head start on the reservation process.

Our experience

Iceland Camping Guide | Two Wandering Soles

We personally rented the Happy 2 model with manual transmission. Check out this video tour of our van, or read on for specs and insights from our own experience.

Note: We rented this campervan in 2021. Our rental wasn’t an EX model, but keep in mind when you’re looking at our photos and videos that all new Happy 2 vehicles now have automatic transmission and might look a little different.


Our campervan came with an electric cooler, a single-burner stove, and a sink with hand-pumped water. It was equipped with dishware, cutlery, and dish soap (which is something we usually have to bring or buy!).

Planning on cooking your own meals? Our Iceland grocery guide has a list of ideas for tasty and affordable camping meals, plus tips for navigating Icelandic supermarkets and saving money on your groceries.


Campervan by Skogafoss Iceland

The bench seat converts into a bed, which was decently comfortable (though we’re spoiled with an amazing mattress in our campervan at home, so we wished there was a bit more padding).

Our rental included a thick duvet, fleece blankets, and pillows*.

*Jump here for a note on pillows


Happy Campers Happy 2 Iceland

The kitchen area had some nice crates where we stored our food, toiletries, and other things we needed to access easily.

The storage at the back of the van could be accessed by opening the trunk and was perfect for storing our bags, hiking boots, tripod, and other bulky items.

Happy Campers Happy 2 Iceland
Happy Campers Happy 2 Iceland

There were also quite a few hooks for hanging damp towels and swimsuits, as well as little pouches where we could keep small things like our headlamps, gloves, and a deck of cards.

The bench seat storage is good for things like clothes; however, in our vehicle, this was kind of cumbersome to access – more on that later.


Happy Campers Happy 2 Iceland

Our campervan came with a powerful heater, which we only had to run for about 10 minutes before bed to get the van warm enough for sleeping. If you find that isn’t enough, the heater’s battery is strong enough to run all night.

Another feature we liked was that the passenger’s seat is on a swivel, giving you additional seating when parked/hanging out in the van.

Is the Golden Circle on your Iceland bucket list? We’ve created the perfect itinerary for this famous route, including popular sights and hidden gems.

Rental process

Happy Campers Iceland

We found the rental process with Happy Campers to be smooth and easy from start to finish. The online booking process is super simple and we were able to communicate with staff prior to our trip for answers to our (many!) questions.

After staggering off the redeye at Keflavik International Airport, we were picked up by Happy Campers’ free shuttle service and brought to their rental facility 5 minutes away.

Now, we’ve rented campervans around the world—Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, and New Zealand—and I can honestly tell you that Happy Campers is the nicest rental facility we have ever seen.

They have a comfy waiting area complete with complimentary espresso (a lifesaver after a long flight!), as well as a “Free Zone” where you can browse through supplies and pantry items left by previous customers and take what you need for your road trip. Not only does this save you having to buy (expensive) items like olive oil and spices, it also means nothing is wasted. Win-win!

Happy Campers Iceland

An agent walked us through everything in the well-set-up facility and we completed all the necessary paperwork. Along with everything that’s included in your rental (bedding, cookware, dishes, etc), Happy Campers has a bunch of extra stuff you can grab for your road trip. Fleece blankets, lawn games, and extra cookware are all free, while you can rent things like sleeping bags, camp furniture, and a portable grill for an additional fee.

Once we’d picked up all our gear, we got a one-on-one tour of our campervan. This is key because the agent shows you exactly how everything works and you have a chance to ask questions that you might not necessarily think of until you’re actually in your van.

And voilà – we hit the road feeling confident and right at home in our Happy Camper!

On-the-road assistance

Happy Campers Iceland live chat and navigation

All new* Happy Campers include a tablet (*additional €10/day with EX models) that acts as a wifi hotspot with unlimited data. The tablet is pre-loaded with the Happy App, a helpful tool with features such as GPS, emergency alerts/weather warnings, and locating nearby attractions.

But our favorite feature of the Happy App is that you can live chat with customer service at the Happy Campers office. This came in handy a couple times for us: once when a light came on in the vehicle indicating we needed to fill up with AdBlue (a liquid that reduces the emissions of a diesel engine), and then…

Our personal experience

After hiking to Glymur Waterfall, we returned to our van to discover that the battery had died. We didn’t have cell service, but the Happy App worked for us to get in touch with Happy Campers HQ.

They offered to arrange a taxi pickup, but it would have been expensive. Instead, we decided to hitchhike (in torrential rain, I might add) to a couple farmhouses until we found someone with jumper cables. But the point is that with the Happy App, we were able to get help when we needed it!

Actually, there’s another moral to this story: there are so many remote places in Iceland that we highly recommend packing ​​portable jumper cables. This tiny device allows you to jump your vehicle without another car. And yes, you can fly with it!


Happy Campers Iceland

Every Happy Campers rental includes both Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance. The CDW caps your liability so you’re not on the hook for the full value of your rental (you pay a deductible). TPL covers injury and property damage to third parties.

But there’s a slew of other coverages you can add on. Happy Campers offers a variety of insurance packages, and how much you want covered is really a personal choice. For example, we opted to add gravel damage insurance, but we personally felt comfortable going without stolen vehicle coverage.

We recommend doing some research before your trip. We have some info here that’ll be a good place to start.

In addition to rental coverage, we never get on a plane without travel insurance. For this trip, we got medical coverage from Safety Wing.

What about insurance through my credit card?

The rental car insurance from credit card providers typically does not apply to campervans, RVs, or trucks. Be sure to read the fine print on your policy and verify whether your campervan rental is covered.

Our (honest!) opinion about Happy Campers

Happy Campers Iceland

Overall, we truly had a great experience and would 100% recommend Happy Campers. That said, just like any campervan rental, there is always room for improvement.

In the next section, we’re sharing exactly what we loved and what we didn’t love about our rental, so you can determine if this is a good fit for you.

Things we loved about our Happy Campers rental

Happy Campers Happy 2 Iceland

Customer service

We were blown away by the incredible customer service we received from Happy Campers, starting before we even got on the plane. Prior to our trip, we asked – okay, more like bombarded them with – a ton of questions. They answered everything we threw their way and the staff were always patient and helpful.

When we arrived, the staff greeted us and gave us a thorough orientation with tips for driving and camping in Iceland. Oh, and they also have an espresso machine you can use for a pick-me-up (which is essential after an overnight flight!).

Afterward, a staff member gave us a one-on-one tour of the exact van we were renting. He showed us exactly how to use everything, explained every gadget, and answered more (yes, more!) of our questions.

Free cancellation

Happy Campers offers 100% of your money back if you cancel more than 24 hours before picking up the vehicle, with no penalties or cancellation fees.

This is a super generous policy that most rental companies (or hotels, for that matter!) don’t offer. While we thankfully didn’t need to cancel, it was nice knowing we’d get our money back in case of an emergency.

Vehicle selection

Happy Campers Iceland vehicle selection

Happy Campers has a large and diverse fleet of vans to choose from, with options for most budgets and travelers.

On a budget? Be sure to check out the vans labeled “EX”. This stands for “EXperienced”, meaning they’ve been on the road a bit longer and are offered at a lower price than their newer counterparts.

Can’t drive a stick? No worries! Happy Campers has a wide selection of automatic vehicles. Just be sure to book earlier if possible, as these are in high demand. 

Want to get off the beaten path? Happy Campers’ 4×4 models will allow you to venture off on Iceland’s F-roads.

Traveling with a big group? The Happy 3 and 4×4 XL models can both sleep up to 5 people.

Navigation & chat system

Car Rental Iceland | GPS

This is clutch! 

All new Happy Campers include a tablet (additional €10/day with EX models) that acts as a wifi hotspot with unlimited data. The tablet is pre-loaded with the Happy App, a helpful tool with features such as GPS, emergency alerts/weather warnings, and locating nearby attractions.

But our favorite feature of the Happy App is that you can live chat with customer service at the Happy Campers office. This came in handy a couple times for us – once when a light came on in the vehicle indicating we needed to fill up with AdBlue (a liquid that reduces the emissions of a diesel engine), and once when our battery died.

Speaking of apps, we have a list of the absolute best apps for traveling in Iceland that we found super helpful during our trip.


The heater worked incredibly well to warm up the van. Personally, we like sleeping in cooler temperatures, so we found we only needed to run it for about 10 minutes before hopping into bed and the van heated up to a toasty temp. But it can run all night long if you prefer cozy sleeping conditions. With a heater this powerful, there truly is no need to worry about getting cold in your campervan.


Happy Campers Iceland Happy 2 kitchen

The kitchen was well-equipped and had pretty much everything we needed for cooking. 

Insider Tip: We rented folding chairs from Happy Campers (it’s an add-on they offer), and while we didn’t have the opportunity to use them outside very often, we always set up one for cooking. It was much more comfortable to have a chair to sit on since we couldn’t stand up in the Happy 2. If you’d rather be able to stand fully, Happy 3 is the model for you!


The electric cooler worked a lot better than we had anticipated. In fact, when turned up to the higher settings, it froze some of our produce, so we had to make sure we had it set in the middle.

Easy to drive and park

Happy Campers Iceland

The model we chose (Happy 2) drove very similarly to a regular minivan. There wasn’t even really a learning curve to driving it, and parking was simple. It was in good condition, and we really had no complaints about the vehicle itself. If you choose a larger vehicle, like the Happy 3 or 4×4 XL, it might take a little longer to get used to.

Privacy curtains

Happy Campers Iceland Happy 2 curtains

This one is sort of a pro AND a con…

In our campervan at home, we are spoiled with magnetic blackout window covers that also help with insulation (they’re honestly amazing!). I will say the curtains in the Happy Camper were better than I anticipated. They did a good job of giving us privacy.

That said, they didn’t do anything for insulation (more on that in the cons section). And they weren’t quite blackout curtains, which can be noticeable during the months when Iceland has long daylight hours. We’d recommend bringing an eye mask. (We love this one!)

Still in the early planning stages? Read up on the best time to visit Iceland (and when we would avoid visiting).

Things we didn’t love about our Happy Camper

Iceland Campervan Rental

We’ll be honest and say that we are kind of picky about campervans, since we’ve custom-built two of our own to be just the way we want them. So we are tough critics. 

Here are some of the (minor) things that weren’t ideal in our Happy Campers rental:

Storage under the seat

Happy Campers under seat storage

There was plenty of storage in our van; however, there was a little bit of an issue. The best place to store our clothes was underneath the bench seat, which also opens up and converts into the bed. And it was pretty tricky to access.

The problem is that instead of opening up like a chest, the seat opens up toward you. This means you have to bend over the seat to reach down and get whatever is stored beneath. This was very awkward and difficult for a shorter person, like myself.

Insider Tip: We were so happy we had all our clothes organized in packing cubes. Even though it was a pain to bend over the bench, at least we could just grab a cube instead of rooting around for an individual piece of clothing.


Happy Campers Happy 2 Iceland lighting
The ceiling light only stayed on while the door was open. The white light on the right side is a portable one we brought with us.

There wasn’t a ton of lighting inside the van. The overhead lights turned on when the door was open, but it wasn’t a good solution to leave them on very long. The only lights that were really meant to be turned on at night were two “reading lights” near the bed.

While the sun doesn’t set until quite late during most of the summer, it would have been nice to have a bit more light inside the van. Luckily, we had packed headlamps as well as an inflatable solar light, both of which we used pretty often.


The bedding we were provided was just fine. We even snagged a few extra fleece blankets, which Happy Campers offer free of charge. The problem was we hadn’t checked our bedding thoroughly before leaving the parking lot. That night, we discovered we only had one pillow. Thankfully, we had packed our own camping pillows, just to be safe.

Hopefully this won’t be an issue for you, but it brings up a good point. No matter what company you choose, be sure to confirm you have all the essentials before leaving the parking lot. 

No toilet

Iceland camping toilets

None of Happy Campers’ vehicles are self-contained, meaning they don’t have toilets. We were fine with this back in 2021 when we were traveling on a tighter budget, and we had no issues finding campsites and public restrooms to, ahem, go.

Now, however, we’re spoiled with our own campervan at home in Oregon that has a toilet and a shower. Plus, we now travel with our 2-year-old daughter, so having a self-contained vehicle is much more convenient for us.

Iceland is pretty great with public restrooms, however, in remote places it was more difficult and we had to plan ahead a bit. Also, if we had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, we’d have to get out of our van, put on shoes, and walk (or run!) to the bathroom, which isn’t the most convenient, but sometimes that’s what you deal with when you’re camping!

Really put some thought into whether not having toilet in your van will be a dealbreaker for you.

Insulation… or lack thereof

Happy Campers Iceland campervan rental

This was probably our biggest gripe with our rental van. 

When building our own van conversions, we made sure to insulate our campervan with sheep’s wool, so we know firsthand how big of a difference it can make. Not only does it regulate the temperature inside the van (keeping it cool when it’s hot out and warm when it’s cold out), but it helps control moisture, keeping the van from getting damp and stinky.

The only Happy Campers that are insulated (also with sheep’s wool) are the Happy 4×4 and 4×4 XL. Our van not being insulated meant that it got cold quickly. And on the rare hot days, it was hard to cool it down inside.

A bigger frustration was that without insulation, moisture would condensate inside the vehicle. This was especially hard on our DSLR camera. When we’d wake up in the morning, the lens would be full of condensation.

Insider Tip: If you’re traveling with camera equipment, try this so you can avoid lens condensation: wrap the camera in a soft towel, then put it inside a large dry bag (make sure you have a high-quality one that is large enough to fit your camera). Make sure you get the air out and seal it up tightly. In the morning, wait until you’ve had a chance to open up the doors and let the moisture in the vehicle escape before opening the dry bag. This should keep your camera free from condensation.

Long story short: We wished that all Happy Campers vans were insulated. This would help keep the temperature inside more stable and, more importantly, it would control the moisture.

Budget tips for Happy Campers

Happy Campers Iceland

If you’re traveling to Iceland on a budget, then we have some good news for you: Happy Campers offers lots of opportunities to cut the cost of your campervan rental!

Book in advance

Booking as early as possible is always good advice to make sure you’re getting the best selection. Happy Campers also offers an “early bird” 5% discount on bookings made 90+ days in advance, so this is a great way to save money.

Check out the EX versions

Happy 1 by Happy Campers Iceland Campervan Rental

Depending on the model and season, you can save A LOT of money by renting one of Happy Campers’ “EXperienced” (slightly older) vehicles.

You get the same layouts and gear as the newer fleet, but at a discounted daily rate. We’ve even seen EX models offered for €200 less per day than their newer counterparts. So you can save some serious cash!

Good to know: EX models do not include the unlimited wifi hotspot, but you can add it to your booking for an additional €10 per day. Also, some of the EX models have manual transmission, so make sure you double check before you book.

The longer, the better

campervan rental in Iceland

With Happy Campers, you’ll save 5% on bookings of 7+ days, plus an additional 10% (15% total) on bookings of 14+ days. Who doesn’t want a longer trip anyway?? This is the perfect excuse, if you ask me!

Now, here’s the real bonus: Happy Campers’ discounts are stackable!

Most companies (across all industries) only allow one discount or promotion at a time. But Happy Campers will honor both the early bird discount and extended trip discount together. So for a 14-day trip booked 3 months in advance, you’ll save 20% on your booking. Apply that to an EX model and you are basically a budget savant!

The more, the merrier

Happy Campers Iceland

If you’re traveling with friends, then you can contact Happy Campers to get a 5-10% discount for booking two or more campervans for the same trip.

Returning customers can also reach out to Happy Campers with your previous booking code for an additional discount.

Note: We can’t confirm whether these special offers can be combined with the early bird and extended trip discounts, but you could ask Happy Campers about that.

Happy Campers alternatives

Vik Iceland viewpoint

If you’re thinking that Happy Campers may not be the best choice for you (or the model you want is not available for your dates), we’re sharing our top alternative recommendations.

As long as you do your research, read through reviews, and have realistic expectations, we think you’ll find a company that you are truly happy with.

Go Campers

GoCampers Iceland campervan
Image source: Go Campers
  • Price range: budget to mid-range
  • Recommended for: all types of travelers
  • Pick-up/drop-off locations: Keflavik, just 5 minutes from the airport
  • Check availability here

Go Campers is one of the most popular rental companies in Iceland. We love supporting locally owned companies while we travel, so this was one of our top contenders when we were on the hunt for the perfect Iceland campervan rental.

They have one of the widest varieties of rentals from a basic campervan to larger rigs with 4×4 capabilities, so no matter your travel style, you can find a campervan that suits your specific needs.

Who is this rental for: Travelers who don’t want to break the bank, but want a variety of options. Go Campers have 11 different campervan builds to choose from, so there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

Types of vehicles: 

  • Go Smart (sleeps 2, seats 2) 
  • Go Iceland (sleeps 2, seats 2)
  • Go LITE (sleeps 3, seats 3) 
  • Go Big (sleeps 5, seats 5) 
  • Go 4×4 TOP (sleeps 2, seats 5)
  • Go 4×4 (sleeps 2, seats 2) 
  • Go 4×4 Cruiser (sleeps 2, seats 2)
  • Go 4×4 Explorer (sleeps 4, seats 5)
  • Go 4×4 Wrangler (sleeps 4, seats 5)
  • Go 4×4 PRO (sleeps 4, seats 4) 
  • Go 4×4 LUX (sleeps 3, seats 3)


  • Highly-rated local company
  • Free airport shuttle
  • Rentals come with a fuel discount card for select gas stations
  • Both manual and automatic transmission available
  • Rentals are compact and easy to drive
  • Larger rental options that fit the whole family
  • Some travelers might prefer the more understated exterior to Happy Campers’ bold colors


  • Some builds do not have a heater
  • You can only stand up in the Go Big and Go 4×4 LUX
  • The majority of 4×4 models are more compact and offer less space
  • No self-contained vehicles

Cost per day: Varies depending on model and season

  • Peak season costs: €240 – €699 (~$260-759 USD)
  • Low season costs: €119 – €495 (~$129-537 USD)


Camp Easy Iceland Campervan
Image source: CampEasy
  • Price range: budget to mid-range
  • Recommended for: all travelers, especially couples and friends
  • Pick-up/drop-off locations: Keflavik, just 5 minutes from KEF airport
  • Check availability here

CampEasy is the highest-rated family-run campervan rental company in Iceland. Their builds focus on comfortable beds and roomy living areas so that you can make the most of your home on wheels while exploring Iceland.

They prioritize feature-rich Volkswagen models in order to build the perfect custom campervans to add to their existing fleets.

Similar to Happy Campers, nearly all of CampEasy’s vehicles are also available as “X” models, aka the same build but 2-5 years old, offered at a discounted daily rate.

Who is this rental for: From backpackers to boujie travelers who are looking for a reliable Iceland campervan without compromising comfort and amenities. The new fleets are appealing for those that want all the frills and have extra money to spend, while the older fleets are a great budget-friendly option.

Type of vehicles: 

  • Easy Small (sleeps 2, seats 2)
  • Easy Fun (sleeps 3, seats 3)
  • Easy Auto (sleeps 3, seats 3)
  • Easy Big (sleeps 5, seats 5)
  • Easy Ranger 4×4 (sleeps 2, seats 2)
  • Easy Clever 4×4 (sleeps 3, seats 3)
  • Easy Viking 4×4 (sleeps 5, seats 5)
  • Easy Luxury 4×4 (sleeps 3, seats 3)
  • Tesla Camper Y 4×4 (sleeps 2, seats 2)
  • Tesla CAMPING Y (sleeps 2, seats 2)


  • One of the highest-rated Iceland campervan rentals
  • Large-capacity fuel tanks and amazing gas mileage, as well as 2 fully electric Tesla conversions
  • Larger rentals are available that will fit the whole family
  • They rent out their older campervan fleet for cheaper
  • They offer stackable discounts for early bookings (1-10%) and extended trips (5-40%), as well as occasional sales and promotions
  • All their campervans are insulated with wool (Teslas are not)
  • All rentals include a tablet with live chat to HQ
  • Free airport shuttle
  • Lots of extras you can rent, such as kayaks, SUPs, and mountain bikes


  • No self-contained vehicles
  • Not all builds are available with automatic transmission
  • You can’t stand up in the smaller models

Cost per day: Varies depending on model and season

  • Peak season costs: €325 – €837 (~$353-909 USD)
  • Low season costs: €108 – €340 (~$117-369 USD)

Campervan Reykjavik

Campervan Reykjavik Iceland campervan
Image source: Campervan Reykjavik
  • Price range: budget to luxury
  • Recommended for: all types of travelers
  • Pick-up/drop-off locations: Keflavik, 5 minutes from KEF airport
  • Check availability here

Campervan Reykjavik is registered with the Icelandic Tourism Board and has been providing top-notch campervan rentals since 2008. They value creating long-lasting relationships with their customers by sharing their extensive local knowledge and experience.

They have an impressive fleet with options ranging from affordable, compact, basic campervans to big, bougie, fully-equipped motorhomes. There’s also a good selection of 4×4 vehicles for off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Who is this rental for: Anyone from an adventurous couple to a larger group or family can find something to suit their needs.

Type of vehicles:

  • NV-200 / Kangoo / Doblo (sleeps 2, seats 2)
  • VW Caddy Beach Mini Camper (sleeps 2, seats 2)
  • Duster & Jimney 4×4 Roof Tent (sleeps 2, seats 4-5)
  • Forester / Renegade 4×4 (sleeps 2, seats 5)
  • Renault Trafic (sleeps 3, seats 3)
  • VW Transporter 4×4 (sleeps 3, seats 3)
  • Renault Master (sleeps 5, seats 5)
  • Marco Polo 4×4 / VW Ocean (sleeps 3-4, seats 4)
  • Fiat Ducato XGO X-Van (sleeps 2, seats 2)
  • FIAT Citroen Plasy HP63 (sleeps 3, seats 3)
  • Weinsberg Carasuite 650 MF (sleeps 4, seats 4)
  • FIAT XGO Dynamic 35/39 (sleeps 6, seats 6)


  • Full pricing transparency
  • Both manual and automatic transmission available
  • Many different styles and layouts to choose from, including motorhomes
  • Insurance is included (CDW, SCDW, GP, and TP)


  • Bed linen, kitchenware, and wifi are not included (can be added for an extra fee)
  • Most of their high-roof options are large motorhomes
  • Only motorhomes are self-contained
  • Fewer automatic options
  • On the expensive side since all insurance is automatically added to the cost (and you can’t opt out)
  • Larger motorhomes can be difficult to drive

Cost per day: Varies depending on model and season; prices include insurance

  • Peak season costs: €156 – €519 (~$169-564 USD)
  • Low season costs: €72 – €298 (~$78-324 USD)

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