What we don't tell our parents about our travels

Hey Mom and Dad! You know we love you, right? Well, we've been keeping a few... errr... secrets from you as we travel.

Don't worry – it's nothing too bad. But this year for Mother's and Father's Day, we're letting you in on some of those secrets. 

Okay, we're ready to spill. Are you ready to hear it all?

1. We tell you about dangerous adventures afterwards

When doing dangerous things, like biking Death Road in Bolivia, we don't tell you until afterwards. Don't be mad –  we just don't want to cause unnecessary worry!

2. We can’t wait to cook for you

Every time we have a really good meal, we talk about how much fun it'll be to recreate for you guys someday. That's part of the reason we love taking cooking classes overseas so much!

3. Traveling isn't always easy

There are tears. There are times we get tired of it all. And then there are the times things get ugly. Like when I fell into an Indian sewer. Yes, this really happened.

4. We always wear helmets!

We rent motorbikes whenever we can because it's usually the best and cheapest way to explore new cities. But don't worry, we always wear helmets (even when nobody else does). Oh, and not to make it worse, but we've hitchhiked too... I guess it's best to get it all out on the table right?

5. We don’t always tell you the whole story…

…Like that one time we almost got stuck in Vietnam. Yes, really stuck. We had a little (big) passport issue and were not able to enter Cambodia. Plus, we had no money in our wallets whatsoever. Fortunately, a little bribery usually does the trick, and our bus driver was kind enough to lend us money for the bribe. So I guess we got lucky...?

6. We miss you (a lot)

The hardest part of spending holidays overseas is being away from you guys.

7. We still love home

Even though we've traveled long and far, we still have an undying love for Minnesota. We tell everyone we meet (and I mean everyone!) about our 10,000 lakes, bike trails, and craft beer. Ben thinks I should be paid by the tourism board of Minnesota for spreading the good word!

8. We don’t always take your advice

Remember that time we went bungee jumping in Ecuador? Well, it only cost $15. I guess all those talks about "you get what you pay for" didn't seem to apply at the time.

But for bigger choices, your voices are there to guide us in our decisions. Or we call you for advice. (Thanks for answering the phone even when we didn’t correctly calculate the time difference!)

9. We know how lucky we are to have you

We've met other travelers who talk about their parents they aren't close to, and say it makes traveling and living far from home so much easier. We feel lucky to have the opposite "problem". Being away for a long time makes us appreciate you guys even more.

10. We’ve had some close calls… with ice cream…

We've almost missed many modes of transportation because we're searching for food (most of these incidents have been Katie's mission, and it's usually ice cream we're after). I'm sure you're not surprised.

11. We may never get the "travel bug" out of our system

Travel is something we love, and we can't imagine our lives without having it in some form. 

12. We appreciate you supporting our dreams

We feel so fortunate and blessed to have your love and support while we're chasing our crazy dreams (even if it's not exactly what you hoped we'd be doing at the moment). We couldn't ask for better parents.

Happy Mother's Day and (early) Father's Day to you, and to the supportive parents of all the #wanderingsoles out there!

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