Best Campervan Rentals in Seattle (+expert tips!)

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There’s no better way to explore the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest than by campervan. We’ve rounded up the best campervan rentals in Seattle to help you plan an unforgettable road trip around Washington state.

North Cascades campervan
This is us in our own campervan (that we built) driving around Washington’s Mountain Loop highway.

If you’re considering a campervan rental in Seattle, I want to be the first one to give you a big ol’ high five and tell you wholeheartedly that you are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

We are absolutely obsessed with traveling by campervan. We’ve done it in 6 countries and counting!

Since we live in nearby Oregon and have our own home on four wheels, we’ve spent tons of time exploring Washington state by campervan. We think you’ll love it just as much as we do.

But hold up! Don’t go and book any campervan or motorhome you can find just yet… 

We have traveled all over the world in campervans, so we have some expert advice that’ll be essential as you begin planning your trip. 

In this article, we’ll go over exactly how to choose the best Seattle campervan rental for your budget and travel style (because what was best for us might not be best for you!). 

We’re also sharing some tips that have come in really handy over the years, essential items to pack, and mistakes we’ve made, all so that you have the very best experience. 

In the end, we want you to fall in love with vanlife too!

Guide to renting a campervan in Seattle

Here’s what we cover in this guide. Click on any of the links below to jump down to that section, or keep scrolling to get all the juicy details.

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Why you can trust us about campervan rentals

Katie & Ben Two Wandering Soles Campervan
This is the second campervan we built ourselves! (Aka not a rental)

If you’re new to this blog (welcome!), we want to share a few reasons why you can trust us about all things campervan-related:

Now do you understand why I said we’re obsessed!?

I mention all of this to let you know we have a lot of personal experience on this subject. We truly know what we’re talking about and we’re sharing our expertise with you.

Also, we simply love connecting with others who are interested in RV and campervan adventures, so let’s be friends!

Our personal experience traveling in a campervan in Seattle 

Campervan life Q&A

We have traveled around Washington state a great deal in a campervan we built ourselves. In fact, we lived in Leavenworth, WA for a year and did a ton of exploring in our very first self-built van.

We feel like a campervan or motorhome really gives you an added level of freedom that you just don’t have when you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb, and we honestly think it’s the best way to explore the state of Washington.

Since we’ve personally explored Washington state in a campervan ourselves, you can trust that we know what we’re talking about in this article and are sharing tips that will truly help you plan your own trip. 

Our top campervan rental recommendation

USA Road Trips Campervan
Once again, this is our personal campervan (not a rental).

If you just want to skip to our overall recommendation, here it is:

We’d recommend using Motorhome Republic to compare all rental options for your dates. 

Spoiler Alert: Our 2 top picks for companies are Escape and Outdoorsy.

We’d highly recommend you continue reading this guide as it is packed with insider tips on what to look for when choosing your vehicle, mistakes to avoid, and some other companies we’d recommend if you have a different budget or travel needs.

How to book a campervan rental in Seattle

Motorhome Republic filters

Trying to figure out which company to rent a campervan through can be a daunting task. 

We’ve done it 4 times now, so we know how overwhelming it can be the first time.

Our go-to place to find the best campervan rentals in a particular destination is Motorhome Republic. This is an aggregate (kind of like what Booking.com is for hotels or what Discover Cars is for car rentals) that rounds up all the options in one place so you can easily compare them

We really like using their filters because you can input the number of travelers and other important features, like “automatic transmission” and amenities, like a toilet or shower. 

Additionally, you can choose to display options within a price range or filter by highest reviews, making it a really handy and user-friendly tool.

Best campervan rental companies in Seattle

Seattle Skyline Kerry Park

Okay, so you’ve got Motorhome Republic pulled up for your dates and you can see all your options… But how do you even begin to choose between the different companies?

Being that we’ve personally rented campervans all around the world (and have built 3 of our own!), we feel like we have a really good handle on what to look for. 

The companies below have been hand-picked by yours truly, and we think each can be a good choice depending on what you’re looking for.

Campervan rental companies in Seattle

We’ve scoured reviews, compared specs, and analyzed prices to bring you a comprehensive list of the best campervan rentals in Seattle so the decision is a little simpler for you.

We’re sharing what company we would recommend to rent with, but we’ll also highlight some other companies in case you think a different one would be a better fit for your personal needs or budget.

For each company, we’re sharing pros, cons, and price points (budget or mid-range) to make this big decision a breeze.


Escape Campervans
Image source: Escape

Very basic but comfortable campervans that don’t have the frills of some other companies. The biggest reason we like Escape is because they are super budget-friendly, making it accessible for more people. 

Each unique vehicle is hand-painted by artists in LA, so you’ll be sure to stand out anywhere you go and get lots of fun photos.

Escape offers a variety of different models from pop-top Jeep campers to the 5-sleeper “Big Sur”, which is a Ford T-350 van. 

All Escape campervan rentals include a fridge, sink, and stove, as well as a solar energy system with dual battery. Bedding, camping gear, and kitchen extras are available for an additional fee.


  • One of the most affordable rental options available
  • Unique and fun designs painted on each campervan
  • Different layouts to choose from
  • One-way rentals available


  • You will not be able to stand up in these vans
  • No self-contained options available (aka no toilets)
  • Depending on your personality, the loud design on the exterior of the vehicle may be a drawback
  • The builds themselves are quite basic and don’t have the frills of some of the more expensive “boutique” options


This is essentially the “Airbnb of campervan rentals” and gives you the most options no matter your location, your budget, or your style. In addition to campervans, you’ll also find tow-behind trailers and RV rentals.

  • Discount: Use our code TWOWANDERINGSOLES to get $50 off your first booking!
Outdoorsy campervan

Budget: 2021 Nissan Elgrand

All the basics you need to get a taste of #vanlife on a budget, including camp furniture, linens, cookware, utensils, and a wraparound awning. The interior easily converts from a dining area to a queen-sized bed. There’s no bathroom or sink and the outdoor kitchen is limited to a butane stove and mini fridge, so you’ll still feel like you’re really camping.

Outdoorsy campervan

Mid-range: 2018 Winnebago Revel

This high-roof, pet-friendly Mercedes Sprinter van is only 19 feet long, so it’s easy to drive and park. The layout includes a bathroom with toilet and shower, a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sink, and dining table, and a queen-sized bed that raises with electric motors for extra space. Plus, the host will outfit you with equipment for any outdoor adventure you could want.

Outdoorsy campervan

Splurge: 2019 Ram Promaster 2500

This luxury campervan is thoughtfully designed and beautifully decorated with Instagram-perfect vibes. It has a fully-equipped kitchen (with coffee maker!) and bathroom with hot water. You can stream your favorite shows on the 55-inch projector and work from anywhere with 5G internet. The rental price includes basically everything you’d expect from an AirBnb.

Road Bear

Road Bear campervan
Image source: Road Bear

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Road Bear pride themselves on the quality and newness of their fleet, with no vehicle being more than 18 months old.

They have 7 locations throughout the US: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Orlando, Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Seattle.

We recommend the Solis model (pictured above) to get everything you need while still having a vehicle that’s easy to drive and park. They also have a few RVs if that better suits your needs.


  • Child safety features, such as cab-over child safety net and tether anchor for child seat
  • Optional “convenience kits” with everything you could need for your road trip: bedding, cookware, dishes, coffee maker, toaster, towels, cleaning supplies, wifi, and more
  • One-way deals available


  • Their convenience kits cost extra and are charged per person


Britz motorhome
Image source: Britz

Britz is an international brand with branches in 7 US cities as well as Australia and New Zealand. Their vehicle designs are heavily based on customer feedback and reviews, so you know your motorhome rental will have everything you need.


  • Dishes, bedding, and towels are included in the rental fee
  • They have optional GPS and mobile/WiFi hotspots available


  • The only vehicle option in Seattle is a motorhome, which some people may find harder to drive if you don’t have experience
  • If you have small children, you will be need to bring your own booster seat(s)
  • If you’re flying from another continent, you won’t be able to pick up the day you arrive and will have to make other arrangements for your first night 


GoCamp campervan
Image source: GoCamp

GoCamp is another platform similar to AirBnb where campervan owners rent out their vehicles. Not only is their fleet carefully curated, but the owners are also vetted to ensure you get the best campervan and the best renting experience.


  • With LOTS of different vehicles/layouts to choose from, you’ll find something to fit both your needs and budget
  • They offer discounts for teachers, first responders, and active members of the military, as well as deals on long-term rentals (more than 10-14 nights)


  • The fee for pets is $125, which is higher than other campervan rental companies


Indie Campers
Image source: Indie

Indie Campers’ fleet of more than 6,000 campervans and RVs covers more than 70 destinations across North America, Europe, and Oceania.

Their high-roof pop-top campervan provides a sleeping area for four people, as well as a thoughtfully decorated living area with a kitchenette and storable dining table. The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, sink, and shower.

They also offer a Jeep Wrangler with a roof tent and a motorhome-style RV to fit other needs and budgets.


  • 24/7 pickup and drop-off
  • One-way trips available
  • Fully-digital experience with online check-in and video tutorials


  • Fewer vehicle options available in Seattle compared to some other cities


Moterra pop-top classic campervan
Image source: Moterra

Moterra Campervans offer 19-foot Mercedes-Benz Sprinter campervans in both high-roof and pop-top models. They come stocked with everything you could possibly need for any type of adventure.

All Moterra campervan rentals include a full kitchen, optional toilet and solar power, as well as bedding, camping gear, and wood for fires. Depending on the model, you can also have an indoor shower or optional outdoor solar shower.


  • Self-contained options available (plus portable toilets included with all rentals!)
  • Multiple insurance coverage options
  • Lots of accessories are included at no additional cost


  • Vehicle pick-up and return are at set times of day
  • Pets cost an additional fee of $150, which is pretty hefty compared to other companies

Peace Vans

Peace Vans  campervan
Image source: Peace Vans

Peace Vans is a family-owned business dedicated to getting you outside. They offer classic VW rentals as well as more modern Mercedes-Benz campervans. 

All Peace Vans campervan rentals include a fridge, stocked kitchen, and pop-up tent for additional sleeping space. They also include a lot of extras like cookware, spices, wine glasses, a french press, and fresh ground coffee.


  • Thoughtful additional touches and amenities
  • Family-owned business
  • 10% discount for more than 12 nights or returning renters


  • They’re only in Seattle, so you wouldn’t be able to pick up here and drop off in another city
  • No self-contained options
  • No pets allowed

Coming soon: Travellers Autobarn

This Australia-based company launched fleets of vans in 3 American cities in 2019. We saw Travellers Autobarn vans all over New Zealand and love that they offer high-top vehicles at an affordable price – something that’s honestly pretty difficult to find.

Having a campervan with a high roof allows you to stand up inside, making things like cooking and getting dressed a heck of a lot easier (believe me!).

Travellers Autobarn’s Seattle office is set to open in 2025.

Why hire a campervan or RV in Seattle?

Olympic Peninsula campervan

When you rent a campervan in Seattle, the whole of the Pacific Northwest is at your fingertips: rugged mountains, sandy beaches, misty rainforests, and so, so much more.

Still need a little convincing on the whole renting a campervan thing?

We get it. If you’ve never experienced traveling in a campervan, the idea of it can be a little daunting. Don’t worry though — we literally have all the resources you need to make your trip a success. 

Firstly, let’s chat about why renting a campervan in Seattle is a good idea. Scratch that. An AMAZING idea.

a) You can save (lots of!) money.

Renting a campervan is like having a car, a hotel, and a kitchen all in one place

Sure, the total cost per day isn’t cheap, but consider what it would cost to book a hotel room, rent a car, and eat out for every meal.

Most likely, a campervan will save you quite a bit of money.

b) You have ultimate freedom.

Mount Baker campervan

With a campervan, you have more flexibility than if you are staying in hotels. 

Do you like a place? Stay longer. 

Want to move on more quickly? Go for it. 

Got a local tip and you want to switch up your route completely? Consider it done!

While having campground reservations is recommended at least a day or two in advance (more on that later), you have the ability to have a less rigid route. 

c) It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

You’ll be telling your grandchildren about this adventure. 

’Nuff said. 

When to book your campervan rental in Seattle 

North Cascades campervan

If you’re planning to rent a campervan in Seattle, listen up because this is crucial… 

Book your vehicle as early as possible. (This applies to all companies on this list.)

During popular travel seasons (like summer), the best models get snagged up fast! 

What types of campervans or RVs are available?

Olympic Peninsula campervan

There is a huge variety to choose from. 

We’ve listed a handful of different types below, but if you’re still confused, hop down to the next section where we’ve broken down some of the major things to consider that’ll make your decision easier.

  • Low-roof converted minivan: ideal for budget-minded adventurers
  • Pop-up campervan: iconic old-school campervan style
  • High-roof campervan: spacious while still easy to drive and park
  • Mini-motorhome: home on wheels, perfect for a young family
  • Large motorhome: pile in the kids, bikes, and a dog for an epic road trip

Things to think about when choosing a rental vehicle

Living in a Campervan | Two Wandering Soles

Consider your answer to the following questions, as they will help you narrow down the best campervan rental for your personal needs.

How many people are you traveling with?

How comfortable are you with driving a large rig? 

If you have an RV at home, then perhaps driving a motorhome will be no big deal for you. However, if this is your first time in a larger vehicle, a campervan will be an easier transition for you. 

In short, our advice is to get the smallest possible size you think will work for you. 

What is your budget? 

The answer to this question might help you narrow down your rental choices, so it should be one of the first things you really dive into. 

In general, a campervan will be cheaper than an RV. And a low-roof vehicle will be cheaper than a high-roof vehicle.

Psst! If you’re curious about how much a campervan rental in Seattle costs, we have a whole section about that. Jump there now.

Do you want a high-roof vehicle?

Campervan Shop Cooking on Propane Stove

Think about this one for a minute: Do you need to be able to stand up inside your campervan? 

This will help make getting dressed, cooking and just hanging out more comfortable. But it will mean you’ll likely be in a higher price bracket. 

If a low roof isn’t a deal-breaker, you can probably save quite a bit of money. 

Our personal opinion: We’ve had lots of experience in both low-roof and high-roof vehicles. When we were on a budget, it was a great way for us to save money, especially when we were traveling in places where we spent a lot of time outside. However, once we’ve spent more time in a high-roof van (and now that we travel with a child!) I don’t know if we could go back to a low roof. It’s honestly just so much more comfortable being able to stand up!

How luxurious of a set-up do you need?

From super basic to extra bougie, there are all types of campervan and RV rentals. Determining your budget is the first step, as this will help you narrow down your options. 

From there, think about your personal preferences: Are you used to roughing it? Do you have a lot of camping experience? Or will splurging for a more plush vehicle be worth every penny to you? 

Keep your answers in mind as you’re sifting through your rental options.

How much does a Seattle campervan rental cost?

Dispersed camping campervan

Campervan rentals will vary drastically, depending on the following factors: 

  • which company you choose
  • type of vehicle
  • time of year
  • how far in advance you make your reservation

To give you a general price range:

  • 1 week in Seattle in July (peak season) for a 2-berth campervan will cost about $1,600 (priced in July 2023) 
  • 1 week in Seattle in October (shoulder season) for a 2-berth campervan will cost about $725 (priced in July 2023) 

Other costs to consider

In addition to paying the nightly rental fee, you won’t want to forget these other things:

  • Additional rental add ons (make sure you understand what is included with your company and what is an extra fee)
  • Campground fees
  • Insurance
  • Gas

Insider Tip: Be sure you know whether your vehicle is gas or diesel so you fill up at the proper pump at the gas station.

Top 7 places to visit on your Washington road trip

Olympic Peninsula campervan road

You could easily spend months getting lost and falling in love with the magic of Washington State. But if you’re looking for a list of the very best places to put on your itinerary, we’ve got you covered. 

We chose these places specifically because they are epic for visiting in a campervan or RV. Use this list to start planning your perfect Washington road trip route!

Good to know: You might notice that we purposely left cities off this list. That’s because cities are not as fun to navigate with a large vehicle and finding parking can be a pain. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them in, but we’d highly recommend focusing your route around the places below. (We say this from personal experience!)

1. Olympic National Park 

Known as one of the most diverse national parks in the US, there are endless adventures to be had in Olympic National Park.

Incredible hikes will take you to driftwood-strewn beaches, temperate rainforests, and soaring peaks, like that of the mighty Mount Storm King.

The Olympic Peninsula has several great campgrounds with scenic views and varying amenities. Our favorite place to camp in our van is Lyre River Campground, but if you’re up for it, we’d definitely recommend tenting for a night on Shi Shi Beach. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

2. North Cascades National Park  

North Cascades Highway Lake Diablo Overlook Washington

North Cascades is, in our opinion, the most underrated national park in the US. There are countless things to do, from hiking Maple Pass Loop and Sourdough Mountain, to hitting up all the breathtaking viewpoints, to whitewater rafting.

There are 4 drive-in campsites in North Cascades: Goodell Creek and Gorge Lake are first-come first-serve, while Colonial Creek and Newhalem Creek can be reserved for mid-May to mid-September. 

3. Mountain Loop Highway 

Mountain Loop Highway pullout Washington
This pullout on Mountain Loop Highway was not only safe and legal, but actually a beautiful spot to spend the night!

This 52-mile scenic highway loops through the western section of the Cascade Mountains. Be sure to pull off every so often and enjoy the stunning mountain views, rushing rivers, and ponderosa pines. Better yet, stop for a hike at Old Sauk River Trail, Lake 22, Goat Lake Trail, or Mount Pilchuck.

There are numerous campgrounds along the highway, but there are also frequent pull out areas that are safe and legal for overnighting in a campervan. We loved stopping whenever we felt like it (and camping for free!).

4. Mount Baker 

Mount Baker Washington USA

We’ve visited Mount Baker during both the winter and summer and truly can’t decide which season we prefer.

In the winter, Mount Baker has some of the best skiing in Washington state. In the summer, set your sights on hiking Artist Point and Chain Lake Loop, stopping by Noonsack Falls, and camping at Silver Fir Campground.

5. Mount Rainier National Park 

Gobblers Knob Fire Lookout Rainier National Park Washington

Mount Rainier is easily one of our favorite outdoor destinations. There are plenty of hikes with varying levels of difficulty, so heart-skipping views are accessible to even the least experienced hikers.

6. Leavenworth 

Best time to visit Leavenworth, WA Spring

We lived in Leavenworth for 8 months and seriously fell in love with this magical mountain town.

The adorable Bavarian-themed town is full of unique things to do and delicious places to eat. Add to that nearby hiking trails with breathtaking views, mountainside hot springs, and glacial lakes, and Leavenworth will definitely earn a place on your itinerary.

Insider Tip: The closest campground to town is this KOA, but if you’re looking for a cheaper (and much more scenic) option, head down Icicle Road to Eightmile Campground.

7. Headed south? Oregon Road Trip 

campervan at Crater Lake

We live in Bend, OR and have spent months upon months road tripping around our beautiful state. It’s easily one of our favorite things to do in Oregon.

We’ve used all our experience to create the perfect Oregon road trip itinerary that you can steal. This guide will take you to all our favorite places, including dreamy hot springs, cute coastal towns, and the iconic Cannon Beach.

Seattle campervan rental FAQs

Campervan road

I get it — there is a lot to think about when it comes to renting a campervan in Seattle. 

Let’s go over some common questions and see if we can get them answered!

Do I need an international driver’s license to rent a campervan in Seattle?

Most likely, no.

Unless your home country’s license is in a non-Roman language (Japanese, Russian, etc.), you will not need an international driver’s license. 

Can I bring a child on a campervan trip?

Campervan Hire Scotland Baby at Window

Absolutely. We’ve brought our daughter on many campervan trips! 

In fact, we’d say it’s a great way to travel with a baby or older children.

You will need to select a vehicle that has enough seating for your family. And you will need to think about what you will do about a sleeping space. (We have tips on that!)

Which is better: Campervan or RV?

The answer to this is truly a matter of personal opinion, but here’s our opinion:

If you’re traveling solo or as a couple, we’d absolutely recommend a campervan to keep the size to a minimum. However, if you’re traveling with a small family, a campervan may be too small to fit you all comfortably, so a small l motorhome might be a better option.

Insurance for your campervan trip

Insurance is always one of those tricky topics to write about because it widely varies from person to person depending on the amount of risk you are willing to take. 

When traveling, we always make sure we are covered (we’ve heard some horror stories of accidents happening abroad).

Read the fine print of your credit card: A typical credit card rental car insurance policy only covers 4-door sedans and not campervans, so don’t rely on that coverage. 

As always, whether you get campervan rental insurance or not, we recommend getting medical travel insurance

Psst! We have an entire guide to how to choose the best travel insurance policy for you that should be helpful!

What to pack for a campervan trip


We have a whole checklist of things to bring for your campervan trip, but here are some items you really don’t want to forget:

  • Aeropress: If you are a coffee drinker and your rental company doesn’t include a coffee maker (many don’t), definitely pack this!
  • Rubber bands and/or chip clips: This is something that is often overlooked, but important to keep the food you buy sealed (think bags of granola, crackers, etc.).
  • Spices and oil: When going on a campervan trip, we always like to bring our own spices so we don’t have to stock up. You can bring mini containers filled with your faves (we bring high-quality salt, pepper, cayenne, and any others that strike our fancy). We like this leak-proof container for storing coconut oil and this one for storing olive oil.
  • Lightweight towel: If your campervan rental does not include towels in the rental price (many charge extra), bring your own! We like this microfiber one or this Turkish towel.
  • Travel lumbar pillow: If you have a bad back (like Ben!), this would be clutch! He had some back issues during our trip to Ireland, and was wishing we had packed his lumbar pillow. It’s way too bulky to fly with though, so I found this pillow for next time!
  • Universal outlet adaptor: A basic travel item that everyone should have so you can plug in your device anywhere. 
  • Shower shoes: Trust me when I say you don’t want to go barefoot in some of the campground showers! 
  • Travel slippers: The floors of your vehicle will inevitably get dirty, so it’s nice to have a lightweight pair of slippers to wear at night to prevent your feet from collecting all that dirt.

We even created this handy PDF downloadable checklist so you don’t forget anything. And it’s totally FREE!

Campervan Rental Packing List Opt-in Banner

For more ideas, we have an article dedicated to all of the campervan essentials you might want to have on the road with you.

Packing for a baby on a campervan trip

Campervan with a baby

This checklist has a whole section of all our baby-related items we recommend, but here are a few things we’d definitely recommend bringing if you are renting a campervan with a little one in tow.

  • Travel high chair: We love this portable high chair and use it in our personal campervan at home.
  • Travel tent: This is the sleeping tent that we used on trips when our daughter was under a year old. It packs up super small and gave her a safe space to sleep.
  • Inflatable bed bumpers: We’ve transitioned from the tent to these as our daughter has grown and they worked really well to transform a normal bed into a safe sleeping space for our toddler.
  • Your favorite baby foods: If you have favorites (freeze dried strawberries from Trader Joe’s are one of our go-tos for travel!), we’d recommend prioritizing packing foods over diapers and wipes, as those will be easier to find anywhere.
  • Travel sound machine: We don’t go anywhere without this!
  • Tap light: This light is super handy at home or on travels.

Psst! Looking for more family travel tips? Check out our list of practical (& super encouraging!) tips for traveling with a baby.

Where to stay in your campervan

National Forest camping

You’ll be happy to know that there are tons of campgrounds near Seattle and all around Washington state.

Wild Camping 

If you’re traveling on a tight budget, and don’t want to pay for campgrounds every night, it’s worth mentioning that it is possible to wild camp in Seattle (aka park somewhere that is not an established campground). 

But you can’t just park anywhere! Read our article on how to find free camping so you know the ins and outs and don’t wind up inadvertently breaking the law (yikes!) on your road trip!

Seattle travel resources

Be sure to bookmark these additional articles because they will be a huge help as you plan your trip.

Things to Do in Seattle | Two Wandering Soles

Fun things to do in Seattle

If you’re planning a road trip, you don’t want to miss this list of unique things to do in Seattle! This includes all the must-sees (like the Space Needle), but also has tons of hidden gems you won’t find on other Seattle bucket lists. 

Trust us, we spent lots of time researching and on the ground to create this roundup for you!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Washington

Best day trips from Seattle

The quaint seaside towns, stunning coastlines, and jaw-dropping mountains on this list are all less than a 2.5-hour drive from the city.

Best Things to do in Washington State Colchuck Lake Enchantments

Best things to do in Washington state

From best-kept secrets to can’t miss destinations, we’ve put together a list of places and things to do in Washington that you can add to your road trip around the Evergreen State.

Love the idea of campervan trips around the world? 

Us too (hence why we keep booking campervan trips!).

Here are some more ideas for you to bookmark for future travels:

Save this article on Pinterest for later!

Seattle campervan rental Pinterest
Seattle campervan rental Pinterest

We want to hear from you!

Are you planning a campervan trip and still have questions about your Seattle campervan rental options? Leave your comment below and we’ll do our best to get you the answers you’re looking for!

Comments (2) on “Best Campervan Rentals in Seattle (+expert tips!)

  1. Maggie Fox says:

    I was disappointed to see you list Escape Campers as highly recommended. The van I rented in Florida was a piece of s***. It was beat up on the outside and inside. Sliding door didn’t close properly, but also the design of the space was terrible. I have had 2 VW campers where every space is utilized and easily available. I don’t like standing outside to cook, there was no outlet to plug into external power. I had to run an extension cord thru the window. The bug screens didn’t fit the window. the pull out bed was heavy and awkward to pull out and harder to put upright. I drove this for 6 weeks from Florida to Seattle. I will not rent again from them and suggest people to really check them out ahead of time.

    • Ben Zweber says:

      Hey Maggie, thank you for your comment and we are so sorry you had a bad experience with Escape. We haven’t rented any out of Florida, but all the vans we have seen in the PNW are quite nice. You’re right, depending on the style of van, you may have to cook outside, like out of the tailgate. We know some people at Escape and they are always open to feedback. Have you written to them as well? I hope your road trip wasn’t all bad and that you got to see some amazing parts of the country!

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