24 Best Restaurants in Bend, Oregon in 2024 (according to locals)

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If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Bend, Oregon, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done all the eating — I mean, research — for you, and have gathered a variety of amazing restaurants, from cheap eats to fine dining.

Spork best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is most well-known for its proximity to epic outdoor adventures, but it is also home to a pretty great food scene.

After a day of hiking in Bend, mountain biking, skiing, climbing, paddling, (or all of the above!), you’ll have worked up quite the appetite. Luckily, this Central Oregon town has no shortage of amazing restaurants where you can satisfy your food cravings!

Bend has grown rapidly over the last decade, and what used to be a pretty basic restaurant scene has evolved to include vegan eats, authentic world cuisine, and fine dining.

While it can’t rival the foodie cities of Portland or Seattle (and there are some notable gaps in cuisine), Bend’s restaurant scene can hold its own for a small(ish) town.

Bar Rio best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

After more than 5 years of living in Bend, we’ve had a lot of time to eat our way around town research. So allow us to share what we’ve learned after all this investigative work!

We’ve rounded up some of the best restaurants in Bend, Oregon — from casual to fancy and covering a variety of cuisines. We’re not only sharing our favorite restaurants in Bend, but we’re also divulging what to order, which is sometimes just as important as where to eat.

Whether you’re just visiting town for the weekend or you’re a local looking to find some new spots to eat, you’ll have no problem finding excellent restaurants in Bend.

Hablo Taco best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Psst! Before we dive in, you might want to grab a snack because this article may just make your tummy rumble. You have been warned!

Planning a trip to Central Oregon? Don’t miss our list of exciting things to do in Bend, which is packed with plenty of local secrets and our personal tips!

Guide to restaurants in Bend, Oregon

We’ve divided the restaurants into categories, so click the link to jump to what it is you’re searching for, or keep scrolling to see ’em all!

Curious to know how we created this list? We’ve broken down our thought process and parameters for selecting restaurants here.

Our personal favorite restaurants in Bend

Want some quick recommendations? Below, we’re sharing some of our personal favorites. We’ve got tons more recommendations for you in the sections below, but this is a good place to start.

McKay Cottage best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

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Map of the best restaurants in Bend

Map of the best restaurants in Bend Oregon

Click on the map above for a closer look at our favorite Bend restaurants.

“Nicer” Restaurants in Bend, Oregon

While only one of these (Ariana) can be truly considered fine dining, this portion of our list consists of sit down restaurants. For the most part, we’d consider them nice-slash-relaxed (for lack of a more technical term), but you may need reservations and you probably want to change out of your hiking clothes before rocking up. for the most part.

1. Wild Rose

  • At a glance: Authentic Northern Thai cuisine in a fun & cozy space downtown
Wild Rose best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Whenever we have guests from out of town, we bring them here! Amazing Thai food, good drinks, and a lively atmosphere – can’t ask for much more than that! The only thing Wild Rose is missing is outdoor seating.

After spending more than 2 years living and traveling in Thailand, it’s safe to say we’re picky about Thai food. And when I say “picky”I mean really really picky. This is the best northern Thai restaurant we’ve eaten at in the United States (so far!). 

While it’s not exactly what you’d get on the streets in Chiang Mai, we were over the moon excited to find Khao Soi on the menu. If you’ve also been to northern Thailand, you’ll know this delicious curry noodle dish is difficult to find outside of Chiang Mai, let alone in Central Oregon.

The menu can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with Thai dishes, so ask your server for some recommendations if you’re stuck. It’s worth noting that Wild Rose does not have Pad Thai (a favorite of many hesitant eaters) on the menu. Fear not, there are plenty of other dishes to choose from!

Wild Rose best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
We highly recommend trying the Khao Soi, one of the most popular dishes on their menu.

Good to know: They do spice like restaurants in Thailand (aka spicy!). Your server will ask you your preferred spice level, so be cautious if you don’t handle spice well. You can always ask for hot peppers on the side to kick it up a notch!

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • If you’ve never tried Khao Soi, this is one of the few places outside of northern Thailand where we’ve seen it on the menu. It’s one of our favorite Thai foods!
    • Their som tom (papaya salad) is authentic, spicy and delicious.
    • Northern Thai sausage (sai oua) has a really unique flavor, so if you’ve never tried it, this can be a good small plate to share.
    • The holy eggplant is one of the more underrated dishes on the menu, in our opinion.
    • There are also some fun Thai-inspired cocktails on the menu with ingredients like lemongrass, ginger and kaffir leaf.
  • Our advice: Order a couple of small plates for sharing as well as some bigger dishes so you can try several items on the menu. This is designed to be family-style eating.
  • Reservations: We recommend making reservations if you want to eat dinner here. Otherwise, come for lunch when it’s less busy.
  • Where: This gem is located in the heart of downtown Bend, just off of Wall Street (on NW Oregon Ave)
  • Google Maps location

2. Ariana

  • At a glance: One of Bend’s best fine dining restaurants located in a cozy bungalow
Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | Ariana

If you’re looking for a special occasion dinner, Ariana won’t disappoint. This fine-dining restaurant is set in a cozy yet sleek house-turned restaurant, and is the perfect spot for a memorable meal.

The chef-owners are a husband and wife duo who whip up extraordinary dishes like pan-seared jumbo wild scallops over ramp risotto with morels. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard…

Additionally, they have handcrafted cocktails as well as an extensive wine list to pair with your meal.

What you need to know:

  • What to order: We’d recommend going with the 6-course chef’s tasting menu and enjoying the full dining experience. It is $100 per person (plus $50+ for wine pairings or $40 for non-alcoholic pairing) and is well worth the price for a memorable meal.
  • Reservations: Reservations are necessary 90% of the time. You can try showing up and seeing if there is space at the bar to order off the a la carte menu.
  • Where: Located on Galveston Ave, next to El Sancho’s westside location
  • Google Maps location

3. JIA Asian Street Kitchen

  • At a glance: Vietnamese fashion in a vibrant atmosphere 
JIA Asian Street Kitchen best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
If you order one thing, please make it the bone-in beef short rib bowl. It is a splurge, but splittable (or good for taking leftovers home), and it is INCREDIBLE.

This Asian fusion restaurant is in an area that few visitors to Bend make it to, but it is such a wonderful new addition to Central Oregon.

The vibrant decor and fun cocktails make for a nice atmosphere, and the food is on point.

We are obsessed with Vietnamese cuisine, so we were excited to see versions of some of our favorite dishes on the menu.

JIA Asian Street Kitchen best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
JIA Asian Street Kitchen best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

What you need to know:

  • What to order:
    • If you only order one thing get the Bone-in Beef Short Rib Noodle Bowl. Trust me. I still dream about this dish and will have to get back soon to order it again. It is a bit pricey, but more than enough to share.
    • The Saigon Bowl (with shrimp added!) is fresh and delicious.
    • The green beans are a nice accompaniment if you want more veggies.
  • Where: Located in a shopping area south of downtown Bend (on your way to Deschutes River Woods), off of Brookswood Blvd
  • Google Maps location

4. Bar Rio

  • At a glance: Latin-inspired menu with happy hour deals
Bar Rio best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Barrio has been a Bend staple for a while. They have a food truck located at the Midtown Yacht Club food truck pod, but their brick-and-mortar location smack dab in the center of downtown recently went through a bit of rebranding.

What was once a restaurant called Barrio is now a 21+ establishment called Bar Rio. On the menu you’ll find cocktails, a signature paella, and tapas, featuring a fusion of Spanish, Mexican, and Israeli cuisines.

Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | Barrio

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • shrimp and mango ceviche (the homemade chips it’s served with are fantastic)
    • shrimp paella
    • Patatas Bravas
    • street corn
    • margaritas or mezcal cocktails (they have a really nice cocktail menu)
  • Insider tip: We recommend coming for happy hour for $8 margaritas and $2 off tapas.
  • Where: Situated in the center of Wall Street in downtown Bend
  • Google Maps location

5. Bosa

  • At a glance: Intimate spot for Italian
Bosa best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

If you’re craving authentic Italian, we think this is the best in town (though there’s not a ton of competition for upscale authentic Italian). 

The menu includes a pretty decently variety of handmade pasta, meat dishes, sides, and appetizers, and the setting is intimate and candlelit in the evenings. 

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • House-made focaccia with whipped butter
    • Calamari
    • Meatballs
    • Cacio e pepe
  • Reservations: We recommend reserving your spot as they are often fully booked.
  • Insider Tip: I will note that the space can feel a bit cramped. We were seated at a small 2-person table that felt like it was 12-inches away from our neighbors. It made it a bit hard to feel like we could have a conversation, since it was so cramped. Perhaps you can request a table further away from other parties when making your reservation, because not all were so tight. 
  • Where: Located on Galveston Ave in the west side of Bend
  • Google Maps location

Casual dining

The restaurants in this section are more casual – aka you can typically order at a counter, and most don’t accept reservations. That doesn’t mean these are on par with fast food joints though. Many offer craft cocktails and beer. And while there are a couple on this list that are more about fast and tasty eats (aka Kefi), most have a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

6. Spork

  • At a glance: Trendy spot with fusion dishes from around the world
Spork best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Asian-Latin fusion… need I say more? With eclectic décor and a laidback atmosphere where you order and pay at the counter, Spork is an ultra-popular spot for good reason.

With tasty menu items like Peru’s famous llomo saltado and Korean fried chicken, Spork delivers on the flavor, and prices are reasonable. They also have a selection of fun cocktails (and beer) to pair with your meal.

Spork best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

The two downsides are a) it does get very busy on the weekends, so expect a line. And b) there’s not much outdoor seating, so if that’s what you’re after you might want to grab your meal to go (picnic in Drake Park, anyone?!).

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • spicy pork noodles
    • dan dan noodles
    • Korean fried chicken with cucumber salad (the cauliflower version is very good too)
    • Burmese cheese appetizer
    • If you’re looking for a cocktail, their Thai Collins (kaffir, lemongrass, & gin) and the Hierve El Agua (mezcal, grapefruit, morita chile) are both really good
  • Where: Spork is located on Newport Avenue on the west side of town
  • Google Maps location

7. Active Culture

  • At a glance: Healthy plant-based cafe
Spork best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Pictured here: The BBQ burrito (with amazing beet barbecue sauce), the Wholesome Bowl, and a kid’s quesadilla.

If you’re craving something fresh and healthy, Active Culture should be on your radar. Nestled in a residential area of Old Bend, this plant-based cafe is something of a gem. 

They have a variety of dishes to choose from: açaí bowls, wraps, salads, homemade soups, veggie burgers, and hearty rice bowls.

You’ll find beer and kombucha on tap as well as a few craft cocktails. There’s both indoor seating as well as a small patio and sandbox-style playground for little ones.

What you need to know:

  • What to order:
    • Wholesome Bowl
    • BBQ Burrito (the beet barbecue sauce is so good!)
  • Where: Located in a residential area of Old Bend
  • Google Maps location

8. Jackson’s Corner

At a glance: Farm-to-table breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Jackson's Corner best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Breakfast at Jackson’s Corner vs.
Jackson's Corner best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Dinner at Jackson’s Corner

This is one of our go-to spots for any time of day. You really can’t go wrong here.

They have wonderful, scratch-made breakfast items as well as handmade pasta and amazing wood-fired sourdough pizza in the evenings. 

We love that they feature ingredients from local farms and the atmosphere is cozy, inviting and family-friendly.

Jackson's Corner best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Jackson’s Corner is really family-friendly, and a great choice if you have kids.

What you need to know:

  • What to order:
    • Their “Honey Pie” is probably our favorite pizza in town! 
    • Try their brown butter chocolate chip cookie for dessert
  • Where: Located in a residential area in Old Bend, Jackson’s Corner also recently opened a smaller location in The Grove food hall in the Northwest Crossing neighborhood
  • Google Maps location

9. Bo’s Falafel Bar

  • At a glance: Affordable bowls and gyros with many topping choices
Bo's Falafel Bar best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

At one time, this was one of our very favorite restaurant in town! We lived just steps away from their old location on Galveston Street and would go here on a weekly basis.

They have since moved to a new location, and while the menu is more or less the same, the vibe is not nearly what it used to be.

Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | Bo's Falafel Bar
RIP their cute former location! (The vibes here were perfect, but alas – they still have great bowls!)

Still, they have fantastic Mediterranean-style bowls (and wraps) that are healthy, filling, and reasonably-priced.

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • Our favorite thing to order is the chicken bowl with greens. You can choose your own toppings and sauces or go with one of their suggested combos. We personally like the “The Spicy” with added sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes.
    • We also usually order a side of battered fries and a few falafel balls to add to the bowl.
  • Where: Nestled in a industrial-style strip mall off of SW Century Drive (near Good Life Brewing).
  • Google Maps location

10. Brother Jon’s Public House

  • At a glance: Local pub feel with American fare
Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | Brother Jon’s

If you’re looking for a spot that feels like a local hole in the wall*, Bro Joe’s (as locals call it!) is your place. 

It’s a good spot to catch a game and enjoy some classic American comfort food. Plus, the bartenders know how to whip up some strong and delicious cocktails. 

We used to live a couple of blocks from their Westside location and came here a lot. The last time we went, the food wasn’t quite as good as we remembered, but it could have just been an off night.

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • spicy artichoke dip
    • we’re big fans of their sandwiches: Pastrami Bomber and Jack Sparrow are both great choices! They also have classics, like Reubens and French Dip.
  • Where: There are two locations in town – one downtown that feels like a small sports bar and one location on the west side of the river that’s a house turned into a local pub. *We much prefer the west location.
  • Google Maps location

11. El Sancho

  • At a glance: Lively spot for street tacos and margaritas
Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | El Sancho

Known for street tacos and pitchers of margarita, El Sancho is a town staple. We lived less than one block from their westside location and were, how shall we put this, frequent flyers.

With an extensive variety of fillings to choose from, including lots of vegetarian options, this is a fun place to fix those taco cravings. Though I will say it’s not exactly authentic street tacos* (it’s more of a trendy take on tacos, with a price tag to match). Still good food and a fun atmosphere, especially in the summer.

*Psst! For the best authentic tacos in town, head to this no-frills spot!

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • We’ve tried all the tacos on the menu, and our personal favorites are:
      • carnitas, Oaxacan cheese, wild mushroom, and chipotle chicken. We typically order a variety.
    • Their bowls are perfect if you’d prefer to tackle your food with a fork rather than your fingers (this is definitely me sometimes!).
    • Their margaritas are pretty good as well (though they have hiked up the price in recent years, making them a bit of a splurge).
  • Where: El Sancho has 2 permanent locations as well as a couple of food trucks. We personally love the smaller and newer westside location, but it’s only really worth going to in the summer months as there’s very limited indoor seating.
  • Google Maps location

12. Hablo Taco

Hablo Taco best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Hablo Taco best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Hablo Taco best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

This casual spot for street tacos, bowls, and margs isn’t as popular with visitors to Bend as the more famous taco spot (cough, cough El Sancho – see above!), but it might just be… dare I say, better...

The menu feels similar, but the prices are lower and I personally like the bowls here better. We get them often, and they are consistently good.

Similar to El Sancho, it’s not exactly authentic Mexican food, but it’s still delish!

What you need to know:

  • What to order:
    • Bowl with half greens/half rice with everything! We go back and forth with proteins – carnitas, al pastor, and barbacoa are all really good.
    • they have a solid rice and beans (I’m not even a rice and beans person, but these are good!)
    • Rockfish tacos
    • Oaxacan cheese and chile tacos
    • Margaritas
  • Insider tip: If you like hot sauce, try their housemade sauces – fermented habanero and burnt morita
  • Where: Located in a shopping complex on the east side of town, not far from St. Charles Hospital.
  • Google Maps location

13. Bangers and Brews

  • At a glance: No-frills location serving up gourmet Argentinian sausages
Bangers and Brew best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

This low-key spot doesn’t look like much, but it sure delivers on flavor! Build your own gourmet sausage with a variety of meats, like lamb or water buffalo, as well as many toppings and sauces to choose from. Owned by an Argentinian family, it should come as no surprise that their house-made chimichurri is excellent.

Order at the counter and when you sit down, you’ll be brought a small basket of warm bread with chimichurri before your meal.

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • We particularly liked the combo of jalapeño sausage with caramelized onions, cream cheese and chimichurri.
    • Both their sweet potato fries and their loaded bacon and gorgonzola fries are great.
  • Where: Located on the east end of a small strip mall just off SW Century Drive, it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the small patio is really nice.
  • Google Maps location

14. Miyagi Ramen

  • At a glance: Cozy ramen shop
Miyagi Ramen best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

If you’re looking for a hot bowl of yummy goodness after a fall hike or a day on the slopes, Miyagi will deliver.

The menu is small, but features a few different types of ramen as well as bao buns.

Best ramen we’ve ever had? No. (We’ve traveled extensively in Japan, and Japanese food is one of our favorite cuisines, so we have a high bar.) Satisfies the craving? Absolutely. Plus, if you don’t mind the tight quarters, it can have a cozy, intimate vibe.

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • Our favorite here is the spicy miso ramen
    • The bao buns are good, but we find them to be a bit overpriced for how much you get. We’d personally stick to the ramen.
  • Where: Located in the Box Factory, the space itself is very small (and gets loud at night), but they do takeout very well if you’d prefer to eat elsewhere.
  • Google Maps location

15. Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean

Looking for something inexpensive and healthy? This no-frills spot is located in a strip mall north of town, just off of Highway 97. There’s nothing really notable about the atmosphere, but it is a really great spot to get fresh and tasty food on a budget. 

It is kind of like Chipotle meets Mediterranean cuisine. You can create your own bowl or wrap by pointing to the ingredients in the glass case. 

The food is pretty similar to Bo’s Falafel Bar (#9 on this list), but with a bit less charm and a bit more “franchise feel” (even though it’s not a chain!). While it lacks the atmosphere of the restaurants downtown, it is a great spot to grab something to go for a picnic or adventure!

What you need to know:

  • What to order:
    • We personally like making our own bowl with chicken as the protein. For toppings, we’re fans of the golden beets, roasted cauliflower, pickled onions, feta, and cucumbers.
  • Good to know: They have lots of gluten free options
  • Where: Located in a strip mall north of town, just off of Highway 97, across the road from Target.
  • Google Maps location

16. Dear Mom Cafe

Dear Mom Cafe best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
chicken wings
Dear Mom Cafe best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Khao Soi
Dear Mom Cafe best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
glass noodle pad Thai

Wild Rose is still our favorite Thai restaurant in Bend (a hard one to compete with!), however, this newer addition to town is a good contender.

Self-described as “modern Thai cuisine”, this cheery cafe is one to put on your list. They have a small but mighty menu featuring favorites like Pad Thai as well as Khao Soi (though I have to say Wild Rose wins on this dish).

What you need to know:

  • What to order:
    • Pad Thai
    • Chicken wings
    • Yellow curry
    • Khao Soi
    • Mango sticky rice
  • Where: Located in a strip mall near Safeway off of SW Century Drive
  • Google Maps location

Best Brunch in Bend

We’re big fans of brunch, and luckily Bend has lots of great options.

Good to know: In addition to the ones listed in this section, Jackson’s Corner (#8 on this list) is also a great brunch choice (they’re open for lunch and dinner too).

17. The Victorian Café

  • At a glance: Cozy house-turned brunch restaurant
The Victorian best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
The Victorian best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Brunch Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | The Victorian Cafe

Set in a cute red Victorian house, this popular spot will make all your brunch fantasies come true. With a cozy atmosphere and breakfast favorites, it comes as no surprise that The Victorian has won many “best breakfast in Bend” awards over the years.

Boasting at least nine different types of eggs Benedict, it can be hard to choose just one!

Be prepared to wait, especially on weekends. You can order a coffee (or mimosa!) while you wait on the patio outside.

  • What to order: 
    • They specialize in eggs Benedict (we really enjoyed their crab Benedict)
    • If you’re a Bloody Mary fan, their 24-ounce “Proud Bloody Mary” is a must! You can ask for it made with pepper-infused vodka if you like it spicy, like us!
    • They also have excellent (strong!) mimosas with a variety of juice options to choose from, so you can switch it up from the typical OJ.
  • Where: Situated on the corner of Galveston and 14th Streets, you can’t miss the red building from the roundabout.
  • Google Maps location

18. McKay Cottage

  • At a glance: Widely known as one of the best brunch places in town
Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | McKay Cottage

Voted “best brunch in Bend” for several years in a row, this cute cottage is an excellent breakfast choice. With classic American breakfast items like Benedicts, scrambles, French toast, and scratch-made pastries, there’s something for every brunch-lover on the menu.

The service is friendly and very accommodating. We were there on a chilly day, and the hostess gave us blankets to make our outdoor table more comfortable.

Our personal opinion: If we had to choose just one, we’d personally say this is the best brunch in Bend.

McKay Cottage best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
McKay Cottage best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Good to know: This is a popular spot, so expect a wait (especially on weekends). They can serve you a drink while you wait, which is nice. Just come with patience and expect a wait, so you’re not surprised

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
  • The stuffed French toast, made with croissants and served with housemade marionberry compote is a unique twist on a classic — and oh so good! We literally ate the last bites of compote with a spoon (don’t judge!).
  • Where: Nestled between Petco and some other businesses, the location feels a bit strange when you park. However, once you actually get to the restaurant, you’ll be able to appreciate the cozy cottage atmosphere.
  • Google Maps location

19. The Lemon Tree

  • At a glance: Intimate cafe with a nice brunch menu
The Lemon Tree best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Located right on the edge of Drake Park, this makes a perfect spot for a cozy brunch before strolling along the river.

This cheery cafe is popular, so expect a wait on weekends. You’ll be rewarded with thoughtfully-prepared dishes and pastries.

Fun fact: We had brunch here on the day I went into labor with our daughter, so it was our last meal as a family of two!

What you need to know:

  • What to order:
    • Crab cake Benedict
    • Shakshuka
    • Pastries: blueberry scone, olive oil orange cake, cinnamon roll
  • Where: Located off of Franklin Ave, just beside Drake Park.
  • Google Maps location

Bakeries & Cafes

Bend has some amazing bakeries & cafes where you can grab a casual breakfast, satisfy your pastry cravings, or grab a sandwich to go on a day of adventuring!

20. Sparrow Bakery

  • At a glance: Famed local bakery
Sparrow Bakery best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Their breakfast sandwich is messy (due to the poached egg & croissant combo), but it is one of my all-time favorites, and worth the mess (in my opinion!).

This local bakery is a town staple and an absolute must-visit while in Bend.

What should you order? Well, everything is very good. The breakfast sandwiches are excellent, the chocolate cookies are rich and decadent, the COCC Cookies (named after the local community college) are amazing, but the real show-stopper is the Ocean Rolls, for which this bakery is famous. 

Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | Sparrow Bakery
You have to try the iconic Ocean Roll!

These massive pastries are rolled (similar to a cinnamon roll), but croissant dough is used and instead of cinnamon, the filling is made with cardamom, vanilla and sugar. It may sound strange, but when you sink your teeth into this crispy yet gooey and not too sweet delicacy, you’ll be thanking us for the recommendation.

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • Ocean Roll (this is their signature pastry)
    • breakfast sandwich (a bit messy but one of our favorites in town!)
    • COCC cookie
    • chocolate cookie
    • they do pretty good coffees as well
  • Insider Tip: Come early to avoid lines (especially on weekends)!
  • Where: Located at Northwest Crossing, this is a nice little neighborhood to walk around after grabbing something to eat
  • Google Maps location

21. Café des Chutes

Cafe des Chutes best restaurants in Bend, Oregon

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about this spot because this location used to be the original Sparrow Bakery and I wasn’t sure it could be beat.

Change can be hard, but this change was good! (No shade to Sparrow, we still love them and they’re on our top list too!)

There’s a small variety of breakfast sandwiches (all of which are pre-made but still fab!). And they have some pretty damn good pastries as well as coffee.

There is also a small seating area (that didn’t exist when it was Sparrow), and it is much quieter than Sparrow ever was.

What you need to know:

  • What to order:
    • BAT breakfast sandwich: Bacon, Arugula chimichurri, Tomato jam and baked egg
    • Veggie breakfast sandwich: has lots of yummy sautéed mushrooms
    • Oregon Roll: croissant dough roll with marionberry compote and hazelnut butter
    • Ham and cheese croissant
    • Pistachio croissant
  • Where: Located off of Scott Street 
  • Insider tip: Next door is an artist’s collective, which is cool to check out when you’re in the area.
  • Google Maps location

22. Big O’ Bagels

  • At a glance: Low-key spot with cheap and delicious bagel breakfast sandwiches for bringing on the go
Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | Big O' Bagels

The Eye Opener (aka a breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese and meat of your choice) is one of our go to’s and we love grabbing it on our way to an early hike or before a day of skiing at Mount Bachelor.

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • We typically get one of each of the combos below to split:
      • everything bagel with bacon
      • cheddar jalapeño bagel with sausage.
  • Insider Tip: We recommend you grab and go instead of eating in.
  • Where: There are three locations in Bend, but the one on Galveston Ave is really convenient if you’re grabbing breakfast before heading up to the mountain or Cascade Lakes Highway.
  • Google Maps location

23. Nancy P’s Bakery & Cafe

  • At a glance: Cute cafe with excellent baked goods and sandwiches
Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | Nancy P's Bakery & Cafe

This cute little cafe serves up some excellent baked items as well as sandwiches, salads and breakfast offerings in a homey atmosphere.

While it’s a nice place to eat and relax, this is one of our favorite places to grab a sandwich and treats for a day of hiking and adventuring.

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • Our favorite sandwich is the turkey pesto sandwich (so good, and the whole size is big enough to split!)
    • If you’re craving a sweet treat, the key lime bar and the brownie puddle are equally delicious.
    • They also have yummy breakfast “pastry pockets” which are filled with eggs, cheese, and veggies, ham or bacon (kind of like a gourmet Hot Pocket).
  • Where: Located in the heart of Westside Bend, just behind Newport Market.
  • Google Maps location

24. Planker Sandwiches

  • At a glance: Excellent sandwiches, perfect for bringing adventuring
Restaurants in Bend, Oregon | Planker Sandwiches

This unassuming shop downtown makes some really good sandwiches.

They’ve got a pretty great variety of sandwiches, both hot and cold, so whatever it is you’re craving — be it a classic BLT (with avocado for the win!) or a hearty meatball parm on sourdough, chances are there’s something on the menu that’ll strike your fancy.

Just steps away is Drake Park, which is the perfect spot for a picnic, or pack your sandwich up to bring along on a hiking adventure!

What you need to know:

  • What to order: 
    • We really like the pulled pork sandwich, which comes with apple chutney, whole grain mustard and gruyere.
    • The tomato panini with mozzarella and fresh basil is a good option for vegetarians. 
    • They have a few breakfast sandwiches, which are pretty great as well.
  • Insider Tip: If you want to spice your sandwich up, you can add on Mama Lil’s Peppers for $1. These babies are made in Portland (you’ll find them on the menu at many delis around Oregon) and we love them on sandwiches! 
  • Where: This small shop is located downtown on Wall Street.
  • Our advice: There’s a small amount of seating, but we’d recommend getting your sandwich to go and walking a block down to Drake Park or driving a few minutes to Pioneer Park for a perfect picnic lunch.
  • Google Maps location

Top of our to-try list

We haven’t eaten everywhere, but it’s on our list (or something like that!).

Here are some restaurants in Bend we’re itching to try:

  • Dear Irene is a newish addition to downtown Bend, and the decor, cocktails and scallops all look divine
  • Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery is a food truck parked outside the Deschutes Brewery Tasting room and has excellent banh mis and bowls
  • Crave Kitchen for healthy bowls and craft margaritas
  • Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails for a nicer dinner with creative cocktails
  • 900 Wall for a fancy night out at a town staple
  • Tin Pig for what we’ve heard is the “best Nashville-style chicken sandwich” in town
  • Lady Bird Cultural Society is a newer restaurant to the Old Mill District that boasts a stunning atmosphere and a fine dining experience
  • Anita’s Kitchen is a food stand serving Indian cuisine (something Bend is sorely lacking more of!).
  • Bos Taurus for a fancy steakhouse meal downtown
  • Rancher Butcher Chef for a fancy date night in Northwest Crossing

And there are still many, many more amazing places than are listed above (as well as new ones popping up all the time!). As we have the opportunity to try more restaurants in Bend, we will continue to update this list!

How we created this list

Curious about how we put this list together?

We typically don’t do restaurant round-ups because we don’t feel like we can do a town’s food scene justice when we’re just traveling through.

However, after living in Bend for more than 5 years, we’ve done quite a bit of “research” and wanted to share our findings… aka restaurants we love.

Nancy P's Bakery best restaurants in Bend, Oregon
Nancy P’s Bakery is a consistently good breakfast spot.

Here are the parameters we used when including restaurants on this list:

1. We are only including restaurants that we have personally eaten at and loved. In fact, most of the restaurants on this list are places we’ve been to more than once (and some of them, many, many times). There are many other restaurants in town we like… but to make it on this list, they have to be really special.

Here are some factors we took into consideration:

  • Excellent food. Duh.
  • Good atmosphere. If the atmosphere isn’t great, we will note that it’s a better takeaway spot.
  • Consistency in food and service.
  • Worth the price. There are some restaurants in town that are good but overpriced for what you get. We tried only to include restaurants that we believe are a good value (some are very cheap and others are very expensive, but worth the price).

2. For most restaurants on this list, we’re not only sharing a description but also what to order.

3. We tried our best to make this list pretty well-rounded, and tried to include all of the following:

  • cheap eats as well as fine dining
  • American fare as well as cuisine from around the world
  • breakfast spots and dinner locations
  • restaurants, pubs, bakeries, food trucks, coffee shops and breweries

4. We’ll be the first to tell you that this list is a work in progress. As we try more restaurants in Bend, this list will likely grow! Also, restaurants have a TON of turnover, meaning we have to really stay on top of ones that have closed (RIP Kebaba, Izakaya Ronin, and Spoken Moto!), so we do our best to keep this list updated.

5. Full transparency: We paid for 100% of our meals. None of these meals were hosted.

Good to know: None of the restaurants on this list are chains per se, but some have more than one location in Bend. Read the descriptions carefully, as we’ve noted the specific locations we recommend.

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We want to hear from you!

Which restaurants sound the best to you? Have any more suggestions for us to try? (Remember, we’ve only included restaurants on this list that we’ve personally tried — at least once! — and loved.)

Comments (5) on “24 Best Restaurants in Bend, Oregon in 2024 (according to locals)

  1. Gigi Cole says:

    We’ve also been in Bend for 2 years and you hit all of our hot spots! Super bummed that Kebaba closed 🙁 We did stop sitting outside at Crux because the it’s turned into a playground, but The Lot is one of our go-to’s. We’ll have to try some of your cocktail bar recommendations!

  2. A Broken Angel says:

    I see A Broken Angel on your “to try” list – we hope you have a chance to come see us at Spoken Moto this winter!

  3. katerebelblog@gmail.com says:

    I probably shouldn’t have read this post while being hungry – but I love your selection of places! Kebaba for some reason seemed the most appealing to me, so I will have myself some hummus now… THanks for this extensive list! This will surely come in handy for the next PNW trip!

    • Ben Zweber says:

      We should have put a Warning label at the top: Don’t Read While Hungry! Haha!
      Kebaba is super good! Can’t wait to go back!

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