55 Turkey Travel Pictures That Will Spark Wanderlust

Turkey is a modest beauty. If Italy were the popular girl at school who everyone knows is gorgeous (and she knows it too), Turkey is the quiet girl who people may not notice at first. But when they do, they realize she is just as stunning as her more confident counterpart. 

Come along and see her beauty for yourself. After looking at these pictures, you may just start researching flights to this underrated Mediterranean gem. You can't say we didn't warn you!

Tip: If you're curious how we got these photos, we used a lot (if not all) of our 32 Easy & Creative Travel Photography Tips to make these shots happen. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these tips will help you take incredible pictures!

The turquoise waters beckon 

Kabak Beach is utter perfection. Reach it by hiking into this hidden valley that you may never leave.

Is there any better combination than mountains and the ocean (and a couple palm trees for good measure)?! I think not.

Adventure awaits

Soar over the stunning waters in Oludeniz while paragliding!

Taking a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia will surely be the highlight of any trip to Turkey!

You can even sleep in a cave!

Exploring sunken ruins is best done in a kayak!

Turkish cuisine will please any foodie

Turkish breakfasts are reason enough to visit this country!

I can't decide which is better... the food or the view!

"Kebab" is more than just those wraps you get as drunk food! That's right, folks, kebab actually means something like "barbecue" and can refer to many dishes, like this one! Mmmm... and that bad boy on the right is pide, the Turkish version of pizza! You may just fall in love with the cuisine and take a cooking class, like we did!

Little slices of paradise are still relatively untouched

Be careful because Butterfly Valley may convince you to cancel all your plans to stay in this flower-filled haven forever.

Ridiculously cute towns may convince you to stay longer than planned...

The countryside villages are just so darn cute!

Kas kayaking trip

Salty breezes, mountains in the distance and sparkly turquoise waters come together in Turkey's charming seaside towns.

Göreme is something out of a fairy tale!

Get out of the city and breath in the fresh air. Turkey is full of natural beauty. 

The very ummmm... interesting... rock formations in Love Valley. Understand the name yet?

Turkey taught me that I love the combination of pine forests and the ocean. Perfection, in my opinion.

Hike through Love Valley and you'll likely have the entire park to yourself! Packed a picnic lunch and wander through the canyon, past fruit trees and wildflowers until your heart is content.

Spend the day soaking in these magical hot springs

Turkey is packed with ancient ruins that are far less touristed than those in neighboring Italy and Greece

Turkey is full of ruins. Even on the beaches!

There is a charming mix of old and new architecture and art

When streets are this cute, how can you not fall in love?!

Ancient architecture can even be found everywhere modern Istanbul, even underground.

The Blue Mosque is a stunner on the outside as well as the inside!

Did we mention the hot air balloons?! Riding in one of these over beautiful Cappadocia should be on any Turkey Bucket List!

Cappadocia, Turkey hot air balloons

You can't go far without seeing wildflowers in the spring

Wildflowers are sprinkled everywhere throughout the country in May!

This is the view from our hot air balloon ride. Yes, really!

Wildflowers + Rock formations... okay, I'm in love.

Turkish people are warm and welcoming

Oh, and for all you cat lovers out there, you'll find furry friends around every corner!

With sunsets this beautiful, how could you not want to visit Turkey?!

Do you want to visit Turkey now?! Thought so! Which place do you find most beautiful? We'd love to hear your comments!