Jordan Pass: What is It & Do You Really Need It?

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If you’re traveling to Jordan, the Jordan Pass can be a huge money saver. We’ll explain exactly what the Jordan Pass covers, when and how to purchase, and if it’s worthwhile for your trip. 

Photographing The Treasury in Petra Jordan

From journeys through the clay-toned desert of Wadi Rum to the ancient city of Petra carved into the dramatic rockface, Jordan is filled with some of the most fascinating attractions in the Middle East.

In an effort to boost tourism and entice travelers to visit the country, Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities came up with Jordan Pass—a single ticket that grants you access to over 40 iconic and historical sites in Jordan.

There are a few key things to keep in mind before you purchase a Jordan Pass to know if it’s right for you and your Jordan itinerary. Here we’re dishing out all the details you’ll want to know, including my personal experience with using Jordan Pass.

What is Jordan Pass?

Amman Citadel Jordan

The Jordan Pass is a sightseeing package provided by the Jordan Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that bundles the cost and grants you access to over 40 attractions across the country, including world-famous Petra and some of the top things to do in Jordan

It can be loosely compared to a CityPass in major cities like Seattle, NYC, and Chicago. The Jordan Pass, however, grants you access to UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, castles and more, across the country. 

As a pass holder, you’ll save time by bypassing the lines at ticket counters, save money with the visa on arrival fee waiver, and reduce your hassle with a digital QR code and free downloadable brochures.

Article contents

In this article, we’re going to go over how to calculate whether the Jordan Pass is worth it for your trip, as well as everything you need to know about it — from how much it costs and where to purchase the pass, to what it covers and where it can be used.

We’ve broken this article up into sections so you can jump around based on what you’re looking for.

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What is the cost of a Jordan Pass?

The Monastery at Petra Jordan

The Jordan Pass comes in three different price tiers. The main difference between the options is the time you’ll be able to explore Petra (1, 2, or 3 days), one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sites in the country.

Jordan Wanderer – 70 JOD

(~$99 USD)

  • 1 day visit to Petra
  • Free entry to over 40 tourist sites in Jordan
  • Free downloadable digital brochures
  • Waiving of tourist entry visa fees if you purchase the Jordan Pass before arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of 3 nights (4 days)

Jordan Explorer – 75 JOD

(~$106 USD)

  • 2 consecutive visit days to Petra
  • Free entry to over 40 tourist sites in Jordan
  • Free downloadable digital brochures
  • Waiving of tourist entry visa fees if you purchase the Jordan Pass before arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of 3 nights (4 days)

Jordan Expert – 80 JOD

(~$113 USD)

  • 3 consecutive visit days to Petra
  • Free entry to over 40 tourist sites in Jordan
  • Free downloadable digital brochures
  • Waiving of tourist entry visa fees if you purchase the Jordan Pass before arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of 3 nights (4 days)

Is the Jordan Pass the same as a visa?

camels in Wadi Rum Desert Jordan

Jordan Pass is not the same as a visa. The Jordan Pass waives the visa on arrival fees if you purchase it before you enter the country and stay at least 3 nights/4 days. You won’t get the fees waived or a reimbursement if you purchase the pass after entering Jordan. 

The price of a visa on arrival for Jordan is 40 JOD (~$56 USD)—almost half the cost of the pass. Getting this fee waived on top of entry into all the attractions means you’ll be saving a TON of money on your trip, so be sure to purchase in advance to reap the benefits.

Is the Jordan Pass worthwhile?

The Jordan Pass is definitely worth your while to save time and money, as long as you are:

  • traveling independently, without a tour or group,
  • eligible for a visa on arrival, 
  • planning to visit Petra*,
  • AND spending at least 3 nights in Jordan. 

Even if you’re only visiting Petra for a single day and don’t plan to see any of the other sites included in the pass, it is still worth getting.

The entrance fee to Petra alone for just a single day visit is 50 JOD (~$70 USD). So that combined with your visa on arrival fee of 40 JOD means you’ll automatically save 20 JOD with the Jordan Wander pass, aka the single entry into Petra version of the Jordan Pass. After you’ve accounted for those costs, everything else included in the pass is essentially free.

Plus, with the pass, everything is purchased in advance so you have more time to immerse yourself in all the amazing tourist sites. 

*The main cost of the Jordan Pass is an entry ticket to Petra, so if you’re not planning to visit Petra, the pass may not suit your needs.

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Read carefully if you’re visiting Aqaba 

Aqaba, Jordan

Generally, most travelers enter Jordan through the Amman airport and pay the 40 JOD visa fee or present their Jordan Pass to get this entry fee waived. If you’re planning on visiting Jordan via this airport, that’s the process you’ll follow.

However, if you’re coming to Jordan during the months of October and November and entering through the King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba, your tourist entry fees will be waived. 

A visa to get into Jordan will still be required, but you will not have to pay for it because this winter diving destination in Jordan is a designated part of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

If you’re flying into Amman and have Aqaba on your itinerary, you are still able to get your visa fees waived. After you arrive at the airport in Amman, you must get a stamp of proof within 48 hours of your arrival from the ‘Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority/ Directorate of Labour and Visa’ or at any of the police stations in Aqaba.

The main benefit of the Jordan Pass is the fact that it waives your tourist entry fee, so if the fee is already waived, the pass may not save you very much money and you may be better off paying for sites individually, even Petra and Wadi Rum. 

But if you’re visiting Aqaba and at least seven or more sites (in addition to Petra and Wadi Rum) on the list of attractions, you’ll actually end up saving money, making the pass worth your while. 

Our best advice: Be sure to map out the things you want to see ahead of time and add up the entrance fees to calculate if the pass would save you any money before you decide to purchase.

What does the Jordan Pass include?

Wadi Rum Desert Jordan

No matter which Jordan Pass you purchase, they all come with an impressive list of benefits:

  • Entry to 40+ tourist attractions around the Kingdom of Jordan. Some of the most famous sites you can visit with the pass are Petra, Wadi Rum, the ruins of Jerash, Amman’s Citadel, and Karak Castle.
  • Waiving your tourist entry fees (for visa on arrival) as long as you are eligible and spend at least 3 nights in Jordan.
  • After activation, your pass is good for two weeks in Jordan, giving you plenty of time to soak in the sights and take your time to see everything.
  • Because the pass covers your visa on arrival, you’ll be able to stay in Jordan for 30 days without the need for a visa

The tourist attractions included in the Jordan Pass are:

  • Petra
  • Jerash
  • Wadi Rum
  • Amman Citadel
  • Roman Theater Amman
  • Ajloun Castle
  • Umm Qays
  • Qasr Al-Azraq
  • Quseir Amra
  • Karak Castle
  • Pella
  • AlHallabat
  • Umm Ar-Rasas
  • Umm Qays Museum
  • Umm al-Jimmal
  • Shobak Castle
  • Al-Hamimah
  • Museum of Popular
  • Traditions – Amman
  • Jordan Archaeological Museum
  • Aqaba Museum
  • Madaba Archaeological Museum
  • As-Salt Museum
  • St. Elijah’s Hill (Tal Mar Elias)
  • Dar Al-Saraya Museum – Irbid
  • Karak Museum
  • Iraq Al-Amir
  • Qasr Al-Kharranah
  • Qasr Al-Mushatta
  • Qasr Hammam Al-Sarh
  • As-Salt Historical Museum
  • Madaba Archaeological Park
  • Church of the Apostles
  • Burnt Palace – Madaba
  • Lowest Place on Earth Museum
  • Aqaba Castle
  • Rehab / Al-Mafraq

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What doesn’t the pass include?

Petra at Night Petra Jordan

While the Jordan Pass covers a ton of the main attractions in Jordan, it doesn’t cover absolutely everything, especially if you want to see more off the beaten path spots and don’t want to only see popular tourist attractions.

A lot of the lesser-visited attractions in Jordan are owned privately, not controlled by the government, or require an additional tour to see properly. 

  • Petra by Night (17 JOD): This is a completely different experience than a daytime visit. Note a daytime ticket grants you access to Petra from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
  • Dead Sea Day Pass (16 JOD): There are plenty of other places to experience the Dead Sea in Jordan (including for free). If you’re staying at a hotel in the area, a visit is included in your room rate. If you’re not staying nearby, you can opt to pay a hotel for access. 
  • Wadi Rum jeep tours (15+ JOD). This is an optional attraction while visiting Wadi Rum that must be booked separately from the entrance fee.
  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan (8-12 JOD). This is considered to be the historical site of the baptism of Jesus Christ.
  • Wadi Mujib (21 JOD). Note you can only visit this scenic slot canyon from April to September.

Who can get the Jordan Pass?

Amman Jordan street art

Whether or not you purchase a Jordan Pass, you’ll need a visa to get into the country. The Kingdom of Jordan has both “restricted” and “non-restricted” countries for visa purposes, and this can impact whether or not you are eligible to purchase a Jordan Pass since it waives the visa fee. 

If you fall into the non-restricted travelers pool (which includes over 137 countries) you can purchase a Jordan Pass as long as you’re going to be in Jordan for at least 3 nights and 4 days.

A Jordan Pass may not be necessary or ideal for your trip if:

  • If you’re from South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan or Vatican City you aren’t required to pay for a tourist visa entry fee, so the pass isn’t needed.
  • If you’re from an Arabic country, or are of Arabic nationality, you’ll automatically get a discounted rate on some tourist sites. Some are as low as 1 JOD.
  • You’re on the list of restricted countries that aren’t able to purchase a Jordan Pass.

Note that children 12 and under get in for free, but they still need a visa, and an accompanied adult.

Where to purchase a Jordan Pass?

You must purchase your Jordan Pass online, before you enter the country in order to waive the visa on arrival fees. 

There is only one way to purchase the pass and that is on the official Jordan Pass website. There is no way to purchase this pass in person or on any other website. 

Other sites may advertise Jordan Passes for purchase but note they could be upcharging you or scamming you, so purchase from the official website to be safe.

How to use your Jordan Pass

The Treasury Petra Jordan

Once you purchase your Jordan Pass online, you’ll receive an email titled, “Thank you for buying the Jordan Pass” with a handful of different attachments. Note if you don’t receive this email you can download your pass using this link.

There are two attachments that are the most important to save/have on hand:

  • The mobile version of your pass (red-and-white colored).
  • A PDF version of your pass that lists more details and rules for your visit.

I recommend having both digital and physical copies of each pass on hand before you leave, and always double check that you can open the digital copies on your phone. Google Drive is a really easy and secure offline location to store important documents like these for easy access during your trip.

Activating your Jordan Pass 

Once you purchase the pass, it’s valid for 12 months and activates at the first tourist attraction you’re scanned into, not on your arrival date or when you present it at the airport.

After your pass is activated, it’s good for two weeks and then it won’t work anymore. 

At the Amman Airport

Once you arrive at the airport, you’ll see a designated line for Jordan Pass holders at Immigration. Get into this line and have your passport and Jordan Pass ready to present to the official. Another perk of having the Jordan Pass is that it gets you into the country faster!

When planning your trip, remember that the tourist entry fees are only waived with the Jordan Pass if you stay a minimum of 3 nights and 4 days. If you leave and don’t meet the required stay, you’ll be charged at the airport as you’re leaving.

It’s a good idea to have a physical copy of your Jordan Pass here in case your phone dies or you have technical difficulties with the QR code. 

At the listed attractions

Present your mobile pass at the ticket offices to be scanned at each attraction. In most or all cases, primarily if you’re visiting Petra, you may be asked for a valid ID along with your pass, so keep them close together in case you need to present both. 

My experience using Jordan Pass while traveling in Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert Jordan

As soon as I found out about the Jordan Pass, purchasing it for my trip was a no-brainer. I was going to spend 3 weeks in Jordan and visiting Petra was at the top of my bucket list! 

After doing some research on how much time to spend in Petra, I decided to buy the Jordan Explorer Pass that includes 2 days in Petra. This way I would have two opportunities to see all the sights and take my time versus rushing to see everything in just one day.

I purchased my pass a couple weeks before I traveled to Jordan with standard processing, just to be sure it would arrive in time. I had read enough times that you must be sure to have the pass with you before you enter the country or it won’t waive your visa fees, so I didn’t want to take any chances. 

My payment went through just fine. And if I remember correctly, I think my pass actually arrived in my inbox a mere hours after purchasing. 

My arrival in the Amman airport was easy enough to figure out. Just before the visa on arrival queues there was a sign directing traffic to a separate line for Jordan Pass holders. 

I would say  the majority of tourists on our flight from Dubai went towards the Jordan Pass holders line, so it was still a bit of a wait. However, the process for receiving my visa with the pass was very easy. I just had to show my QR code along with my passport and they stamped a visa in my passport. 

I had no problems using the Jordan Pass at attractions in Amman. It was as easy as showing my QR code at the entrance ticket window. 

In Petra the pass worked a bit differently. You actually have to make a trip to the ticket window at Petra (separate from the entrance) to show your pass and they will give you printed tickets for however many days you had pre-purchased on your pass. 

You’ll need to keep an eye on these tickets as you’ll present one each day at the entrance. If you lose the paper tickets, they will not issue any reprints. 

All in all, the Jordan Pass made my travels easier and definitely saved me money – I would highly recommend it. 

Jordan Pass FAQs

Arch of Hadrian Jerash Jordan_STOCK-Pex

There are some very important things you’ll want to know before purchasing a Jordan Pass, especially when and how you purchase it.

Can I buy the Jordan pass at the airport?

No. The only way to buy a Jordan Pass is on the official website.

Can I buy the Jordan pass when I get to Jordan?

Technically yes, but it isn’t recommended. The main perk of the pass is that it waives your tourist entry fee and you must present the pass in order to get the fee waived. 

If you purchase the pass after you enter, it’s going to cost you more money since you’ll need to pay 40 JOD for entry and then at least 70 JOD for the cheapest tier Jordan Pass. So be sure to purchase in advance to save money.

When can I get my Jordan pass?

While my Jordan Pass arrived in my inbox within a few hours of me purchasing it, it’s best to purchase it about a week in advance of your departing flight in case you run into problems, because it tends to be a common issue. 

If you’re buying your Jordan Pass at the last minute and run into problems, you may end up spending more money than you wanted. 

At checkout, there are three different processing times you can choose from. The quicker you need your pass the more expensive it’s going to be:

  • Standard Processing (3 business days)
  • Rush Processing (maximum of 2 business days)
  • Super Rush Processing (1 business day)

How much money will the Jordan Pass save me?

Roman Theater Amman Jordan

The answer depends on a few main factors: whether or not you need a visa, how long you’re going to be in Jordan, and the number of attractions you’ll actually go and visit during your trip.

It’s estimated that if you purchase your pass before you arrive in Jordan, you can save upwards of $100 USD depending on what sites you visit and what tier pass you buy, but even if you only visit Petra, you will come out even. 

Let’s do some math…

Other entry fees for popular recommended sites in Jordan:

  • Wadi Rum: 5 JOD for international visitors – free with Jordan Pass
  • Amman Citadel: 3 JOD for international visitors – free with Jordan Pass
  • Jerash: 10 JOD for international visitors – free with Jordan Pass
  • Roman Theater Amman: 2 JOD for international visitors – free with Jordan Pass
  • Amman Archeological Museum: 3 JOD for international visitors – free with Jordan Pass

That’s 23 JOD (~$32 USD) in savings if you hit everything recommended on my itinerary, on top of the 20 JOD (~$28 USD) you automatically save with the visa fees and Petra entrance bundle. The combined total savings would be 43 JOD (~$60 USD). However, there’s so much more included in the pass, your savings potential could be a lot more.

What happens if I lose my QR code?

Royal Tombs Petra Jordan

If you lose your QR code, you can go to the Jordan Pass website and download your ticket again. All you need to do is input your passport number and you’ll be able to retrieve your ticket. 

It’s a good idea to have both digital and physical copies of your pass in case you lose one or your phone dies. 

Can I visit the same attraction twice with my Jordan Pass?

No. The Jordan Pass gives you a one-time entry into all the included attractions, so you’ll have to pay an additional entrance fee if you want to visit somewhere twice. 

The only attraction that has repeat entries is Petra, and that’s only if you purchase the Jordan Explorer or Jordan Expert with additional entries to Petra. Also keep in mind if you bought more than one entry into Petra, you must visit on consecutive days.

Who can I contact if I run into any problems with my Jordan Pass in Jordan?

If you end up having troubles with purchasing or accessing your pass, you can contact the Tourism police using this number: 117777.

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Jordan Pass | Two Wandering Soles
Jordan Pass | Two Wandering Soles

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