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As one of the most-visited Middle Eastern countries, Jordan offers an unparalleled blend of rich culture, ancient historical sights, and incredible natural landscapes. Throughout history, the Kingdom of Jordan has remained stable and untouched by the political climates of the Middle East, making it a great introduction for travelers to the region.

You’ll quickly notice when you’re planning the best time to visit Jordan that places like Petra and Wadi Rum tend to steal the spotlight. However, they barely scratch the surface of all the incredible things to do in Jordan!

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Jordan Travel Resources

Best Time to Visit Jordan: When to Go & When to Avoid!

Largely a desert, the climate here is extreme, so to help you make the most of your trip (and especially the country's beautiful outdoors!), we've broken down the best time to visit Jordan by season.

Rental Car in Jordan: ESSENTIAL Tips & Advice

If you’re planning a trip to explore Petra, the Dead Sea, or Wadi Rum, renting a car may be a great option for you. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about getting a rental car in Jordan, including where to find the best deals.

Petra to Wadi Rum: How to Get There + Tips

As two of Jordan’s most popular tourist destinations, many visitors make the trip from Petra to Wadi Rum. Coordinating travel logistics can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been to Jordan, so we put together this guide with all the important details.

Amman to Petra: How to Get There + Tips

A trip to Jordan isn’t complete without a visit to Petra, the renowned ancient city nestled deep in the desert. There are many transportation options to the UNESCO site from the country’s bustling capital, so we created this guide to help you travel from Amman to Petra.

Petra By Night: How to Go & Is It Worth It?

Wondering if Petra by Night is worth it? We created this detailed guide on how to visit Petra under the stars to help answer that question! Find out everything you need to know, including how much Petra by Night costs, how to get the best photos, and what to expect.

25 Unforgettable Things to Do in Jordan

Chalked full of scenic hikes, and ancient wonders, we have put together an epic list of the best things to do in Jordan so you can plan the ultimate itinerary to this exciting Middle Eastern gem.

Visiting the Dead Sea Jordan: Tips + Where to Stay

To float in the lowest, and arguably the saltiest, point on Earth is an experience on many travelers' bucket lists. In this guide, we’re going over everything you need to know to soak up the mineral-rich water of the Dead Sea in Jordan.

How to Visit Petra Like a Pro: Beyond the Treasury

There are countless reasons to visit Petra, Jordan — and lots of things to know and consider before going. This guide is packed with all those important details, including insider tips for making the most of your visit to this famous world wonder.

Wadi Mujib Canyon Hike: A Can’t-Miss Adventure in Jordan

Wadi Mujib Canyon combines breathtaking scenery with heart-pumping adventure. Hiking this canyon, which culminates at a waterfall, will easily be one of the highlights of your trip to Jordan! This article outlines all the details so you can explore Wadi Mujib on your own. 

Jordan Pass: What is It & Do You Really Need It?

If you’re traveling to Jordan, the Jordan Pass can be a huge money saver. We’ll explain exactly what the Jordan Pass covers, when and how to purchase, and if it’s worthwhile for your trip.

20 Fun & Unique Things to Do in Amman, Jordan

In the buzzing capital of Jordan, you’ll find ancient ruins, delicious food, and a modern urban vibe. There are so many awesome things to do in Amman—this vibrant city is worth at least a few days of exploration. In this guide, we’ll go over the details of our favorite Amman...

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