How Many Days in Japan is Enough?

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There’s so much to see and do in Japan that it can be overwhelming trying to decide how long your trip should be. This article breaks down the major attractions and off-the-beaten-path adventures to help determine how many days in Japan you should plan for.

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Japan is a unique and fascinating country. There are endless exciting things to do, beautiful places to see, and delicious foods to try.

There are so many experiences packed into the Land of the Rising Sun that you could never do it all on one trip.

So this begs the question…

How many days should you spend in Japan?

The short answer: Ideally, 2-3 weeks will give you enough time to see iconic and lesser-known sights as well as recover from a long travel day and potentially a big time difference.

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The long(er) answer: The ideal duration for your trip depends on several factors, including destinations you want to visit and your travel style. 

You’ll also want to consider how far you’re traveling from home and the time difference. For instance, traveling from Australia (which is just a handful of hours time difference) will have much less of an impact on you than traveling from the USA, where the time difference can be huge, making your first couple of days slow going.

Keep reading for a more in-depth look at how many days in Japan is enough for your interests and travel style.

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How long to spend in Japan

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After visiting on three separate trips, we’d recommend spending at least 10 to 14 days in Japan to fully immerse yourself in the country’s diverse offerings. In our opinion, 3 weeks is ideal if you can swing that much time.

That said, we do have some suggestions based on the amount of time you have to explore:

1 Week in Japan

Things to Do in Tokyo | Two Wandering Soles

If you only have 7 days for your trip, you’re in luck: we have a one-week itinerary that is perfect for first-time visitors! It includes highlights in Kyoto, Hakone (+ Mount Fuji!), Osaka, and Tokyo.

Ryokan in Japan

One Week in Japan: Best Itinerary for your First Visit

Follow this itinerary and you’ll get a taste of the country’s culture, food, cities, and landscapes. And you’ll leave craving more!

2 Weeks in Japan

couple holding hands in Japan

With two weeks, you could slow down your travels a bit. We recommend spending more time in Kyoto and adding Nara and Hiroshima to your itinerary.

3 Weeks in Japan

Three Houses Viewpoint Shirakawa-go Japan

If you can swing it, we think three weeks is ideal for a trip to Japan. In this timeframe, you can explore major cities and have the opportunity to get a bit off the beaten path.

Kanmangafuchi Abyss Nikko Japan

Unique Japan Itinerary Ideas Based on Your Interests

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve “been there done that”, we’ve come up with some unique ideas to create an itinerary suited to your interests.

The fact is, no matter how much time you have, you won’t be able to do it all in one trip.

This can be hard to come to terms with. Trust me, I know. But just keep in mind that you’ll need to narrow down and prioritize the things you really want to do.

And remember that, if you don’t get to everything — and you likely won’t — you can always come back for a second, third, seventh visit down the road!

Perfect done-for-you Japan itinerary

Mount Fuji Japan

Want the perfect itinerary planned for you? 

If you don’t have a ton of time to spend planning (or you just don’t find travel planning fun!), we’re working on something you might be interested in… 

We are in the process of creating done-for-you Japan itineraries that are packed full of all sorts of tips we’ve gathered from 3 trips we’ve personally taken, as well as literally hundreds of hours of research (no exaggeration). 

We will have both off-the-beaten path routes as well as a classic itinerary that hits the top attractions. If you want to be the first to know when these itineraries are on sale, get on the waitlist!

Best time to visit Japan


If you’re considering how long your trip should be, you’re also probably wondering when you should plan to visit.

In short, you’ll have the best chance of comfortable weather in early spring (March – early April) and in autumn (late October – November)

That said, each season boasts different highlights: cherry blossoms blooming in the springtime, Mt Fuji opens for climbing in the summer, the leaves changing colors in the fall, and of course ski season in the winter.

The ideal time to visit largely depends on your interests, preferences, and itinerary. We have a full breakdown of each season in our guide to the best time to visit Japan. Plus, we share what time of year we would avoid visiting.

Best Time to Visit Japan | Two Wandering Soles

Best Time to Visit Japan: When to Go & When to Avoid!

In this article, we break down exactly what to expect during each season so you can choose the best time to visit based on your travel style and interests.

What to pack for Japan

Fushimi Inari Shrine Kyoto Japan 2023

We know it can be overwhelming packing for a trip to a new destination. That’s why we spent hours creating these super helpful guides full of packing hacks and tips for traveling in Japan that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Our Japan packing guide lists all the essentials (many of which you might not think about), as well as what you should NOT pack for a trip to Japan.
  • This article on what to wear in Japan will help you create a perfect capsule wardrobe for every season and let you in on some cultural taboos so you can be sure to dress appropriately.
  • With this FREE Japan packing list PDF download, we’ll send checklists straight to your inbox for everything from clothing and toiletries (for both women and men!) to what shoes to pack and extra stuff you may want to have on-hand just in case. Click the image below to get your free copy!
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More resources for traveling in Japan

We have TONS of resources on travel in Japan and destinations throughout the country. Check out our Ultimate Japan Travel Guide for all the answers to your most burning questions, or read some of our favorite articles below!

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