Spring in Japan: When & Where to See Cherry Blossoms (2024)

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Witnessing the cherry blossoms in Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. We’re sharing the best places to experience spring in Japan as well as lots of insider tips for planning your trip!

Spring in Japan Kyoto Cherry Blossoms_STOCK-U (Pavlo Klein)
Image by Pavlo Klein via Unsplash

It’s no secret that Japan is renowned around the world for the sea of pink and white cherry blossoms that sweep across the country each spring. 

In fact, the art of viewing the ephemeral nature of cherry blossoms has been ingrained into Japanese culture for centuries, so much so that it has its own special name, known as “hanami.”

Viewing the cherry blossoms during spring in Japan is a truly bucket list worthy experience and one of the top recommended things to do in Japan

In this guide, we’re sharing exactly what to expect for your visit during spring in Japan. Plus we break down exactly when and where you should plan your visit for viewing the cherry blossoms. 

We’ve also rounded up all our best tips for celebrating the cherry blossom festival to help you plan the perfect itinerary. 

Spring in Japan Guide

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When is spring in Japan?

Cherry Blossoms

Spring in Japan comprises the months of March, April, and May.

For locals, spring in Japan marks not only a climatic shift out of the colder winter months, but it’s also the start of the academic and fiscal calendar. 

A palpable surge of newfound energy paints the landscape, as the sakura (cherry blossoms) come to bloom and brighten up the collective mood.

Reasons to visit Japan in springtime?

Nakasendo Japan

There are plenty of reasons why spring is a great time to visit Japan:

  • Weather is ideal, with comfortable temperatures, blue skies, and little to no humidity.
  • The famed sakura, or cherry blossoms, bloom across the country, creating canopies and carpets of delicate pastel pink and white petals.
  • In addition to hanami, or flower viewing, the season brings a slew of sakura-themed foods and drinks to try.
  • Though sakura take center stage, the country is alive with plenty of other breathtaking blooms, such as wisteria, nemophila, and azaleas.
  • Spring in Japan is the beginning of hiking season, when you can hit the trails before the oppressive heat of summer sets in. The Kumano Kodo Trail and the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route are both popular in the spring.

Spring weather in Japan

Spring in Japan_STOCK-U (James Pere)
Image by James Pere via Unsplash

March: Temperatures are still cool, but become noticeably warmer throughout the month. Skiing season in the mountains is starting to wind down, and toward the end of the month the first cherry blossoms start to reveal themselves.

April: This is the prime month for cherry blossom viewing, though many Japanese people have a whole week off from work (Golden Week), so most major cherry blossom sites will be incredibly crowded.

May: This month sees very nice weather with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Though it is technically the start of typhoon season, strong storms are very rare during the month of May.

When is cherry blossom season in Japan?

Nagoya Japan cherry blossoms_STOCK-Pix

The prime season for cherry blossoms in Japan is typically at the end of March, and lasts about two weeks. However, every year the window changes since the blooms are dependent on many environmental factors like temperature, wind, and rain. 

Early spring is the prime target for blooms in the Kanto Region (where Tokyo is), but the peak dates change depending on where in the country you’re traveling to.

The diving hub of Okinawa experiences blooms as early as January, whereas in the northern region of Hokkaido, blooms pop up at the end of April into May. So if you happen to miss the blooms in the southern regions, you can head north and still get an opportunity to see them. 

Luckily, because this season has become a worldwide phenomenon, there are cherry blossom forecasts and tracking apps that predict peak dates with very high accuracy. Using these apps, you can get a pretty good idea of when and where you need to be for the best blooms around the country.

Note: The Japan Meteorological Corp. puts out an official forecast each year in January and that is when we will update this article with the current year’s info!

Psst! For an in-depth guide on the seasonal weather patterns and other factors, check out our complete guide on the best time to visit Japan.

Japan cherry blossoms 2024 forecast

Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024

Where to see the cherry blossoms in Japan

Cherry blossoms bloom in over 1,000 locations across Japan so there are endless places you can visit to see them. We’ve broken down the best locations below with helpful tips for planning your visit.


Kyoto cherry blossoms Japan_STOCK-U
Image by Zhaoli JIN via Unsplash
  • When to go: end of March – early April

Kyoto is in the cultural and historical heart of Japan, known as the Kansai Region, and is widely recognized as one of the main epicenters for cherry blossom season. 

What sets Kyoto apart from other places to see sakura in Japan are all the temples, shrines, castles, and 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that serve as a stunning backdrop for the colors of sakura season.

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Best places for viewing the cherry blossoms in Kyoto

  • Philosopher’s Path: This scenic walking path is lined with cherry trees. During the night, the blooms are illuminated with lanterns.
  • Maruyama Park: This is the most popular place in Kyoto during cherry blossom season. Walk among peaceful gardens and ponds surrounded by sakura.
  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple: Wander blossom-filled grounds at one of the most significant temples in Japan. Plan your visit during the night to see the evening light ups, a must see during cherry blossom season.
  • Keage Incline: This National Historic Site has nearly 100 blooming trees lining a picturesque railway.  
  • Haradani-en Garden: Enjoy endless weeping cherry trees in this peaceful garden favored by locals. The trees here tend to bloom a bit later, which is perfect if you missed the first bloom window.

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Where to stay in Kyoto

Hotel Pagong with M's Kyoto

Hotel Pagong: Stay steps from Kyoto’s city center at this modern 3-star hotel. Clean, spacious rooms, bus station access, and shopping/eating options nearby give this stay high value.

The Royal Park Canvas - Kyoto

The Royal Park Canvas: In the heart of Kyoto enjoy the onsite bar, restaurant, fitness center, lounge area, and complimentary breakfast buffet.

Hotel Resol Kyoto

Hotel Resol Kyoto: This hotel is in a prime location right on the main street downtown. Stay within walking distance to the train station and sightseeing areas.


Osaka Castle cherry blossoms Japan_STOCK-Pex
Image by Bagus Pangestu via Pexels
  • When to go: end of March – early April

The street food capital of Japan celebrates the sakura season with thousands upon thousands of cherry trees planted across the city. 

One of the main draws to head to Osaka for cherry blossoms is all the gourmet street food and Japanese food. Wander the streets of the city and try some of the country’s top dishes while gazing at stunning blooms.

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Best places for viewing the cherry blossoms in Osaka

  • Osaka Castle: The standing symbol of Osaka is filled with over 3,000 cherry trees, creating one of the best viewing locations in the Kansai region.
  • Banpaku Memorial Park: One of the 100 best cherry blossom locations in Japan, you can wander around 5,500 different cherry trees and learn about the relationship between sakura and Japanese culture.
  • Kema Sakuranomiya Park: This riverside park follows the Ogawa River through central Osaka. It comprises three different parks that make up the beautiful, 2.6 mile stroll through nearly 5,000 cherry trees.
  • Osaka Mint Bureau: The official head office of the Japanese Mint opens the grounds for one week in April to view over 400 famous cherry trees. Note advanced reservations are required.
  • Mount Yoshino: View over 30,000 cherry trees bloom in the Kii Mountains at the most popular hanami location in Japan.

Where to stay in Osaka


KOKO HOTEL Osaka Namba: Just half a mile from the city center, this hotel is conveniently located close to many stations, shops, and points of interest.

Hotel It Osaka

Hotel It Osaka Shinmachi: Exceptional rooms and the excellent location of this unique hotel set it apart in the city. 

Imperial Hotel Osaka

Imperial Hotel Osaka: This prestigious 5-star hotel sits right along the Ogawa River that’s renowned for cherry blossoms. 

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Naka-Meguro Tokyo cherry blossoms Japan_STOCK-U
Image by Jenna Neal via Unsplash
  • When to go: end of March – early April

It’s no secret that Tokyo is one of the best cities in Japan for cherry blossoms. You can venture out into many of the city’s parks and walk through thousands of pink and white blooms.

Even the infamous Ueno Park has been one of the most beloved locations for hanami in the city for centuries. 

From teamLab Borderless to the never-ending list of the best things to do in Tokyo, the urban and edgy atmosphere of this culture-rich city will take your cherry blossom experience to the next level in this beloved metroplex. 

Best places for viewing the cherry blossoms in Tokyo

  • Ueno Park: This park has been one of the most famous sakura spots in Tokyo since the 16th century. Pack a picnic or enjoy a ride on the river while you admire some of the earliest blossoms in the city.
  • Meguro River: One of the most beautiful spots in Tokyo for hanami. Peruse restaurants and street stalls as you walk along the scenic river. 
  • Chidorigafuchi Moat: Hundreds of trees bloom around the moat of what was formerly Edo Castle. Don’t miss a picturesque boat ride through a tunnel of sakura.
  • Koishikawa Botanical Gardens: The oldest botanical garden in Japan serves as a peaceful escape from the bustling city to enjoy the cherry blossoms.
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: 1,100 trees bloom in this massive garden. Many varieties are planted here, so you can enjoy all kinds of blooms as they appear at different times.

Where to stay in Tokyo

We have an in-depth guide on where to stay in Tokyo, including hotel recommendations in each of the major neighborhoods. But for quick reference, here are a few suggestions:

Dormy Inn Premium Tokyo

Dormy’s Inn Premium Shibuya: Conveniently located between Shibuya and Harajuku, this hotel is in a prime location just steps away from the subway lines and many exciting shops and spots between districts.

Park Hotel Tokyo

Park Hotel Tokyo: Stunning panoramic views over south Tokyo, walking distance to the subway station, in-room massages, and stylish rooms make this hotel highly sought-after.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyo

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu: Overlooking Shibuya Crossing, this hotel offers prime convenience as it’s connected directly to the subway line and walking distance from Harajuku.


Nagoya Castle cherry blossoms Japan_STOCK-Pex
Image by Casia Charlie via Pexels
  • When to go: end of March – early April

Nestled between many major cities, Nagoya holds a few of the top 100 places to see cherry blossoms in Japan, and is one of the main hubs for hanami in the Aichi Prefecture. 

This shipping and entertainment hub fills with vibrancy as thousands of sakuras bloom across the city. Most notably, the Yamazaki River is one of the most sought-after viewing locations in all of Japan.

Best places for viewing the cherry blossoms in Nagoya

  • Nagoya Castle: 1,000 cherry trees of 10 different varieties line the moats of this castle. Each year a festival is held during the sakura season with Japanese games and food stalls.
  • Yamazaki River: The Path of Four Seasons is recognized as one of the top 100 cherry blossom locations in Japan with hundreds of trees lining the riverside.
  • Inuyama Castle: One of the 12 original castles of Japan looks out on 400 trees blooming along the Kiso River. Take a sightseeing boat ride to admire the castle in a sea of cherry blossoms.
  • Tsuruma Park: The most favored park in the city for hanami. Stop at various food stalls and picnic beneath pink and white blooms.
  • Nagoya Peace Park: The small orchard of cherry trees and nearby ponds within this park are perfect for a hanami picnic.

Where to stay in Nagoya

Dormy Inn Premium Nagoya

Dormy Inn Premium: Stay right in the heart of Nagoya surrounded by shops and restaurants. The onsens, breakfast buffet, and short walk to the subway station are only a few of this stay’s highlights.

Nikko Style Nagoya

Nikko Style Nagoya: Step into a warm and welcoming atmosphere at this clean and modern hotel. Onsite there is a nightclub, bar, restaurant, fitness center, and private parking.

Nagoya Prince Hotel

Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower: Enjoy some of the best panoramic views of Nagoya while enjoying this hotel’s fitness center, breakfast buffet, onsite bar and restaurant, and close proximity to downtown. 


Honmokusannotani, Yokohama, Japan cherry blossoms_STOCK-U
Image by Johnathan Kim via Unsplash
  • When to go: end of March – early April

The second largest city in Japan, and one of the most exciting day trips from Tokyo, holds a handful of exciting cherry blossom locations. Yokohama’s blend of traditional and modern architecture serves as a stunning backdrop to thousands of sakura.

The city is renowned for its cross-border ties of culture and friendship that help create its unique individuality and laid back atmosphere. 

Because it’s close to two major airports, it makes an ideal base camp for getting around to other major cities across Japan for hanami.

Best places for viewing the cherry blossoms in Yokohama

  • Mitsuike Park: Three ponds and thousands of cherry trees make up one of Japan’s top 100 places to see cherry blossoms, the only one in Yokohama.
  • Kamonyama Park: This hilltop park makes the perfect viewing location for cherry blossoms and the city skyline.
  • Sankeien Garden: This traditional Japanese garden is filled with hundreds of cherry trees and a variety of historic buildings that were moved here from across the country. 
  • Ookagawa River: Hundreds of cherry blossoms decorate the banks of this scenic river. The boat tours that go through the tunnels of trees are especially beautiful.
  • Yamashita Park: This seaside park has the NYK Hikawa Maru and Yokohama Marine Tower as a backdrop to its endless flower beds, seasonal rose gardens, and array of cherry trees.

Where to stay in Yokohama

APA Hotel & Resort Yokohama

APA Hotel & Resort Yokohama Bay Tower: This bayside hotel has its own spa and wellness center, onsens, and stunning views of the harbor and city. At this location, you’re steps away from the subway and exciting attractions. 

The Yokohama Bay Hotel

Yokohama Bay Hotel: Stay in the heart of Yokohama at this sought-after stay. It’s directly connected to the subway, has luxurious rooms, and an impressive variety of amenities.

Hotel New Grand Yokohama

Hotel New Grand: This chic hotel has first-class hospitality and guest amenities. Onsite restaurants, a wellness center, city views, and a prime location make this the perfect splurge.


Fukuoka cherry blossoms Japan 2-STOCK-U
Image by Zion C via Unsplash
  • When to go: late March – early April

This seaside city is one of the first cities in Japan to welcome the pink and white tidal wave of cherry blossoms. 

As the capital of the southern region, and the 6th largest city in Japan, Fukuoka has prime hanami locations dotted around the city. 

Its ancient temples, beaches, and modern shopping malls make the city an exciting place to explore while searching for cherry blossoms. It’s rumored that some of the best ramen in Japan is in Fukuoka, the perfect way to fuel your hanami sessions!

Best places for viewing the cherry blossoms in Fukuoka

  • Nishi Park: Another one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom locations, this hillside park is filled with thousands of blossoming cherry trees.
  • Maizuru Park: Explore hundreds of cherry trees blanketing the ruins of Fukuoka Castle. Don’t miss the views from the observation platform. 
  • Uminonakamichi Seaside Park: Rent a bike and explore over 2,000 cherry trees along this expansive and scenic peninsula.
  • Atago Shrine: Follow hundreds of cherry trees lining the steep climb to the hilltop shrine. Take in views over Hakata Bay and the Fukuoka city skyline.
  • Nokonoshima Island: Fields of yellow rapeseed and stunning cherry blossoms fill this island just off the coast of Fukuoka

Where to stay in Fukuoka


Lamp Light Books Fukuoka: Just steps away from the most exciting shopping and entertainment area of Fukuoka, this boutique hotel is convenient and amenity-rich for travelers.

The OneFive Terrace Fukuoka

OneFive Terrace Fukuoka: Popular shopping centers, endless food stalls, and the station are steps away from this comfortable and spacious property.   

Miyako Hotel Hakata Fukuoka

Miyako Hotel Hakata: This next-level hotel offers an onsite bar and cafe, a rooftop pool, sound-proof rooms, city views, and is steps away from the train station.


cherry blossoms_STOCK-U
  • When to go: mid April

Centuries-old shrines and temples contrasting against the city’s modern skyscrapers and nightlife make Sendai the perfect basecamp for sakura season. 

Sendai is compact, making inner city travel easy and fast to various locations. It also has a little bit of everything from samurai history, nature, cuisine, and culture like many of the other major cities do, but is more low-key and without the floods of tourists. 

Best places for viewing the cherry blossoms in Sendai

  • Milkamine Park: Picturesque walkways and open lawns bring many admirers to see the Somei Yoshino and weeping cherry trees in this park.
  • Tsutsujigaoka Park: Known as one of the best hanami locations in Sendai, this is the perfect place to have a picnic beneath weeping cherry trees.
  • Nishi Park: This park in the heart of the city puts on a festival each year with food stalls and paper lanterns hanging from the trees. At night, the trees are lit up beautifully. 
  • Shiroishi Riverside: Gaze out at snow-capped Mt. Zao while walking amongst 1,200 trees planted along the riverside.
  • Shiogama Shrine: This rooftop shrine is believed to be almost 1200 years old and features almost 300 cherry trees on the grounds.

Where to stay in Sendai

Hotel Vista Sendai

Hotel Vista: This centrally located hotel is a short walk away from the train station, offers private parking, an on-site restaurant, and free wifi.

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Sendai

Sotetsu Fresa Inn: Comfortable and modern rooms are just a short ways away from Sendai Station and many attractions around the city. 

Onyado Nono Sendai

Onyado Nono Sendai Natural Hot Spring: Enjoy all the perks at this unique 4-star hotel: sauna, spa center, restaurant, free wifi, and breakfast buffet. 


Sapporo Japan cherry blossoms_STOCK-Pix
  • When to go: end of April – early May

Located in the northernmost region of Japan, Sapporo experiences some of the latest, and most unique blooms during sakura season. 

The city is in the coldest region of the country, so the climate and plants are much different here than they are in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and the rest of Japan. 

You’ll be able to relish in cherry tree varieties that don’t grow anywhere else in the country along with the region’s vast array of wildflowers and natural beauty.

Best places for viewing the cherry blossoms in Sapporo

  • Maruyama Park: This local spot is the most popular in the city during sakura season. A short walk links to the Hokkaido Shrine, with over 1,000 blooming trees. 
  • Hokkaido University: A handful of different cherry tree varieties are planted around this campus. Head to the School of Engineering for the best hanami.
  • Moerenuma Park: This modern art inspired park has a museum, unique water fountains, and is surrounded by geometric mountains. The park is one massive sculpture filled with nearly 3,000 cherry trees.
  • Odori Park: Admire pockets of cherry trees as you explore the most famous park in downtown Sapporo. Head to the Sapporo TV Tower on the park’s eastern edge to view the city blooms from the observation deck.
  • Nakajima Park: Explore famous western architecture from the Meiji period while taking a relaxing stroll or setting up a picnic inside the park.    

Where to stay in Sapporo

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Sapporo

Daiwa Roynet Hotel: Nestled right in the city center, this 4-star hotel is a short walk away from Sapporo Station. Enjoy private bathrooms, the free breakfast buffet, and their onsite restaurant.

karaksa hotel Sapporo

Karaksa hotel Sapporo: This exciting stay is in the heart of the Susukino entertainment district. Hot spring baths, fantastic breakfast options, and spacious rooms make this the ideal landing pad after a day’s adventure.


Hotel Wheat Wacca: This amenity-rich stay has a fridge, microwave, kettle, private bathrooms, and some stays with kitchens available. Enjoy spacious rooms in a quiet area of Sapporo.

Cherry blossom festivals in Japan

Tokyo cherry blossoms Japan
Image by Sora Sagano via Unsplash

Cherry blossom season is a nationwide event across Japan. The Sakura festival is similar to the National Cherry Blossom Festival that happens on a smaller scale in Washington D.C. each year. In Japan, the season is most commonly celebrated with a picnic, parties, and sake. 

Japanese cherry trees bloom everywhere in Japan, but the most spectacular locations put on festivals to celebrate the season. These celebrations are the perfect addition to any Japan itinerary

  • Ueno Park Cherry Blossom Festival Tokyo: One of the largest and busiest celebrations of hanami in Japan. Enjoy local food and crafts, boat rides, and the blossoms illuminated at night.
  • Fuji Kawaguchiko Cherry Blossom Festival: The Fuji Five Lakes Area is one of the most spectacular locations for cherry blossoms. Celebrate along the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi.
  • Hirosaki Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival: Millions of travelers flock to this centuries old castle to celebrate the season with traditional Japanese dance, craft stalls, and street food.
  • Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival: This February festival welcomes the first blooms of the season from over 8,000 trees of the kawazu-zakura variety, which only grow in this region.

FAQs about spring in Japan

Osaka cherry blossoms Japan_STOCK-U
Image by Galan Crout via Unsplash

Planning a trip to see the cherry blossoms is an art in and of itself. Here are some important things to keep in mind as you plan your visit.

What is so special about cherry blossoms in Japan?

Cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japan, have been an admired nationwide phenomenon that’s been traced back to the Heian period more than 1000 years ago. 

In fact, the art of admiring the pink and white petals of the Japanese cherry tree every spring has its own name, hanami, literally meaning “flower viewing”.

The ritual of hanami in Japan is a national pastime with deep cultural and religious roots. While the petals’ biggest draw is their beauty, for the locals, the cherry blossom season is celebrated in literature, poetry, and art for its allude to life, death and rebirth. 

The ephemeral window of the cherry trees blooms remind admirers of the importance of living in each moment and to revel in the transience of life.

How long do cherry blossoms in Japan last?

The cherry blossom season only lasts a few weeks, with peak blooms lasting only one week.

Once the first blooms appear, called kaika, the full bloom appears over the next week, called mankai. After peak bloom, the blossoms will begin to fall and the season is over.

How far in advance should I book my accommodation for spring in Japan?

Both locals and international travelers flock to Japan to see the country blanketed in cherry blossoms, making it one of the busiest times of year to visit Japan.

It’s best to book your accommodation as early as you can. Shoot for 6-12 months in advance to get the best picks for hotels, hostels, and other stays. 

How do I get around Japan to see the cherry blossoms in more than one place?

Japan Rail Pass Money Saved

All of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan can be accessed via Japan’s hyper-efficient rail system. Trains are one of the best ways to get around the country, especially to hop around and get your fill of cherry blossoms before the season ends.

A Japan Rail Pass will be your lifesaver for getting around the country on the cheap. We have an entire guide on how to purchase a Japan Rail Pass ticket that covers costs, what to expect, if it’s right for you, and all the ins and outs of getting around Japan by train.

How much should I budget to visit Japan during the springtime?

Budgeting for Japan largely depends on your travel style since you can experience the country in a lot of different ways depending on what you can afford to spend.

We’ve visited Japan twice now, both on the wallet-friendly side of things and can confidently say it is possible to travel the country cheaply, even for cherry blossom season!

When starting to form a budget, there are a number of things to consider, which we cover in our guide to what a trip to Japan costs. We break down the real costs of things in Japan and give realistic numbers for budget, mid-range, and splurge-worthy trips which we think you’ll find useful!

Can I go on a cherry blossom tour?

There are tour companies that offer cherry blossom tours around Japan. You’ll likely be seeing some of the most popular spots for Sakura viewing along with many other tourists.

We suggest doing your research first to make sure the company you choose has ethical practices and what kind of guarantee they offer for seeing the cherry trees in bloom.

What else should I do on my trip to Japan?


Although Japan is small in size, the country is filled with some of the most unique travel experiences in the world, many of which are easy to integrate into a trip to see the cherry blossoms.

Whether you want to admire Mt. Fuji against a stunning backdrop, see the snow monkeys in Jigokudani Park, or eat your way through this gastronomic country, we have the ultimate list of things to do in Japan to fill your itinerary.

Is there anything else I should know before booking my trip to see the cherry blossoms during spring in Japan?

From the vending machines in every spare corner of the country to practicing proper etiquette, there are many parts of Japan’s complex culture that you should know before you go.

Get the full low-down with all of our Japan travel tips!  You’ll arrive in Japan with all the must-know information to navigate the country and culture with a little more ease.

What to pack for spring in Japan

Three Houses Viewpoint Shirakawa-go Japan

We have a guide where we break down exactly what to wear during spring in Japan (for both women and men!), but here are some essentials:

  • Thicker layers if traveling in March
  • Light jacket for April and May
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Hiking attire if you plan to hit the trails

Hold up! We created a whole guide to all the things you need to pack for Japan (in addition to clothes!). Plus, we even have a (totally free!) packing list you can download!

This FREE PDF download includes everything you’re going to want to pack for your Japan trip, including what NOT to bring, plus tons of insider tips!

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Are you planning a trip to Japan?

We have TONS of resources on travel in Japan and destinations throughout the country. Check out our Ultimate Japan Travel Guide for all the answers to your most burning questions, or read some of our favorite articles below.

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Spring in Japan | Two Wandering Soles
Spring in Japan | Two Wandering Soles

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