Hiking the Path of the Gods: Guide + Tips

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Perched high above the shimmering Tyrrhenian Sea, hiking the Path of the Gods is one of the best (and most scenic) adventures on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. This guide covers the various planning logistics as well as what to expect on the trail. 

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy

The stunning Path of the Gods hike, also known as Sentiero degli Dei in Italian, is worthy of ALL the superlatives! Weaving through imposing cliffs high over the Tyrrhenian Sea, it’s easy to see why this unforgettable hike is one of the most popular things to do on the Amalfi Coast

In addition to constant views of the ocean and the majestic Lattari Mountains, you’ll also have the chance to take in scenic Positano from above. 

The hike’s start and end points are hillside villages (Bomerano and Nocelle), making it both unique and easily accessible via public transportation. Let’s dive into everything there is to know about hiking the Path of the Gods! 

Path of the Gods Hiking Guide

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Path of the Gods hike at a glance

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy
  • Location: Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Distance: 9 km (5.6 miles), point-to-point
  • Elevation gain: 365 meters (1,197 ft)
  • Difficulty rating: Moderate
  • Timing: 3-4 hours
  • View trail notes on Alltrails

Although the trail is well-trodden and quite popular, the Path of the Gods consists of rocky dirt trails and steep stairs—so be prepared for a true hiking experience

There are a few sections of the trail that hug the cliffside with drop-offs. However, as someone with vertigo and a fear of heights, I found the wide paths and gradual cliffsides to be easy to maneuver and didn’t have any trouble—despite warnings I’d read on other blogs. 

The point-to-point trail can be done in either direction, or combined as an out and back experience.

The most popular and recommended route is to start in Bomerano in the morning, to keep the sun behind you. However, there are several options for hiking the Path of the Gods, including a route that takes you to (or from) Praiano instead of Positano.

Path of the Gods trail map

Path of the Gods hike Bomerano to Nocelle

The map above shows the official Path of the Gods trail between Bomerano and Nocelle. The dotted line between Nocelle and Positano is not officially part of the trail, but still a popular walking route to either start or end the trip in Positano. 

Note the walk from Nocelle to Positano includes descending over 1,700 steps! (And if you choose to start your hike in Positano, you’ll have to climb those same steps to get to the start of the trail in Nocelle!)

Things to know before you go

Before heading out on the Path of the Gods, it’s a good idea to consider some of the logistics. Here, I’ve outlined some commonly asked questions. 

Best time of year for hiking the Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy

The Path of the Gods is technically accessible all year long. It never snows directly on the Amalfi Coast, so the trail doesn’t close over the winter. 

However, it’s best to avoid this hike during or right after rain, since part of the terrain is slippery rock. With that in mind, avoid the Path of the Gods in November, as it’s by far the wettest month. Plus, with the sparkling blue sea below, I recommend hiking in sunny weather if possible.

Aside from rain, other factors to consider are crowds and the heat. In July and August, the Amalfi Coast overflows with tourists, leading to a much more congested trail. (Even in May we shared the trail with many other hikers.) 

Temperatures also reach the high 80s throughout the summer, so it can be sweltering on the mostly-exposed trail

For ideal conditions, aim to visit during the shoulder seasons in April/May and September/October

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How long does it take to hike the Path of the Gods?

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy

Hiking the Path of the Gods can take anywhere from three to five hours, depending on the route you choose and your pace/fitness level. 

Keep in mind that when you factor in commute time, the infrequent bus schedule, and stopping for photos, this adventure will likely take up a good part of your day. We left Positano on the 9:05 a.m. ferry to Amalfi, hiked at a decent pace from Bomerano to Nocelle, took the stairs from Nocelle and returned to Positano around 2 in the afternoon. 

For those on a time crunch, taking a taxi from the start and end points is possible. The actual trail in between Bomerano and Locelle took us about two hours. But you’ll have to factor in the costs of some pricey taxi rides.

How difficult is the Path of the Gods hike?

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy

With quite a bit of ups and downs spread out over roughly six miles, hiking the Path of the Gods is certainly more strenuous than a casual walk — but not at all technical. I hiked this trail with my 65 year old mother (who also happens to be extremely fit for her age!) and she had no problem keeping up. 

There are a lot of stairs and a few rocky patches, but nothing that would require you to use your hands. The ascents are definitely going to work up a sweat, especially when temperatures are high, but fortunately, much of the hike is actually downhill if you choose to hike West to East as we did. 

How to get to the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast

SITA bus tickets Path of the Gods Amalfi Coast Italy

To access the Path of the Gods, you’ll need to get to the tiny village of Bomerano. While you can drive yourself, it’s not recommended. Parking is extremely limited, and the road there is winding, narrow, and overall challenging. 

Public transportation is a much better option. Regardless of where you’re staying, you’ll need to connect through Amalfi town to get to Bomerano. You can take a ferry from Positano or the bus, or a combination of both if you are coming from Sorrento or elsewhere on the coast.

Bus Path of the Gods Amalfi Coast Italy

The bus to Bomerano leaves from Piazza Flavio Gioia in Amalfi and the ride takes 40 minutes. Look for Bus 5080, part of the SITA network. You can purchase bus tickets for 2.20€ one-way at the Tabacchi shop on the corner. Tickets cannot be purchased onboard.

Buses don’t run all that frequently and the schedule changes with the seasons, so double-  (and triple!) check the schedule before departing. There’s also an app with real-time updates.

Knowing when to get off can be a bit confusing, so either keep an eye on your GPS or ask for the Sentiero degli Dei stop. Fortunately, most travelers on this bus route during high season will be heading for the trail, so you won’t be alone.

From Positano

Ferry Positano Amalfi Coast Italy

There are two options to reach Amalfi from Positano: a ferry and the aforementioned SITA bus. 

Going by ferry is most convenient, since it’s more scenic and takes as little as 15 minutes. However, it is pricier — tickets cost 10€, and can be booked from the Lucibello transportation booth on the Spiaggia Grande Beach.

Buses from Positano to Amalfi are frequent. The trip takes 50 minutes, and, like the route to Bomerano, you’ll need to purchase your ticket before boarding

You can catch the bus to Amalfi from the Positano Sponda bus stop. Tickets cost 2.20€ and can be purchased from Tabacchi shops around town. Keep in mind that this route gets very busy during the summer, so the buses will likely be full and standing-room only. 

From Sorrento

Ferry terminal in Sorrento

Getting to Amalfi from Sorrento is very similar to the options from Positano, although it takes a bit more time. In fact, the bus route that passes through Positano starts in Sorrento! By bus, the journey takes 1.5 hours and typically costs 2.90€. Check the schedule online.

Again, similar to the Positano route, the ferry is the breezier option. It cuts down on time and increases comfort, but it does cost more (17€ one-way). The duration fluctuates, with the fastest ferry taking just under an hour and the slowest over 1.5 hours. Book directly at the port in Sorrento or through Ferry Hopper

Optional: Guided tour from Sorrento

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of public transportation? I totally get it! One alternative is to go on a group tour from Sorrento, led by a knowledgeable local guide. 

While hiking with others may not be for everyone, it can also be a wonderful way to meet new travelers. Plus, the peace of mind that comes from not having to worry about ANY transportation logistics might be worth the trade-off for you.

Path of the Gods route: Bomerano to Locelle

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy

Once in Bomerano, head to Piazza Paola Capasso, the main town square, to pick up any water, snacks, or last-minute supplies. From there, look for trail sign #327 Sentiero degli Dei in the plaza’s southwest corner. 

Head up a narrow alleyway for 15 minutes, and you’ll arrive at the Path of the Gods trailhead. The views start showing off almost immediately, with spectacular cliffs, traditional terraced farms, and rocky outcrops. 

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy

Pretty quickly into the trek, you’ll reach an intersection where there will be a freshwater tap. At this point, make sure to stay on trail 327, not 327A, for the most scenic views

With that said, 327A is less exposed, so it may be a better option for hikers who want a bit of shade, or less company. Either way, the two trails meet back up later, so you’ll end up in the same place!

You also don’t want to veer onto the path towards Praiano, which deviates just further up the road. 

All that said, the trail is well-marked and if you continue to follow the signs towards Nocelle, you’ll find your way. 

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy

After these junctions, the trail becomes narrower and more scenic, giving the sensation of flying high above the ocean. Though we were warned of steep drop offs and gravity-defying ledges, we found the trail to be much less dramatic (in terms of footing). Though the dirt trail got rocky with some uneven footing in patches, it was very easy to maneuver, even on the hillsides. 

There are several stops along the Path of the Gods where you can fill up your water bottle with clean drinking water. (Tap water is notably clean all throughout Italy!) And even a quirky cafe mid-trail known as Ulisses House, where you can get a cold drink.

Hiking from West to East (Bomerano to Nocelle) is mostly downhill for the first half of the trail and has a bit more ups and downs near the finish.  

Path of the Gods hike Amalfi Coast Italy

In the final stretch, you’ll encounter the best views of the entire hike, a glorious panorama over Positano and the coastline.

The trail then descends into the cool shade of the forest, winding away from the coast, before reaching Nocelle. Stop here for a snack, coffee, or an ice-cold lemon granita before making your way down the 1,700+ steps to Positano, or catching the bus back. 

Tips for hiking the Path of the Gods

  • Sun protection (sunscreen and a good sun hat) is a must! This hike is mostly exposed in all seasons.
  • Consider hiking out and back. This is a great option if you want to challenge yourself to a longer hike and don’t want to worry about the logistics. 
  • Hike Path of the Gods in the morning. This will give you the best weather conditions, as well as lighting for photography.
  • Check bus schedules in advance. They’re honestly a bit confusing, and it can be frustrating waiting a long while at a stop!
  • Treat yourself to a lemon granita in Nocelle. It’s considered a local tradition when hiking Path of the Gods. 

What to pack for hiking the Path of the Gods

  • Navigation: we recommend using Alltrails+ to download the offline trail map
  • Hiking daypack
  • Water bottle and/or bladder for your Camelbak
    • It is recommended to bring 1 liter of water to hike the Path of the Gods
  • Sun protection: sunscreen, hat, sun glasses
  • Bug repellant
  • Camera/tripod (this one’s our favorite for hiking)
  • Hiking layers (we have a great resource if you’re wondering what to wear hiking)
  • Comfortable hiking boots or shoes
    • Both my mom and I did the hike in trainers and had no problem, but I wouldn’t recommend sandals!)
  • Hiking poles (optional)
  • Plenty of snacks: check out our favorite hiking snacks here!

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Where to stay nearby

As one of Italy’s top tourist destinations, Amalfi has a large selection of accommodation. Nevertheless, demand (far!) exceeds supply in high season, so book well in advance, especially during the summer! 


Amalfi Coast Italy

The largest town on the Amalfi Coast has a large, spectacular beach, epic views, and an extensive selection of restaurants and bars. Plus, it has a direct bus route to the Path of the Gods! 

However, Amalfi also tends to get swarmed with throngs of tourists, so keep in mind it gets BUSY!

  • Amalfi Luxury House: Sleek b&b just off the main square with a rooftop terrace and oversized rooms
  • Casa Mao: Well-designed rooms in a small boutique hotel with a superb view, and a host that guests rave about
  • Zia Pupetta Suites: Newly refurbished rooms in a guest house just off the main square


Positano Amalfi Coast Italy

Striking, fashionable and upscale, Positano is the postcard embodiment of the Amalfi coast. The views are magnificent, and the vibe elegant. After all, this is where A-list celebrities vacation! 

When traveling to the Amalfi Coast, staying in Positano is magical, but keep in mind that accommodation is pricey. 

  • B&B Il Canneto: Hard to beat the price to get a private hotel room with a sea view in Positano! It’s also located across the street from a SITA bus stop, making it super convenient to take the Internal Positano bus to get around. 
  • Villa Capricorno: This elegant apartment has a massive terrace, full kitchen, and spacious living areas situated quietly on the west side of town, but still close to all the action.
  • Hotel Casa Albertina: The view from the terrace is worth the stay in and of itself. It also offers free Wifi, comfortable rooms and a delicious breakfast (with unbeatable views!!). 


Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento also offers fabulous views, but with slightly less glamour and more of a classic touristic atmosphere. Technically not part of the Amalfi Coast, this town is on the opposite side of the Amalfi Peninsula. 

Sorrento is more affordable and better connected, while still relatively close to the Path of the Gods.

  • Hotel Villa Di Sorrento: Historic building in the heart of Sorrento with complimentary breakfast buffet and rooms with terraces or balconies.
  • Casa Marino: Guest house in the very center of town with five comfy rooms, each with a balcony.
  • Margiò House: Simple but well-maintained bed & breakfast on one of Sorrento’s main streets.

Elsewhere on the Amalfi Coast

Atrani Amalfi Coast Italy
Atrani, Italy

In addition to the famous towns, there are also plenty of other places to stay on the Amalfi Coast. Each area offers its own unique atmosphere, so choose one that resonates with you.

  • Ravello: One of the few Amalfi Coast towns built higher up in the mountains, Ravello dazzles with lofty views. Its vibe is posh and luxurious, similar to Positano.
  • Praiano: Small and laid-back, Praiano feels worlds away from its neighbors. It’s also perfectly positioned for hiking Path of the Gods, with the trail accessible by foot!
  • Atrani: The smallest town on the Amalfi Coast, pint-sized Atrani is nestled between two steep cliffs. It has an old-school Amalfi Coast atmosphere, providing a glimpse into what things were like before tourism.
  • Vietri sul Mare: Well-known as being the area’s ceramics capital, Vietri sul Mare is one of the best-connected towns on the coast. While less dramatic in terms of views, it offers a more classic Italian atmosphere.
  • Salerno: The port city of Salerno is more of a typical Southern Italian city. Equal parts grand and gritty, it has tons of historical attractions, restaurants, and cafes.

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Path of the Gods hike | Two Wandering Soles
Path of the Gods hike | Two Wandering Soles

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