Rome to Naples: How to Get There + Tips

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Traveling from Rome to Naples is simple with so many different transportation options. In this guide, we cover all the different ways you can get from one city to the other to make the most out of your visit.

Naples Italy

Rome is one of the best cities in Europe and most traveler’s introduction to Italy. Naples is the gateway to the glittering Amalfi Coast as well as other popular destinations like Sorrento and Pompeii. So getting from Rome to Naples is a common feat while traveling in Italy.

Since Rome and Naples are separated by over 125 miles (roughly 200 km) and connected with a variety of different transportation options, choosing the best one can be rather tricky. The best way to travel depends on a lot of different factors.  

In this guide, we cover the transportation and logistics when traveling from Rome to Naples to make your trip as seamless as possible.

Rome to Naples

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Rome to Naples by plane

Naples Italy

Flying from Rome to Naples is quick, easy, and a good option if you’ll already be near the airport.

The direct flight from Rome to Naples takes about 50 minutes on ITA Airways. 

These direct flights leave from the Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport (FCO) multiple times a day and arrive at the Naples International Airport (NAP). Flights typically start departing around 9 a.m. and stop after 9 p.m.

A round trip ticket will set you back around $250 USD. With that, be sure to factor in the cost of checked luggage, transportation to and from the airports, and seat selection, as it’s already one of the more expensive ways to get to Naples. 

Getting from the airport to Naples’ city center

Naples International Airport is only 15-minutes from the historic city center. There are no trains into the center, so you’ll have to take a bus, taxi or call an Uber. 

Taxis are readily available outside the airport and have a flat rate of €16 ($17 USD), which is about the cost of an Uber. 

Otherwise, you can take the Alibus shuttle for a fraction of the cost, about €5 ($5 USD) for a one-way ticket. They run from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., every 30 minutes or so and drop you off at the Piazza Garibaldi. 

Rome to Naples by train

Taking the train from Rome to Naples is a breeze as it’s fast, efficient, and one of the most convenient modes of transportation in Italy. 

The train systems in Italy are modern and comfortable, making them a popular choice when traversing between these two cities, and also around the rest of Italy. 

Railway options

Trenitalia and Italo are the two main companies with services from Rome to Naples.

Each company uses the same stations and route between the two, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Dozens of trains depart every 15-20 minutes from Roma Termini and Tiburtina stations to the Napoli Centrale Station. 

Note: Whenever booking train tickets in Italy, make sure you are booking to and front the correct station. Most major cities in Italy have multiple train stations and if you show up at the wrong one, you’ll wind up missing your train.  

Timing & ticket costs

High speed train in Italy

Ticket prices will depend on which route you choose and whether or not you choose a high-speed train. 

The high speed trains are the best option as they get to Naples in just over an hour. All of Italo’s trains are considered high speed and the high speed routes on Trenitalia are called “Frecciarossa”. Tickets range around 10-30 for both companies. 

You can book tickets on each of the company’s respective websites, Trenitalia and Italo. Note you’ll have to search for the train stations in Italian (“Roma Termini” and “Napoli Centrale”).

Rome to Naples by bus

Naples Italy

There are plenty of options when it comes to taking the bus from Rome to Naples. 

There are a handful of different bus companies to choose from, but Itabus, Flixbus, and MarinoBus are the most well-known. 

Itabus is the cheapest bus to Naples with tickets costing as little as €3.75 ($4 USD). The bus leaves Roma Tiburtina Station and arrives at Naples Metropark Centrale Station in about 2 hours, 40 minutes (longer if there is traffic). Multiple buses leave as early as 5:15 a.m., with the last one returning after 8 p.m..

Flixbus is a good option that leaves from the Rome Fiumicino Airport and arrives at the Naples Metropark Centrale Station in 2.5-3 hours. There are typically 5 buses per day and ticket prices range from €14.50-27 ($15-30 USD). 

Note: This company also has buses that leave from the Rome Ciampino Airport (twice per day) and Roma Tiburtina Bus Station (multiple departures) and arrive at the Naples Metropark Centrale in around 3 hours. You can grab a ride for as little as €3.75 ($4 USD).

Use MarinoBus if you want to maximize your time in Naples by getting an early start. They only offer one bus that leaves at 4:30 a.m. from Roma Tiburtina to Naples Metropark Centrale Station. Prices start at €21 ($22.60 USD) depending on what date and time you book and it takes 3 hours.

You can book tickets at the counter inside the respective bus stations, however we always recommend booking online and in advance to get the best price. This is a popular route, so doing so will give you the best options and avoid sold out buses.

You can see all the bus companies we’ve listed above, their availability, and book tickets using Bookaway.

Rome to Naples by car

Naples Italy

If you want the ultimate flexibility and freedom getting to Naples, having your own car may be a better option than using public transport.

Driving yourself allows you to go at your own pace. Instead of needing to get to the airport or train station by a certain time, you can have a leisurely morning and even grab breakfast in Rome before hitting the road!

Self-driving routes from Rome to Naples

The main route from Rome to Naples follows the A1 most of the way and takes around 3 hours.

Along the drive there are smaller towns and stops you can explore like Tivoli and Cassino.

There’s also a slower route that takes the A1 and SS7 down the coast that’s fantastic for views over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Tip: Be sure to keep cash or card on hand as the route has tolls.

Note: These routes are best for experienced drivers as other drivers and road conditions can make this a stressful option.

Getting a rental car in Rome

If you’re interested in going the rental car route, the best place to start your search is Discover Cars. They have transparent pricing with all the big rental companies in Rome and a variety of pickup options to choose from.

Search & Compare Rental Car Prices

  • Discover Cars: We personally use this aggregate site to compare rental car prices from all the big name companies and get the best price possible. 
  • Booking.comWe’ve had good experiences finding rental cars with this site (formerly RentalCars.com) in the past. 

As you search, you’ll want to keep in mind whether you’re doing a roundtrip rental in Rome or dropping off your car in Naples once you arrive. Not all rental companies allow a one-way rental, and if they do, there is typically a surcharge. 

Taking a taxi from Rome to Naples

Taxis are the most expensive transport option to get to Naples with a one-way ride running you back a few hundred dollars. 

You can find rides in the main tourist areas of Rome. They’re painted white and can be hailed using the Free Now app, at a taxi stall, or over the phone. 

Alternative driving options

Rideshare options from Rome to Naples are limited.

Lyft does not operate in Rome and only Uber Black is available, which raises the cost of a ride significantly (comparable or more than a taxi). 

The good news is, Uber is available once you arrive in Naples!

If you want to take a car to Naples, but don’t want to drive yourself, the next best option is private transfer. 

Rome to Naples by private transfer

Naples Italy

The most direct way to get from Rome to Naples is by booking a private transfer. It’s the best option if you want a hands-free and ‘done-for-you’ method of transport. Do note though, it’s not the fastest and typically the most expensive option. 

Bookaway has the most reliable private transport options in Rome. We’ve used their top-rated services to travel around and found it to be seamless and comfortable.

You will be picked up directly from your hotel in Rome, then transferred directly to your hotel in Naples in a Mercedes sedan, minivan, or minibus depending on how many people you’re traveling with.

Guided tours from Rome to Naples

Naples Italy

A hands-free way to see Naples from Rome is by joining a guided tour. They include all the main highlights in Naples, plus a stop in the ancient city of Pompeii.

  • From Rome: Pompeii and Naples Day Trip by High-Speed Train: From Rome, you’ll travel by high-speed train and arrive in Naples then take a quick shuttle to Pompeii. Join a 2-hour guided tour and finish at an authentic pizzeria. After lunch, spend the rest of the day touring around Naples and sampling local treats.
  • From Rome: Naples and Pompeii Day Trip & Guided Private Tour: On this small group tour from Rome, you’ll explore Pompeii with an official guide and learn about the highlights of the city. Then you’ll head to Naples to have a tasting of local products, Neapolitan coffee, and explore the rugged facade of the city.
  • From Rome: Pompeii and Naples Small-Group Tour: Escape the bustle of Rome and travel to Pompeii where you’ll join an official guide around the ruins of the buried city. Afterwards, spend the rest of the day in Naples trying the famous pizza, roaming piazzas, and exploring castles.

Psst! Looking for other adventures just outside the city? We put together the ultimate list of best day trips from Rome to give you some fun ideas!

FAQs about traveling from Rome to Naples

Naples Italy

We’ve covered a ton in this guide for traveling between Naples and Rome, but here are the answers to any burning questions you may have.

What is the easiest way to get from Rome to Naples?

The train is the easiest way to get from Rome to Naples. 

With Italy’s high speed rail systems, it’s a quick and comfortable journey.

What is the quickest way to travel from Rome to Naples?

The quickest way to get to Naples is by train. The trip will take just over an hour on the high speed trains. 

Technically it’s only a 50-minute flight if you choose to fly, but when factoring in logistics or getting through the airport, it takes much longer.

Naples Italy
Naples Italy

Do I need to book a train from Rome to Naples in advance?

Not necessarily. There are dozens of trains departing daily and they are not likely to overbook.

However, we’d recommend booking 1-2 days in advance if you can, to have the most options for choosing your seats, etc. You can purchase train tickets up to the time they arrive, so technically there is no need to book in advance. 

What is the cheapest way to travel from Rome to Naples?

The bus is the cheapest way to get to Naples.

Is Naples worth a day trip from Rome?

Yes! It’s one of the closest day trips from Rome with plenty to see and experience in only a day.

Our top things to do in Naples on a day trip would be to:

Naples Italy
Naples Italy

Is there a direct train from Rome to Naples?

Yes. Italiarail, Trenitalia, and Italo’s high-speed trains are direct. 

However, if you’re traveling on their slower routes or a regional line, there may be stops or train changes along the way so keep that in mind.

Is it better to fly into Rome or Naples?

Truthfully, there is no right answer. This will largely depend on your itinerary and what else you plan on doing while you’re in Italy. 

Plus, traveling between the two cities (as we’ve outlined in this guide) is quite seamless so compare flights for both and choose the route that works best for you.

Is Naples worth visiting?

Yes! It’s beaming with amazing historical and archaeological sights. Not to mention it’s the birthplace of pizza! 

Are you planning a trip to Italy?

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Rome to Naples | Two Wandering Soles
Rome to Naples | Two Wandering Soles

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