The Biggest of Thank Yous

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Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie. Oh, and green bean casserole, amiright?!

Thanksgiving usually conjures up images and smells of food and the feeling of being surrounded by family. But for us this year – just like the past two – will be a little different. We’ve shared a glimpse into the struggle of being away from home during the holidays, a feeling that’s becoming all too familiar. But that’s one of the sacrifices we make for this lifestyle, and we are okay with that.

This Thanksgiving we may not have all our favorite food, but without all the food and family and turkey and cornucopia décor that sometimes makes us forget the reason for the season, we’re forced to focus on what Thanksgiving is really about. Giving thanks, duh.

This year we have a lot to be grateful for.

Our health.

The opportunity to spend the past year together chasing our dreams and exploring the world.

Coffee, beer and wine – our biggest vices.

A comfortable bed and hot shower.

The freedom to share our stories and say what we want without censorship.

The fact that we never worry where our next meal will come from.

I could go on and on. But at the top of our list of things to be thankful for is our people: Our friends, families and dedicated community of readers (aka YOU!). We’re constantly humbled by the love and support we are shown. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

And there are a few people who deserve an extra big “Thank You.”

Our parents.

They have been there for us every step of the way on this unconventional path we’ve chosen. When we were living in Korea, they sent us packages with all our favorite things we couldn’t get so far away from home (even though the shipping fees were ridiculously expensive!). They have given us a place to stay when we’re in Minnesota. But the thing that has meant the most to us is their unwavering support.

And for that, we are eternally grateful.

So while we’re thankful for a whole lotta things this Thanksgiving, the biggest thing is you – our number one supporters and our biggest role models.

We started a little project last year (inspired by a dear friend) where we took pictures on our travels around the world to honor and thank our parents for their support and reassurance in our dream-chasing ways.

Thank you for giving us adventurous spirits that brought us to Everest Base Camp.

Thank you for giving us the curiosity to discover unique places in world, like Cappadocia, Turkey.

Thank you for giving us the courage to live life to the fullest and live on the edge. (This is one of those pictures at Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, that we tell you about after we have done it, sorry!)

Thank you for teaching us to see the beauty in all people, places and things. Although, it not hard to see how beautiful Lake Bled is in Slovenia. 

Thank you for teaching us to see the good in the world and to choose love. John Lennon Wall in Prague.

Thank you for teaching us all the little things, like riding a bike, so we could easily get around Amsterdam. 

Thank you for raising us in Minnesota so we can endure the cold temperatures of Iceland.

Thank you for always being our home. 

All together now…

Thank You For Giving Us The World!

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