34 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Bali Now

As if you need any convincing to plan a vacation, I'm giving you a few reasons and even more pictures that will have your feet itching to visit Bali. 

The ocean views are divine...

...and the sunsets too.

And then there are the sunrises.

And if beaches aren't your thing, there are plenty of jungles and rice fields begging to be explored.

The culture is as vibrant as it is deep.

The food will make your mouth water.

The Balinese architecture has unique details, and an open, airy feel.

The Balinese people will welcome you with wide smiles and a genuine desire to make you feel at home.

And how can we forget these cuties?!

The jungles and beaches, tasty food, kind people, and diverse wildlife make Bali a destination we think would make just about anybody fall in love. Have we convinced you to start packing your bags?!

Take a look at some of our favorite experiences in Bali and get an idea of how much to budget.