Best Liveaboards in Raja Ampat, Indonesia for Every Budget (+ Expert Tips!)

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With 63+ available Liveaboards in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one to choose. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best Raja Ampat Liveaboards for every budget, including what to look for when booking. 

Raja Ampat Liveaboards Indonesia (Sutirta Budiman)
Image by Sutirta Budiman via Unsplash

Doing a Raja Ampat Liveaboard is on most serious divers’ bucket lists, and for good reason. The diving in this Indonesian island paradise is some of the most diverse in the world. Coupled with comfortable water temps and typically good visibility, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a dive trip!

The Raja Ampat archipelago consists of four main islands: Batanta, Waigeo, Misool, and Salawati. Its surroundings are composed of more than 1,500 small uninhabited islands and reefs.

Known to have the highest number of corals, fishes, and mollusks, Raja Ampat represents the richest marine diversity in the world

Some areas are specifically famous for the number of fish species you can spot on a single dive. One region has groups of manta rays, while the others have schools of parrotfish, barracudas, humpback groupers and many more.

With Liveaboard, you have the luxury of seeing more of this region than you would with a single day diving excursion. Raja Ampat Liveaboard trips are usually 8 and 14 nights long. 

Wondering what a Liveaboard is? Here is everything you need to know about Liveaboard diving trips.

We’ve personally been on two Liveaboard dive trips and to say they were incredible would be an understatement! We learned so much and got really comfortable being underwater with so much practice and excellent dive guides. 

Our friend and fellow scuba diving enthusiast, Lindsay Ross, had the opportunity to do an 8-day Raja Ampat Liveaboard trip onboard the Coralia, and here’s what she had to say about it:

“My Raja Ampat Liveaboard trip was a bucket list experience to say the least! The Coralia had a super professional and knowledgable dive team with fun and lovely staff. The diving was incredible; we saw mantas, sharks and whale sharks! By the end of the trip we all felt like family and I cannot wait to book a return trip one day.”

In this article, we will walk you through the basics of participating in a Liveaboard dive trip and suggest some of the best Raja Ampat Liveaboards for every budget. 

Let’s dive in! (pun intended)…

Raja Ampat Liveaboards

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Best budget Liveaboards in Raja Ampat

If you’re looking for the best Raja Ampat Liveaboards that won’t break the bank, we recommend going with one of these top-rated experiences. 

Akomo Isseki

Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 11 days
  • Ship size: Up to 8 guests
  • Cost: starting at $116 USD / day
  • Destinations: Raja Ampat, Komodo National Park, and the Banda – Ambon crossing

The Akomo Isseki Liveaboard is a traditional hand-crafted wooden phinisi, crewed by the skilled Bugis sailors of South Sulawesi. Offering 11-day dive itineraries in Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park, this vessel is one of the best budget Liveaboards in Indonesia. 

The ship accommodates 8 guests in four naturally ventilated (aka no AC) cabins with twin beds and shared bathrooms. Shared space on the boat includes a communal dining space and a large sun deck with partial shade.


Jaya Raja Ampat Indonesia Liveaboard
Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 6, 7, 9 and 10 days
  • Ship size: Up to 14 guests
  • Cost: starting at $137 USD / day
  • Destinations: Raja Ampat and Komodo

The 23-meter Jaya phinisi can accommodate up to 14 guests in 7 cabins on the lower deck. It features 4 twin mixed-gender shared cabins with 2 shared bathrooms, 2 double en-suite cabins, and 1 double with a single en-suite. All cabins are equipped with AC and charging sockets. 

Dive groups are kept small, with a maximum ratio of 4:1, ensuring personalized attention and an optimal diving experience. The upper deck offers shaded areas for relaxing between dives and enjoying the stunning Raja Ampat scenery, while the sun deck is equipped with comfortable bean bags.


Epica Raja Ampat Indonesia Liveaboard
Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 7, 9 and 10 days
  • Ship size: Up to 12 guests
  • Cost: starting at $166 USD / day
  • Destinations: Raja Ampat

The Epica Liveaboard offers an affordable way to explore Raja Ampat, accommodating 12 guests in 6 simple but comfortable twin cabins. The cabins are located above deck to catch the ocean breeze and share 2 bathrooms with fresh-water showers. 

Meals are freshly prepared and served “family-style” on the upper deck, featuring a mix of local and international cuisine. The large upper deck, equipped with hammocks and bean bags, provides a relaxing space between dives and a perfect spot to enjoy stunning sunsets.

Diving groups are limited to a maximum of 4 divers per guide and are split according to experience levels to ensure everyone has the best possible experience. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to visit one of Raja Ampat’s famous panoramic viewpoints during an on land excursion.

Best mid-range budget Liveaboards in Raja Ampat

The following Raja Ampat Liveaboards all come with great reviews and the mid-range price tag means you’ll find the facilities and amenities to be a bit more comfortable on your Liveaboard experience.

Amaya Explorer

Amaya Explorer Raja Ampat Indonesia Liveaboard
Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 7, 8 and 11 days
  • Ship size: 16-20 guests
  • Cost: starting at $296 USD / day
  • Destinations: Raja Ampat, Alore, Maumere, Bali, Komodo, and the Banda Sea

The Amaya Explorer vessel combines traditional wooden phinisi design with modern amenities, providing everything needed for a top-tier dive trip in Komodo. 

Each cabin is fully air-conditioned and tastefully decorated, featuring comfortable beds, ample storage space, charging ports, and private en-suite bathrooms.

Social areas include a bright and inviting indoor lounge, bar, and dining area. The outdoor dining deck is perfect for enjoying gourmet Indonesian cuisine or relaxing under the stars after a day of diving.

Seven Seas Liveaboard

Seven Seas Raja Ampat Liveaboard Indonesia
Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 7, 11 and 15 days
  • Ship size: Up to 16 guests
  • Cost: starting at $323 USD / day
  • Destinations: Komodo, Raja Ampat, East of Flores, Banda Sea, and the Forgotten Islands

From delicious, fresh cuisine prepared by the onboard chef, to state-of-the-art diving equipment, it’s no wonder this is one of the top rated Liveaboards in Indonesia. 

The Seven Seas Bali is a 45-meter sailing schooner operated by a well-trained, attentive crew of 20, including 2 cruise directors. Guests can choose from four double and four twin staterooms, each featuring en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning

The ship is equipped with state-of-the-art diving gear, a spacious dive deck, three speed boats, and Nitrox. Outside of diving, guests can relax in the air-conditioned lounge and dining area, on the large sundeck, or the shaded deck. 

Tiare Cruise

Tiare Cruise Raja Ampat Indonesia Liveaboard
Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 8, 9 11, 12, and 14 days
  • Ship size: Up to 12 guests
  • Cost: starting at $374 USD / day
  • Destinations: Komodo National Park, East Flores, Alor, the Forgotten Islands, Banda Sea, and Raja Ampat

Offering year-round Liveaboard trips to Indonesia’s premier diving destinations, the luxurious Tiare phinisi accommodates only 12 guests in 6 en-suite cabins. Each cabin features AC, fresh drinking water, ample toiletries, and a “shore set” (including a hat, towel, suntan lotion, and thermos).

Divers can choose between air or Nitrox 32 (with certification). Each diver has their own station with individual storage and hot showers on the dive deck, along with an ENOS beacon for added safety. Underwater photographers will appreciate the dedicated camera room, equipped with multiple charging stations and camera benches.

Freshly prepared meals feature a mix of local gourmet cuisine and international dishes, catering to all dietary requirements with prior notice. Meals can be enjoyed in the air conditioned lounge or on the main deck. 

Guests can also unwind in the outdoor ‘Bow Lounge,’ a covered area perfect for enjoying the sea breeze and stunning views, or on the sun deck, equipped with comfortable loungers for sunbathing.

Best luxury Liveaboards in Raja Ampat

For Liveaboards in Raja Ampat with an added bit of luxury, look no further than the top-rated boats below. 


Seahorse Raja Ampat Liveaboard Indonesia
Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 11, 12, 13 and 15 days
  • Ship size: Up to 16 guests
  • Cost: starting at $500 USD / day
  • Destinations: Komodo, Forgotten Islands and Raja Ampat

Built in 2004 and completely refurbished in 2018, the Seahorse phinisi accommodates 16 guests in 8 cabins. There are 5 twin cabins and 1 double cabin on the lower deck, and two double cabins with sea views on the main deck. 

Each cabin features individually controlled AC, ample storage space, private en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold water, and provided toiletries. Social areas include an indoor air-conditioned lounge and dining area with entertainment options, a library and a sundeck. 

Onboard dive facilities include two 22ft aluminum tenders for easy drop-off and pick-up at dive sites. The well-trained crew handles all gear transportation. Photographers are well catered to with large camera tables, camera rinse buckets on the dive deck, and a spacious camera room equipped with charging stations and workspaces. 


Coralia Raja Ampat Liveaboard Indonesia
Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 days
  • Ship size: Up to 16 guests
  • Cost: starting at $511 USD / day
  • Destinations: Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat,  Ambon, the Banda Sea, Maumere, and the Forgotten Islands

Built in 2019 the new 48-meter Coralia phinisi was engineered to create unforgettable diving experiences while prioritizing environmental conservation. She is operated by a team renowned for exceptional service and extensive knowledge of the Indonesian archipelago. 

The vessel features 8 cabins, all designed with traditional aesthetics and modern comforts, including ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, ample storage, and a daybed.

The main deck boasts a large indoor salon and dining area, panoramic windows and a sofa area with flatscreen TV for movie nights. The outdoor lounge features tables for al-fresco dining, sun loungers, and sofas for relaxing between dives. The top deck offers additional sun loungers and a massage area for further relaxation.

Coralia’s dive facilities include a spacious dive deck with personal storage, free nitrox, two tenders for diving, and a dedicated camera room with charging points. Guests can enjoy up to 4 dives per day, as well as activities like bird-watching, hiking, and snorkeling.

Gaia Love

Gaia Love Raja Ampat Indonesia Liveaboard
Image source: Liveaboard
  • Length of voyage: 9, 10, 11 and 12 days
  • Ship size: Up to 22 guests
  • Cost: starting at $539 USD / day
  • Destinations: Raja Ampat North & South, Komodo National Park, the Banda Sea, and the Lesser Sunda Islands

Spanning four decks, the luxurious 40-meter Gaia Love Liveaboard accommodates 22 guests in 11 spacious cabins, each featuring private en-suite bathrooms, ample storage, and individually controlled AC

Social areas include an indoor salon and dining room, outdoor lounge and dining area, a spacious partially covered sun deck, and an al-fresco bar.

The expansive dive deck at the rear of Gaia Love is designed to accommodate up to 28 divers, ensuring plenty of space for gearing up. Eleven large rinse tanks of various sizes are available for washing camera gear and dive equipment.

Tips for choosing the best Liveaboard in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Coralia (Lindsay Ross)
Images of the Coralia by Lindsay Ross
Raja Ampat Liveaboard (Lindsay Ross) 3

With 63+ available Raja Ampat Liveaboards, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one to choose. Here are some tips we’ve picked up from our own experience on how to choose a Liveaboard experience that’s best for YOU. 

1. Look beyond the daily rate

Not only pay attention to the daily rates we’ve listed in our list above, but look at how many days the itineraries are. You may find the cheaper daily rate only offers long 10+ day itineraries making your total go way up from the slightly more expensive Liveaboard with a short 4 day itinerary. 

Ask about park fees, and if they are included in your rate, as well as alcoholic beverages and anything else that may be an additional cost. 

It’s also a good idea to think about tipping when calculating your total Liveaboard budget. It doesn’t hurt to ask ahead of time how much is typical for guests to leave as gratuity. 

2. Pay attention to the sleeping arrangements

Jaya Indonesia Raja Ampat Liveaboard sleeping arrangements
Sleeping corridor on the Jaya | Image source: Liveaboard

Are the cabins onboard shared or private? Double occupancy or single? There is even one Liveaboard on our list that doesn’t offer cabins at all—the whole group sleeps on the top deck under the stars each night.

While that may be great if you’re trying to minimize your budget, it’s a good thing to know before you book. 

Also check to see if your cabin offers air conditioning and if it’s individually controlled or not. If a Liveaboard says it has “naturally ventilated” cabins, that’s a nice way of saying they do not have AC. 

3. Find out the bathroom situation

Amaya Explorer Indonesia Liveaboard bathroom
Ensuite bathroom onboard the Amaya Explorer | Image source: Liveaboard

Are the bathrooms on board private ensuites in each cabin, or will you be sharing a bathroom with other guests? 

If you’re going for a shared bathroom situation, check how many guest bathrooms there will be compared to the number of guests onboard to get an idea of what that situation will be like. 

4. What kind of food is served onboard

Amaya Explorer Indonesia Raja Ampat Liveaboard food
Food served onboard the Amaya Explorer | Image source: Liveaboard

Some of the Liveaboards in Raja Ampat describe having both Indonesian and Western cuisine options, but some only offer the local cuisine. 

If you have any special dietary needs or restrictions, it’s a good idea to ask beforehand if they will be able to accommodate you. 

5. Ask about the diving onboard

Raja Ampat Indonesia scuba diving_STOCK-U (Swanson Chan)
Image by Swanson Chan via Unsplash

Find out how many dives are offered each day, and if there are any special dives like night dives available. It’s also good to find out if there are any diving experience requirements for participating (some boats have minimum dives or advanced certification requirements).

You should also ask about the diving equipment onboard—how old it is, if it’s well-maintained and if it’s all included in the cost of the Liveaboard or if there are extra rental costs for things like dive computers. 

If you are an underwater photography enthusiast, it’s good to know that some Raja Ampat Liveaboards include space for underwater photography and equipment rentals. 

6. Find out if there are any on-land excursions

Raja Ampat Liveaboard (Lindsay Ross)
Image by Lindsay Ross

One of the perks of our Komodo Liveaboard was getting to experience some of the unique features of Komodo National Park on land. We got to do some hiking and see the famous Komodo dragons in person. 

Having onland excursions can be a nice way to break up the monotony of being at sea everyday, and give your sea legs a nice break too!

Best time of year to do a Liveaboard in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Liveaboard (Lindsay Ross) 4
Image by Lindsay Ross

The best time of year for diving in Raja Ampat is during the dry season from October to April when the seas are calm and visibility is highest (typically 30m/100 ft!). 

During the opposite of high season in Raja Ampat, it is a good time to do a Liveaboard in Komodo, Indonesia’s other diving hot spot. 

Best places dive on your Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Raja Ampat diving (Liveaboard)
Image source: Liveaboard

Renowned for having some of the richest marine diversity in the world, it’s no surprise Raja Ampat is one of the world’s top scuba diving Liveaboard destinations. Below are a few of the top dive destinations and popular stops on Raja Ampat Liveaboards. 

Cape Kri

Cape Kri is a record-breaking dive site with the most species of fish counted in a single dive here. Can you guess how many? 374!! In one dive! 

Some of which were certainly black and white tip reef sharks and sea turtles, which regularly pass through. With such an abundance of marine life, this site never ceases to impress.

Blue Magic

This site lives up to its name with stunning underwater scenery and the chance to see manta rays, reef sharks, and large pelagic fish. The rich coral and sponge life add to the magical diving experience.

Manta Sandy

You can probably guess from its name, but this “cleaning station” for manta rays provides an incredible opportunity to see these gentle giants up close as they glide gracefully above the reef.

Melissa’s Garden

Known for its extensive hard coral garden, this dive site offers a kaleidoscope of colors and marine life. Highlights here include pygmy seahorses, wobbegong sharks, and an array of reef fish.

The Passage

A narrow channel between Waigeo and Gam islands, The Passage is unique with its blend of marine and terrestrial features. Divers can explore caves, overhangs, and vibrant coral walls teeming with macro life.

Sardine Reef

Named for its massive fish schools, Sardine Reef provides a spectacle of swirling bait balls coupled with patrolling predators, and a vibrant coral ecosystem.

Boo Windows

Located near Misool Island, the amount of color and fish you’ll encounter here is simply outstanding. This site is known for frequent sightings of schools or large bumphead parrot fish

The unique name comes from the swim throughs in the rocks at this site. Here you can expect to find some incredible coral formations and underwater topography.

What to pack for a Liveaboard diving trip

Figuring out what to pack for a scuba Liveaboard can be tricky… you want to be prepared, but you definitely don’t want to overpack when you’re going to be living in tight quarters. There are some definite musts that you don’t want to forget, and even more things that you should just leave on land.

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of packing for you and compiled a complete liveaboard packing list so you don’t forget any essentials on shore. Oh, and it’s totally FREE!

Liveaboard Packing List | Two Wandering Soles

Don’t forget about travel insurance!

World Nomads provides coverage for adventure activities like scuba diving that aren’t usually covered (read the fine print!) in typical travel insurance policies. We recommend getting their short-term trip coverage (on top of your regular travel insurance plan) if you plan on doing a Liveaboard diving trip. 

Get an instant quote on World Nomads right now, it’s that simple! It’ll take less than 3 minutes.

Are you interested in Liveaboard diving and want help planning your trip?

We have some great resources for you!

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