Korean Apartment Tour

Everything we heard about Korean apartments before arriving here is that they are small... like really, really small.

When imagining what our apartment would be like, we pictured a tiny crawl space with a stove, a toilet and a bed all nestled together in the same room. Makes multi-tasking easy, I guess?

We weren't too worried though. Earlier this year, we spent three months living out of backpacks and sleeping in hostel dorms, after all.

But when we finally opened the door to the place we would be calling "home" for the next year, we were shocked.

It is huge!

Like, much bigger than what either of us had imagined. A "Korean surprise" I could get on board with.

Though it is larger than the apartment we rented back in Minneapolis, it's not quite as cozy. Little by little though, we have filled it with the necessities, tacked pictures to the walls, and made it our home.

Below is a video tour of our humble abode... Welcome!