DIY Campervan Kitchen for less than $50

We love to cook, so having a kitchen -- however tiny -- inside our campervan was a huge plus. We (aka Ben) built a simple countertop that help a Coleman 2-burner stove, a small cutting board, a working sink, and a water container. Plus, there's plenty of storage space below!

Materials needed to build the kitchen counter:

  • Dimensions for kitchen area in your van

  • 2 pieces of 2x4 lumber (84 inches in length)

  • 1 sheet of plywood (or enough to cover the top of your counter. Our counter was 50"x15")

  • Bunch of wood screws about 2 inches long

  • Circular saw

  • Measuring tape

  • Triangle straight edge

  • Pencil

1. Build a frame for your counter according to the size of your van using 2x4's. We were lucky to have a van big enough to build a counter (50" long x 15" wide x 17" tall) that fits a Coleman stove, a sink, water container, and come cutting boards. Screw your 2x4's in a rectangle and attach the 4 legs. Make sure to orient your counter legs so you can easily slide pots and pans below. 

2. Cut plywood to the size of your counter making sure it can fit everything you need. Cut a square hole slightly smaller than your campervan kitchen sink so that it fits sung and screw down on the plywood. Don't forget to leave some space for a water container and an utensil holder on the other side of the sink hole. 

3. Attach the counter to the wall of your van with screws to make sure it doesn't tip over while you're driving. Also, it's a good idea to attach small "side-walls" to the edges of the counter so that your stove, cutting boards and water container do not side off when you make turns.

4. Final steps: Now that your kitchen counter is finished and attached to the wall, make curtains to hide pots, plates, and bowls under the counter for storage. We have a whole article deicated to DIY campervan curtains.  

Kitchen supplies for a campervan road trip

Once your kitchen is installed and your bed frame is built, it's time to pick up some kitchen supplies for your road trip. We assembled our own kitchen sink with some simple tools and we'll show you a step by step process to do it yourself too. Here is a list of our kitchen gear we had on our road trip:

Do It Yourself Campervan Kitchen Sink

One of the biggest challenges on our van life journey was to figure out how we were going to wash dishes on the road while staying inside the van. We found the pertect sink for our trip and with a little extra help from one of my favorite hacks (JB Weld) we were able to make a fully functional sink. 

Materials needed to make your own kitchen sink:

1. Attach the adaptor to the bottom drain of sink with the JB Weld. I tried many different types of adhesives, but JB Weld worked the best for me. Apply a generous amount to the adaptor and the sink base and let it fully cure overnight before continuing on other steps. 

2. Create a small hole in the lid of the waste container with the exacto-knife slightly larger than the outer diameter of the flexible hose. You want the hose to fit in the hole but not too snug. 

3. Measure and cut the hose according to the height of your sink and the waste container. You want the hose to hang in the waste container about 3 or 4 inches. 

4. Place the cut hose on the adaptor and assemble sink and waste container in the van's kitchen counter. Now you have a fully functioning sink that will drain into the waste container. Make sure to empty the waste container frequently to prevent smells and overflow. 

Now you have a fully functioning sink in your campervan. Check out how to build your own campervan bed frame and campervan privacy curtains in our step-by-step tutorials. Find out other tips and tricks on our DIY Campervan Conversion on a Tiny Budget in less than One Week

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