Are we really doing this?

We are about to trade in our comfortable lifestyle for the life of a backpacker. Everything we need for the next three months will be carried on our backs.

We are beginning to say goodbye to our friends and family, and frankly, this is all a bit terrifying. It has us asking ourselves, “Are we really doing this?”

Well… we quit our jobs, have a one way flight, and need to move out of our apartment before the month is up, so I guess that means yes.

Yes, we are really doing this.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the time we are psyched out of our minds. This next three months will be an adventure of a lifetime. We will undoubtedly become closer as a couple, and at the same time grow as individuals. We will be telling stories of this journey 50 years from now. Neither of us can imagine a more perfect way to begin our first year of marriage. But sometimes we freak out a little. 

Okay, a lot.

With all these emotions running through my head, the only experience I can compare this to is skydiving. Now, I am no expert on the subject – I have only skydived…skydove…. errrr, well, I have only jumped once, but bear with me through this analogy.

I've dreamed of skydiving my entire life. I imagined myself bravely jumping from the plane with no trace of nervousness.

Similarly, dropping everything to travel has been a dream of mine for quite some time. A distant dream that never seemed scary until now.

In the days leading up to skydiving, I imagined everything that could go wrong… Even situations that are hardly possible. Signing the waiver was terrifying.

The first bullet point read, “Your parachutes were packed by humans. Humans make mistakes.”

Not exactly what you want to hear minutes before you jump from a plane at 10,000 feet.


What if we get sick in South America? Like really, really sick.

What if we get robbed or run out of money?

I could go on and on about all the ridiculous scenarios running through my head right now.

Now, I didn’t actually “jump” like I imagined in my head – standing up tall and leaping from the plane. Instead, the man strapped to my back helped me shimmy over to the plane door, and pushed me.

Sometimes you just need a push.

An incredibly cheap flight to South America and the click of the mouse can change everything.

Once I was free-falling, it was one of the most exciting, exhilarating things I have ever experienced. Absolutely worth all the nervousness and second-guessing myself. It was even better than I expected.

My mouth was open the entire ride, but I couldn't make a sound.

My mouth was open the entire ride, but I couldn't make a sound.

Note: Ben's fiery orange locks blowing into the mouth of the man strapped to his back.

Note: Ben's fiery orange locks blowing into the mouth of the man strapped to his back.


Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.

My point is that, even though we are both scared out of minds right now, I have no doubt that this experience will be one of the most exciting, exhilarating of our lives.

Probably even more so than skydiving.

So whatever it is for you, whether it is buying a camper and road tripping to Alaska (Mom and Dad, this one’s for you!), or opening your own business, or falling in love… I urge you to ignore your fears and jump. Because the most incredible moments of your life come not when you are content, sailing through life; but rather when you are… well, pushed out of an airplane.