14 Awesome Travel Words You've Never Heard

Have you ever tried to explain a travel experience and been at a loss for words?

Travel does that to us - it entangles us in its beauty, makes us feel a myriad of emotions we've never yet felt, and leaves us speechless and yearning for more. 

Lucky for us, there are some words that describe these beautiful achings perfectly. The thing is, they are words with no English equivalent. 

So get ready to add some foreign words to your arsenal in this little vocab lesson!


1. Resfeber

Yes, there's a name for those jittery butterflies that flutter through your stomach as you pack your bags.


2. Eleutheromania

Let's be real, who doesn't have this feeling?



3. Fernweh

I love this word because it puts a name to a feeling I've never before been able to describe.


4. Trouvaille

Such a pretty word and such a beautiful idea. I don't know about you, but I hear a sexy French accent in my mind.



5. Hygge

I need this word in my life. Every day. 


6. Sonder

If we take the time to consider that each person in this world is living a life as important as our own, this world will be a much brighter place.



7. Onism

How many lifetimes would it take to visit the every single place you've ever dreamed of? For me, it would take hundreds of lifetimes. I guess I'll have to settle for just this one, and make the most of it!



8. Livsnjutare

Always strive to be this type of person. Does it matter that you can't pronounce it? Nope, just be it.


9. Waldeinsamkeit

This word brings to mind images of Hansel and Gretel wandering through the tangled paths of the Black Forest. Light streams through the thick trees, and the crisp air is scented with pine. Dreamy isn't it? Walk alone in the woods and you might channel your inner fairy tale. 



10. Meraki

Whether you are a cook, an artist, an athlete – or hell, even an accountant – do your work with your whole heart. 


11. Numinous

What stirs this emotion in you? For me, it's the feeling I get when I hike to an extraordinary view and I can look down to where I started. Or the feeling I get when listening to music live and the lyrics ring true for me. And it's the feeling I get when I visit a place I've been dreaming of, and I see the streets and buildings in person for the first time.



12. Dérive

This kind of journey is my favorite. The kind where you don't have any really solid plans. The kind where you wander into cute coffeehouses and picnic in parks. The kind where the day is yours to do with it as you'd like.


13. Forelsket

I'd like to think that this word could refer to a person or a place, as both give me butterflies.



14. Yu yi

One reason travel is so addicting is that you're able to experience a place for the first time. You see colors more vividly, and see everything with a fresh set of eyes.