Tranquil Night Stay in the Philippines - Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast

Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast

This family-run eco-lodge, set in a tropical forest, is the stuff of dreams.

For starters, the construction of the entire property is gorgeous. The buildings are made of sustainably-sourced and recycled wood and were built around the existing trees. The rooms are comfortable and let it lots of natural sunlight.

The included breakfast was cooked-to-order for us each morning, and the friendly staff made sure that our stay was perfect.  

We spent a good portion of our day relaxing around the shaded infinity pool, surrounded by giant trees. I’d say this place is pretty close to paradise!  

Pauline, the owner’s daughter, is the hotel's general manager. The dedication and enthusiasm she has for Palo Alto and its guests are clear within minutes of talking to her.

Pauline and her father, Guido, took us up to a new property they are building in the nearby mountains, and shared with us their future plans for this lodge.

This family has so much passion for what they do. It’s inspiring to see the work they’ve done to ensure that they are protecting the environment and bettering their community.

Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast Palawan Philippines

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Our stay was complimentary thanks to Palo Alto. As always, all opinions are our own.