How To Travel: The Ultimate Guide to Budgeting, Planning & Packing

Let's start by saying that we are firm believers that there is no right or wrong way to travel. (Though we do think trying your best to travel ethically and sustainably is always the right thing to do!)

We're so excited to launch this detailed 3-part series that's packed with resources, step-by-step plans and honest answers to all of your travel questions.

We hope this series of articles will help you turn your travel daydreams into reality!

1. How do you save money for travel?

You've got to think about the whole money thing. I mean, how exactly do we afford to travel for extended periods of time? I'm glad you asked. We have put together one of the most comprehensive and detailed guides you'll find. Follow some of our tips, and you'll be able to follow in our footsteps. No gimmicks.

2. How do you start planning an overseas trip?

That said, we know how overwhelming travel can be. We've learned a lot (A LOT) over the past few years, and we want to share because we know exactly how it feels to be lost in the whole planning process. Visas and currency and booking can seem impossible at times, so we've laid it all out for you in a simple step-by-step planning guide

3. How do you pack for a long term trip?

Okay, so now that you've saved and planned for your dream trip, how the heck are you supposed to pack everything you'll need?! I know. This is one of the most stressful parts for us too, but we have oh so many packing tips and secrets that we're itching to share with you!


We can't wait to hear your thoughts on this series! Please share any travel plans you have and we'd love to see if we have any specific advice just for you! Just give us a shout in the comments below!