Campervan Video Tour – A Quick Peek Into Our Adorable Home

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Camper Van Conversion Tour

I’ve been intrigued by tiny homes for quite some time now. And when I started seeing handfuls of campers, RVs and conversion vans taking over the roads in Washington this spring, the wheels in my mind started spinning.

Admittedly, I’ve been a creeper: curiously peering into windows, craning my neck to follow them as they drive by, trying to get a glimpse into these moveable homes. It was market research, guys.

And then came my Pinterest searches. I found tutorials for installing wood floor, granite countertops and adding working bathrooms. And my imagination started running wild.

I told Ben my grand ideas for our new van: running water, a “breakfast nook” and wood floors. Instead of rolling his eyes or telling me to stop dreaming so big, he said: “I think I have an idea. But you’re not going to get wood floors.”

Okay, deal. I guess I can live with carpet.

And so we got our hands dirty. I got reacquainted with a sewing machine, and Ben spent a lot of time with a drill in his hand. I even got underneath the van a couple times. 

While our campervan is not exactly the jaw-dropping Mercedes Sprinter Vans you’ll see on Pinterest (along with a $50,000 price tag!), it is ours. We created it from the bones up, and I am proud to call it home. For now, at least.

So come on in! We’re going to give you a tour of where we’ll be living this summer.

Campervan Conversion Tour

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Comments (3) on “Campervan Video Tour – A Quick Peek Into Our Adorable Home

  1. S says:

    Hahaha I love you guys! Childhood dream come true! Sign Matt and me up to visit you guys on this adventure too! We will sleep in the front seats! 🙂

    • ktdieder@gmail.com says:

      We’re pretty stoked! And YAAAAS, come meet up with us! We have a tent for sleeping too 🙂

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