A Day in the Life: Living in a Campervan

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We’re brining you along on a day in the life of living in a campervan. Join us in this vlog-style video as we cook meals, explore Mount Baker Wilderness and just live a normal day in Vinny the van!

A Day in the Life Living in a Campervan | Two Wandering Soles

“What’s it like living in a campervan? Is it all it’s cracked up to be?” We’ve been getting this question on repeat for the last couple months, so we decided to make a video that brings you along and shows you a day in the life living in a camper van. Spoiler alert: Yes, it IS everything it’s cracked up to be!

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that this is not every day. There are many days where we spend a great deal of time driving. Other days where we are exploring cities and sleep near a park instead of in a campground. Plus, being that we do a lot of work online, we spend a lot of time in coffeeshops getting work done. But this should give you an idea of what some of our days look like while living in a campervan.

Whether you are interested in RV life or are looking to do a campervan renovation yourself, this video can help you gauge if tiny living is for you! If you are considering buying a van and hitting the road with that special someone, make sure to ask your partner these questions to avoid disaster.

Psst: If you are interested in converting your own campervan and not sure where to start, be sure to check out our article on the best vans for camper conversion which includes van specs and what to look out for!

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Living in a Campervan
Living in a Campervan

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