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Hey (name), we are SO proud of you for finishing our Blogging Bootcamp!

We are confident that if you followed along with each day’s lesson, you are equipped with the knowledge you need to start building a money-making blog, and growing an audience that LOVES you.

Alright, let’s do a quick recap…

By following our article about how to set up a (money-making!) blog, you learned everything you need to know to get a website up and running.

And throughout this course, you’ve learned some super important things about growing as a blogger.

By now, you should:

  • Know WHO your audience is, and know how to write for them (Day 1).

  • Understand the structure of articles Google likes (Day 2).

  • Have a grasp on basic SEO techniques (Day 3).

  • Understand the importance of guest posting and know how to make the perfect pitch (Day 4).

  • Understand why Pinterest is a powerful platform and how you can create pins that convert (Day 5).

  • Have a strategy for monetizing your blog, and a plan in place to help you reach your goals (Day 6).

If you’ve missed any of those lessons, feel free to go back to them and continue working on the assignments.

But we’re not done just yet. We have one more free gift for you — a Blogging Toolkit.

This is a big list of resources, tools, and websites have have helped us immensely while building our blog. There are a few programs on there that we pay for (and we’ve made note of it!), but the majority of them are totally free to use. Keep reading to see how you can get this toolkit sent straight to your inbox!

We hope you learned a lot in this FREE Blogging Bootcamp Course!

When we first started blogging, funds were tight. We had (still have, actually!) hefty student loan payments to make each month, and we just didn’t have any extra cash to spare on blogging tools or paid courses. So that’s why wanted this Blogging Bootcamp to be totally free.

We poured hours of our time into making sure we are providing very useful information to you. So we truly hope it’s helpful!

All that said, one of the biggest regrets we have about this journey to becoming full time bloggers is that we didn’t invest in ourselves sooner. Had we taken a course from someone who knew what they were doing, we would have advanced much (much!) more quickly than we did.

For that reason, we are currently working on creating a Huge Master Blogging Course that will take you to the next level. So for anyone out there who is ready to invest in themselves (or will be ready someday!), this is going to be that thing that will jumpstart your success!

As we are creating it, we want to hear what you’d like to see! What questions do you still have? What are your financial goals? What topics do you want us to cover?

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