Personalized Blogging Consultation

Blogging Consultation

Do you feel like you’re STUCK when it comes to your blog?

Trust us, you’re not alone in feeling this way. Blogging is often touted as a “quick and easy way to make money”, but we’ll be the first to tell you that is far from the truth. The deeper you delve into the blogging world, the more complicated and overwhelming it seems to become.

Ask yourself if any of the following sound like you:

  • You’ve been reading everything there is to read about blogging, and you’re just getting nowhere.
  • You find yourself wondering how other bloggers make a full-time income off of their website, and you desperately want this for yourself too.
  • Maybe you just wish you could ask someone all the specific questions that keep circulating around your head…

We know these feelings all too well, and honestly, if we had made more of an effort to talk to people who had already set up a successful blog from the get-go, we would have grown SO much more quickly. No doubt about it.

If you want a set of eyes on your website — more specifically, 2 sets of eyes (OUR eyes!) – we’re offering personalized blog consultations.

Why trust us?

We’ve been blogging since 2014, but didn’t start treating it as a business until 3 years later in 2017. We’ve made every mistake in the book, and we know how it feels to be confused and frustrated and on the verge of giving up (for the 27th time!). #truestory

Blogging Consultation

It has been a long road for us – much longer than it needed to be. So we want to keep you from making the same mistakes that we made.

Two Wandering Soles is now both of our full-time jobs, and we have a team of 3 other people behind us. We now make more money than we did in our traditional 9-to-5’s, and have complete control over our schedule and workflow.

Pssst! We are very transparent about how much money we make on this blog, and you can find our income reports right here.

BONUS: When you get a consultation from us, you’re getting two very different looks at your website. We both have very different mindsets and areas of expertise:

  • Katie: I have degrees in journalism and graphic design, and have experience working in advertising, email marketing, and social media management. I will be able to analyze your website from a creative standpoint.
  • Ben: One the other end of the spectrum, Ben is a former engineer with an MBA and has a very analytical mind. He is an expert in keyword analytics, SEO, and affiliate strategies.

With our personalized consultation, you get both of our brains and insight.

What does this Consultation involve?

Here’s how it will work…

  1. You’ll choose which type of consultation you’d like (more info below) and fill out the correct Google Form.
  2. You will also write your most pressing questions and/or struggles.
  3. We will send you an invoice (within 24 hours of receiving your completed Google Form).
  4. You will make a one-time payment via PayPal.
  5. We will respond within 48 hours of receiving your payment, and we will provide detailed answers and resources.
  6. You can follow up (within one week) to our responses and ask for any clarifications you still need.
  7. We will respond again within 48 hours.

So when all things are said and done, you will have the answers to your most pressing blogging questions in less than 1 week.

The Details

  • This is 100% personalized consulting. The advice we give you is tailored to your specific website and goals. It’s not copy-and-paste type of advice.
  • We offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re honestly not satisfied with the advice we provide, we’ll refund your money.

Consultation Pricing

Because we know people have very different learning styles, we have two consultation options to choose from, with different price points:

*Prices are in USD.

Lite Consultation
Actionable answers to your 3 most pressing blogging questions.
Written feedback you can keep for future reference.
Get Started Now!
In-Depth Consultation
Actionable answers to your 5 most pressing blogging questions.
Written feedback you can keep for future reference.
Get Started Now!

**We are only available to video chat Monday – Friday from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Pacific Time (PDT).

Who is this blog consultation for?

Blogging Consultation

As with any service or product, there’s not a one-size-fits all approach to blogging.

If you’re looking for a mentor or teacher, part of what it comes down to finding a someone you connect with. (Obviously, it’s also a good idea to do your due diligence and check their credibility so you know they’re trustworthy.)

While we hope you connect with us, we totally understand that everyone learns differently and values different things. We might be a great fit for some, but we know our style and approach isn’t going to be a good fit for others. We’re okay with that.

Keep reading to see if you jive with our values and style…

Our Approach to Blogging:

Here’s what we’re about. See if it resonates with you. And if not, no worries. There are many other great teachers out there.

  • We value honesty and authenticity above making a quick buck.
  • We believe that successful bloggers should genuinely care about their subject matter and helping their audience.
  • We believe that blogging can be incredibly rewarding, but it requires a lot of work and dedication. We will be the first ones to tell you that blogging is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

If you feel like our values align and you’d like our feedback, keep reading…

Our consultation is for you if…

  • You already have a blog up and running. We think our personalized consultations are best suited for people who have an existing blog. That said, it’s okay if it’s new! We’d love to help you get things set up properly from the get-go so you’re ready to start earning money.
  • You have specific questions. We think this consultation will be more valuable to you if you have specific questions in mind. We’re certainly happy to give you general guidance; but in order to provide the most value, we think it’s best if you narrow down what it is that you’re struggling with before our consultation.
  • You are ready to put in the work. Before going through this consultation, we want to be sure you understand the realities of what it takes to be a successful blogger. We’d highly recommend you read this article, because we want to be sure we’re on the same page about the mindset and commitment this requires.
  • You’re not interested in taking a course. We know how tight money can be when you’re just getting started, and you might be in a position where you have to choose one or the other: taking a course or having a consultation. Here’s how to choose which is best for you:
    • A Consultation is for you if… you feel like you have a decent handle on the concept of blogging, but there are specific obstacles you’re facing. Instead of going through modules of a course, you’re looking for actual feedback that is specific to your site and situation.
    • A Blogging Course is for you if… you’re looking for more of a step-by-step approach with modules you can do on your own. In that case, see “b” in the section below where we have a recommendation for a very affordable course!

Can you check all of those boxes? If so, we’d love to chat and help you come up with a personalized strategy to get your blog where it needs to be.

Let’s get started!

1. Start by filling out the correct Google Form:

2. Check your inbox for an invoice from us. It should arrive within 24 hours of submitting your Google Form.

3. Once you’ve submitted your payment, we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Blogging Consultation

Still not sure if a consultation is for you?

We’re not in the business of trying to convince you of something you’re just not feeling. No hard feelings. Really, we can still be friends and we wish you the very best on your blogging journey.

Perhaps these options will be better suited to what you’re looking for:

a) Just don’t know where to start with creating your website?

If you’re still trying to figure “this blogging thing out”, we’d first recommend taking our (free!) Blogging Mini-Course. The lessons should help you get your blog up and running.

b) Looking for a Blogging Course instead of a consultation?

If you’re looking for an a blogging course you can take at your own pace, we’d suggest signing up for our friend Jessie on a Journey’s Blogging Course. It’s actually made up of many courses on all topics of blogging, and it’s really affordable. In fact, your first month of membership is just $9 with our exclusive discount code:


In her course, you’ll learn how to…

  • build a community that genuinely *loves* hearing from you
  • monetize your website so that you are earning MORE while working LESS
  • work with brands and stand out in a sea of other travel bloggers
  • and lots more!

Sign up for her blogging course (or browse through her modules) by clicking the button below. And don’t forget to use your discount code (TWOWANDERINGSOLES) when checking out!

As a disclosure, we do make a small commission, but we would never recommend anyone we wouldn’t stand behind. We’ve met Jessie in person, and she is super genuine about helping others start their own money-making blogs.

c) Want a consultation, but just not right now…?

If you’re kind of interested in the consultations we offer but just aren’t ready yet, that’s fine too. Check in with us when you are. We’ll be here.

Final Words

Wherever you are in your blogging journey, we’re cheering you on and we wish you the very best of luck!