Travel Gear Spotlight: Zero Grid

You’ve asked questions, and we’re listening…

One question we keep getting is:

“What travel gear items do you never leave home without?”

While that’s hard to sum up in a quick response, we’ve dedicated a couple articles to some of our favorite travel gear.

But we haven’t spent much time focusing on our favorite travel gear brands. And we’re about to change that, because there are some amazing brands run by great people that deserve recognition.

While I may not be super consistent with the brands of crackers we purchase, we consider ourselves to be very brand-loyal people for the stuff that matters.

For instance, when we find a brand of travel gear I really dig, we are true and devoted fans for life. And when we find something we really like, there's nothing we enjoy more than sharing about it! 

Now, let’s start by talking about a few things Ben and I look for in travel gear:

1. Quality

First and foremost, it has to be durable. We use our travel gear a lot. Like everyday. And we don’t want to have to keep replacing it. To us, a quality product is worth a few extra bucks.

2. Value

Secondly, price is a factor. We don’t necessarily go for the cheapest product on the market (see numero uno). But we also want to feel that the value is worth the price. We’ve found that we are overprotective of gear that’s ultra expensive, and we are worried about it getting damaged or stolen.

3. Ethics

This may sound insignificant, but we want to genuinely support the company we’re buying products from. With outdoor and travel gear, there are so many companies that are doing wonderful things in the world, and we want to support them.

We gravitate toward companies that inspire people to get outdoors and see the world, and we really love when companies follow ethical and sustainable business practices. If a company is doing good things, they’ll have a customer in us for life.

4. Appearance 

Oh, and I don’t really like ugly stuff. Ben doesn't care about this one very much, but let's just say that my opinion can be heavily influential... 

Zero Grid Logo travel gear spotlight

So it’s without any further explanation that I need to introduce our first travel gear company spotlight.

Zero Grid has wowed us from day one.

They check all the boxes for us:

  1. High quality and durable gear

  2. Reasonable prices

  3. A super cool mission of helping travelers pack less so they can travel more

  4. Sleek, minimalist designs

So what kind of gear does Zero Grid have, you ask?

Well, a lot, actually. And they keep coming out with more things to make travelers’ lives easier. What we love is that the gear is versatile and can be used on a camping trip or for a round-the-world adventure.

We’ll share a couple of our favorite Zero Grid items that we use All. The. Time.

Zero Grid Packing Cubes

Zero Grid travel gear packing cubes

If you’ve followed our blog for any time at all, you know that we are absolutely obsessed with packing cubes. We've made packing-cube-lovers out of a lot of our readers who can attest to how much better they will make your travels.

Like, we don’t even know how we traveled pre-packing cube. They are seriously life-changing. I’m being a little dramatic, I know, but once you try them, you'll never go back to traveling without them. 

Since we’re so obsessed with them, I suppose you could call us packing cube connoisseurs (cue eye roll). But really, we’ve been through a few brands and we know quality cubes from the cheapos.

We pack our cubes pretty tightly, and one brand (which I will not name) started coming apart not long after using it for the first time.

Zero Grid’s packing cubes, however, have stood the test of even my mad packing skills.

Zero Grid Microfiber Towel

Zero Grid travel gear microfiber towel

Another favorite of ours is the microfiber towel.

We’ve been hooked on this for a while. Never again will I pack a regular beach towel for my traveling or camping adventures. Here's why...

2 Benefits of Microfiber Towels:

  1. They dry much quicker than traditional towels.

  2. They compress into a much smaller space than your average beach or shower towel, shrinking your load considerably.

These qualities make them super handy for anything from camping, an impromptu trip to the beach, or a backpacking adventure throughout Southeast Asia.

One thing we really like about Zero Grid’s microfiber towel (as opposed to others) is that it’s big. Like really big. You can wrap it around your whole body. It might seem like a pretty standard thing, but actually we've had trouble finding one that’s not awkwardly tiny and doesn’t cover the goods (not fun when staying in a hostel).

Note: They do also have a smaller size that's perfect for carrying with you on a long hike or bike ride, packing for a camping trip, or just bringing along to your hot yoga class.

Tip: One thing we’ve found with all microfiber towels is that you need to wash them. It may sound obvious, I know. But sometimes they dry so quickly that you forget they were ever wet. Any type of towel will smell mildewy after a while if it’s not washed, and microfiber is no different. Also, we typically store one dryer sheet inside the pouch with our towels to keep them smelling extra fresh! You’re welcome.

Zero Grid Tech Organizer

Zero Grid travel gear tech organizer

If you’ve ever traveled with electronics you’ll understand why this item is such a lifesaver! We typically use little pouches, but I think we’re up to about 4 now, and they all house a variety of cords and chargers.

This tech organizer is the perfect solution to keeping all of your electronics safe and the cords tangle-free. Never again will you lose a memory card!

Is it too early to start making a Christmas list?!

Like what you see?

Well, it’s a win-win, because when you shop Zero Grid gear, you’re supporting a kick-ass company making some innovative moves in the travel world. Plus, you’ll come away with some high-quality gear that’ll make your adventures even better! 

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Disclosure: In a spirit of full transparency, this article may contain affiliate links. We have been ambassadors of Zero Grid because it’s gear we actually use and love. All opinions in this article are our own.