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36 Responsible Travel Tips

We've found that responsible travel is not always easy. It can be confusing. There are fuzzy lines, and we've screwed up before. But it's a learning process, and little by little we're getting better at responsible travel and ecotourism. These tips will help you make a positive impact wherever your wandering soles take you.

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How Much is Your Selfie Worth?

Sometimes we're so concerned with getting the perfect picture that we forget to consider the impact our photograph has on the environment, other people and ourselves. In this guest post, Meaghan Ashley delves into a responsible tourism topic we often ignore. Are there things we should just NOT take pictures of?

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When Budget Travel is Bad

Many of us in our daily lives struggle between wanting to give more and also be frugal. This is also true when traveling. But do you take it to the extreme when traveling overseas? Is it actually possible to travel responsibly AND on a budget? I think so and here’s why…

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