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Rancho Mastatal Sustainable Eco Lodge in Costa Rica

Tucked away in the mountains of central Costa Rica, Rancho Mastatal is a sustainable education center and lodge. Whether you want to explore a hidden waterfall, unplug in an hammock or learn about permaculture and natural building, this off-the-beaten path destination has so much to offer.

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Travel's Dirty Secret: The Truth About Traveling Ethically

We'd all like to think that travel is inexplicably good. Traveling allows us to experience a culture different from our own and see things that we could never see at home. But there's a dark side. A dangerous side we rarely talk about and continuiously shield our eyes from. 

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Mad Monkey: Hostels with a Purpose

With 4 properties in the country, Mad Monkey is a socially responsible company that prides itself on fair employment policies and supporting local projects that are bettering Cambodia. Find out how they are setting the standard for hostels in this beautiful country. 

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