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Stories from my Sustainable Trip with the UNWTO

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to travel around the world with the United Nations World Tourism Organization to raise awareness about sustainable travel. This adventure brought me paragliding in Colombia, snorkeling in Mexico and through some of Germany's most magical Christmas markets. Come along on my journey and read my deep thoughts, funny wonderings and most memorable stories and pictures!

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The Best of our Year of Travel: Our Favorite Foods, Places & Experiences

Wanna know our favorite foods? Best hotels? Craziest things we did over the last year? What an Around the World trip is really like? This “Best Of” list is a must read!

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Travel Isn't Always the Answer

I too have been guilty of believing the naïve idea that all you have to do is want it enough and travel will just happen; and that people who aren’t traveling just don’t desire it as much as I do. But this is far from the truth. I’ve taken some time to reflect on this travel-snobbery mentality myself, and I have a few words to say...

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