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25 Incredible Things to Do in Mexico (that aren’t beaches!)

There are so many more things to do to Mexico that are not beaches or all-inclusive resorts. From the beautiful and diverse culture, to mountains and waterfalls, to modern cities and charming small towns, you could spend a lifetime in Mexico and still crave more. However, if you only have a couple weeks in Mexico and want to get off the beaten path and dig deeper than Señor Frogs, we’re here to introduce you to 25 amazing things to do. Hint: Not even one of them is a beach!

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Lucha Libre in Mexico City Without a Tour

Before arriving in Mexico City, we’d heard that going to a Lucha Libre match was a fun experience, but we couldn’t find much information about going to one of these Mexican Wrestling shows on your own. We’ve put together everything you need to know about Lucha Libre and how to attend a show without a guided tour.

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