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10 Things to Do in Peru You Can't Miss

With its diverse land and rich culture, Peru is the perfect country to travel. You can go hiking on across mountains, swimming in the ocean, and dune buggy in the desert. While the wide-range of things to do in Peru is guaranteed to keep any traveler entertained and busy, it can all be a little overwhelming when planning where to go in Peru. That’s why our friend, Daniel, is here to give you a round up of the best things to do in Peru.

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13 Unique Things to Do in Berlin, Germany

There are a variety of reasons why people visit Berlin. Some come for the partying, some come for the history, and some come to just soak in the culture and open mindedness of the city. There’s a whole side to Berlin that not many tourists see. That’s why we’ve got Grant Simon to show us some unique things to do in Berlin

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8 Reasons Why You Should House Sit and How to Get Started

House sitting holidays can allow you to travel cheaply through an expensive country and show you how locals live in their daily. Not only do you get free accommodation, but most of the time you get to care for the owner's pets. Taking a house sitting vacation is one of the best ways to travel long term on a budget.

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