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Moving to Korea: The Ultimate Packing List

If you're moving to South Korea to teach English, you're likely wondering what to pack for your year-long overseas move. Keep reading for a list of what to bring, what items to leave at home, and to find the answer to the all-important question of "how much money should I bring?". 

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9 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known About EPIK

Teaching English in South Korea can be a life changing decision. It's my hope that this candid blog article can help people considering applying to EPIK weigh both the pros and cons, and make an informed decision. Hopefully after reading this, you will travel to South Korea much more prepared than we were.

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2 Days in Busan, Korea: Best Things To Do

Known for beaches, temples, markets and nightlife, Busan is well worth a stop during your trip to South Korea. We're breaking down exactly what to do in Busan. Even if you only have a weekend to explore this exciting port city, there are plenty of things to do (and food to eat!). 

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Korean Surprise!

One of the more insightful lecturers warned us about a phenomenon she amusingly referred to as the “Korean Surprise”. She explained that in Korea, it was typical to find out things at the very last minute.

“Hey, instead of teaching your normal 6th grade students today, you will teach their parents. They will be here in two minutes. Oh, and your lesson better be good.”  Surprise!!

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