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Digital Nomad’s Guide to Living in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the biggest hubs for Digital Nomads in the world, and there are many reasons why. We’re sharing what makes this city in northern Thailand so great for those looking to live overseas and work online. We’re also going over everything you need to know about moving to Chiang Mai — from how to find an apartment, how much money to budget, best coworking spaces, and where to meet other digital nomads. This super detailed guide (map included) will be your best friend as you start planning your move to Chiang Mai!

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How We Made $14,179 in 1 Month On Our Travel Blog: Income Report March 2019

If you would have told us 2 years ago how much money we’d be earning on our travel blog now, we would’ve rolled our eyes. We were hardly earning enough to cover the cost of our student loans at that time, and anything more than $10,000 seemed far-fetched. But we put our heads down and committed to learning everything we could about how to monetize our travel blog. And now, blogging is both of our full-time jobs! We’re breaking down exactly how we earn money on our travel blog to inspire newbie bloggers and answer the most common question we get asked: “How do bloggers even earn money?!”

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29 Digital Nomad Jobs + Advice for Getting Started from Female Nomads

If you’ve ever dreamt of working remotely, you’ll want to see this huge list of Digital Nomad Jobs. We’re going over the best remote jobs for easily transitioning to a nomadic lifestyle, and we’ve interviewed some badass women in each job. They are sharing how to get started as a location-independent worker and dishing out their advice for taking the leap necessary to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

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