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25 Incredible Things to Do in Mexico (that aren’t beaches!)

If you picture beaches and tequila when you think of Mexico, we need to have a little chat! There are so many things to do to Mexico that are not beaches or all-inclusive resorts. (And the alcoholic drink of choice is mezcal, not tequila!) With beautiful and diverse cultures, mountains and waterfalls, modern cities and charming small towns, you could spend a lifetime in Mexico and still crave more. However, if you only have a couple weeks in Mexico and want to get off the beaten path and dig deeper than Señor Frogs, we’re here to introduce you to some amazing things to do. Hint: Not even one of them is at a beach!

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6 Must Do Adventures in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula has an incredibly rich history, and is blessed more than just beaches. You can walk amongst the Mayans, get lost in the jungles of Sian Ka’an and experience the region’s vibrant culture in Merida. Not mention tacos, tacos, and more tacos! If you’re headed to Mexico and want to get off the beaten path, this article is for you.

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