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Best of Bosnia and Herzegovina: What to See and Do

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a gem in Eastern Europe that is often looked over. There are so many things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from exploring historic Sarajevo to the countryside of Mostar. And of course you can't miss the Stari Most, one of the most famous bridges in Europe. We're sharing our top travel tips that make Bosnia and Herzegovina the perfect destination for any visitor. 

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Why You Should Visit Eastern Europe Now

Often overshadowed by its Western neighbors, Eastern Europe deserves to be on your travel bucket list. From natural beauty to adorable towns to rich culture, we'll share exactly why Eastern Europe should be on your radar.

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Top 19 Places to Visit in Eastern Europe You Can't Miss

Find heart-pounding adventure, majestic hikes, fairytale castles and waterfalls that will make you pinch yourself. Eastern Europe has tons of epic sights and off the beaten path experiences to add to your bucket list. Come with us as we show you some of our favorites!

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