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Ultimate Packing List For Long Term Travel

Packing for any trip can be overwhelming. But packing for a long term trip can be downright rip-your-hair-out stressful! After years of traveling for extended periods of time, we have learned a lot about what to pack and what to leave home. We're here to ease your stress and are sharing our top tips, tricks and an ultimate packing list!

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How to Plan an International Trip in 18 Simple Steps

Planning a overseas trip, long or short, can seem overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be! We're sharing a checklist of everything we do to plan a trip so you won't forget anything. Now you can stop stressing and and start making your travel dreams a reality!

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7 Best Hostels in South America

During our three months traveling through South America, we stayed in many beds… thirty four, to be exact. We stayed in hostels, hotels, tents, bungalows, and even on a farm. We put together a list of seven of our favorite places (and one terrible hotel that should be avoided at all costs).

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